End of Daze

We don’t hold hands anymore, we hold phoney phones. We don’t press our psalms together to invoke the love of the prophets, we grease palms for power and profit. The whole idea of praying with our hands pressed together is mockery of the fact that we should be pressing our palms together in passionate sexual union. 2 bee cum 1. The prayer emoji is really a high 5 symbol that is supposed to represent flying high to Cloud 9 🙏 as we ingest love potion #9 in the form of saliva and sexual fluids of our twin 🔥🔥 At the…

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Author: Asher Elle

I speak love because I speak truth and have sought long and hard to discover it through the shedding of untruths. So sad that few want to hear it and can not resonate with the love that is the base element in the hardness of truth. The core of love is not soft and fluffy. It is raw and sharp. People can not love because they can not speak in truth. They fear both because both are fierce. Every lie that is nurtured consciously or un, walls us from the real reason we are here. To find and become love through truth…..💋

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