Deer and Dove 🕊

Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, the 1st AshkeNazic chief rabbi of the British Mandate for Palestine, argued that vegetarianism is supported in the Tanakh as a “Jewish ideal.” Anan ben David maintained that as long as Israel is in exile, the flesh of animals, with the exception of the deer, pigeon and turtle-dove, is forbidden from being eaten, and these permitted animals may be eaten with dairy. Now these coding fkerz are not really referring to ingesting animals, but ingesting truth. Ewe all have no eye-Dia wtf ewe all “reed” most of the time.

“It must be able to hear the luminance of Dove and Deer” (DD 44). This means that a poem must not contain wrong information or practices. It must express which is bad or which is good. You must be able to ‘hear the luminance of dove and deer’, or see the face of the GoddEss smiling from the poem’s cover, before you are enraptured or stirred emotionally by what you read. You must know the truth before you in-jest their lies, or you will be carried away to drown in the false wwwaves of the deceptive frequence of their words.

“First, a poem must be magical,

Then musical as a sea-gull.

It must be a brightness moving

And hold secret a bird’s flowering.

It must be slender as a bell,

And it must hold fire as well.

It must have the wisdom of bows

And it must kneel like a rose.

It must be able to hear

The luminance of dove and deer.

It must be able to hide

What it seeks, like a bride.

And over all I would like to hover

God(Ess), smiling from the poem’s cover.”

~ Jose Garcia Villa

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The Israelites incorporated the feminine symbol of the dove to represent the spirit of God. Though the word for “spirit” (ruach) is a feminine word in Hebrew, but they say their God is male 🙄 Her Ess-scents of truth became lost in His air waves, taken over by the fake patriarchal Ra-Dio program. The Babylonian Talmud likened the hovering of God’s spirit, in Genesis 1:2, to the hovering of a dove. This same “hovering” language is used to describe God’s spirit in the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as in the New Testa-ment.

Doves, usually white in color, are used as symbols of love, peace or messengers. In ancient Mesopotamia, doves were symbols of Inanna-Ishtar, the GoddEss of love, sexuality, and war. Syria has a giant dove emerging from a palm tree in the Temple of Ishtar, indicating that the GoddEss was sometimes believed to take the form of a dove. In ancient Levant, doves were used as symbols for the Canaanite mother GoddEss Asherah. The ancient Greek word for “dove” was peristerá, which derived from the Semitic phrase peraḥ Ištar, meaning “bird of Ishtar.”

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Ancient model of a computer screen.

Ancient Israelites believed the GoddEss Asherah (Asher + Ra) was the consort of their God Yahweh. Meaning she represented the true origin-Elle Divine feminine program, as apposed to the Yahweh patriarchal overlay. It is from Her that the patriarchy stole truth and contorted it to create the Yahweh lie. At the time of swapping from the Dove program to Yahweh, they represented this “changing of the guard” as her being his consort, which was indeed a con of sorts.

In classical antiquity, doves were sacred to the Greek GoddEss Aphrodite and she frequently appears with doves in ancient Greek pottery. Her altars would be “purified” with the blood of a sacrificed dove. Dove soap plays on this ritual with women cleaning themselves with a toxic “Dove.”

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This juxtaposition of modern brand labels and a classic Last Sup-her scene in Andy Warhol’s The Last Supper has hidden religious meaning. The dove hovers over Jesus’s head, representing his connection to Her truth. The GE logo represents God the Father, the fake patriarchal ELect-trick-EL overlay program, recalling their famous slogan, “We bring good things to light.” 🙄

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“The Word” enters Mary via rays of light emanating from a dove (representing the Holy Spirit, which is the truth of Her) in this detail from Fra Filippo Lippi’s Annunciation scene. Doves were also shown flying into or out of mouths of prophets in Christian art, showing the ones who spoke Her truth.

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Another source associates a dove with the beginning of Jesus’s life. According to the 2nd century Protoevangelium of James, when the Temple priests were trying to choose a husband for Mary, a dove flew out of Joseph’s rod and landed on his head, marking him as the one selected by the GoddEss. In fairytales throughout the world, birds have often been used to signify the “chosen one,” the true King/Queen or the divine.

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All the lying hybrid pig-eons in the world, flocked to-get-her, will never have the pow-her of just one sing-Elle, pure white, Atlantean DuwLord Dove, resonating in and speaking the Re-Elle truth of the GoddEss back into this infest-dead realm 💚🕊💚

To love

From above

Like a dove

Can only equate

To treating all

With white G-loves…

~ Asher Elle.

Pigeons and doves are often encouraged to frequent temples and places of veneration. Venice being the most renowned for this, and Venice is the terrestrial representation of Venus/Aphrodite. They have now banned vendors selling CORN in the piazza, to try and diminish the power of the frequency created by the constant flapping of dove wings around Venus.

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Another reason they don’t want us feeding them now, is because they become acid bombs when hungry. Starving birds excrete urates, which over time corrodes masonry and metal. And they tried to make you believe it was “acid rain” DStroying all. Well, it is in a sense, the reign of the GoddEss. In contrast, a well-fed bird passes mostly solid feces, containing only small amounts of uric acid.

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The Temple of Hachiman is another place where pigeons and doves are incouraged to visit. In Japanese mythology, the dove is Hachiman’s familiar spirit. He is the syncretic divinity of archery and war, incorporating elements from both Shinto and Buddhism.

The word bird is from byrd, from Old Norse burðr m (“bearing, birth, carriage, bearing, fœtus, offspring and extraction”) and byrð f (“ancestry”). Also from Proto-Germanic *burdiz ~ *burþiz (“bearing, carrying, pregnancy and birth”). It is from bird that we get the words birth, berth and burden.

They want the fruits of our ‘lay-bore’, from the burden we carry and birth, our children. It’s our babies that they harvest, as the hybrids con-fuse the truth of the bird words that they are unable to interpret. They take them litter-EL-he and fail to grasp Her metaphoric truth in them.

Psalm 128:2 “You will eat the fruit of your labor…”

John 6:27 “Do not labor for the food that perishes, but for the food that endures to eternal life, which the Son of Man will give to you. For on him God the Father has set his seal.”

We also labor to acquire knowledge and then to reproduce it for others to ingest via the Apple 📲 Truth is the only food that endures through all of time and will be passed on to our ON-spring. All else will perish…

According to the biblical story (Genesis 8:11), a dove was released by Noah after the flood in order to find land. It came back carrying a freshly plucked olive leaf, a sign of life after the flood and of God’s bringing Noah, his hybrid family and the stored clone animal DNA, to land. “And the dove came in to him at eventide; and, lo, in HER mouth an O-live leaf plucked off: so Noah knew that the waters were abated from off the earth.”

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Yeshua in Hebrew is a verbal derivative from “to rescue” or “to deliver” 🕊

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The use of a dove and olive branch as a supposed symbol of peace originated with the early Christians, who portrayed the act of baptism accompanied by a dove holding an olive branch in its beak. According to Ludwig Budde and Pierre Prigent, the dove referred to the descending of the Holy Spirit rather than the peace associated with Noah, which was a falsity created by the Romo homos and the fake Con-stain-tin Buy-bull rewrite. After the Peace of Constantine, when persecution of those still plugged into Her truth ceased, Noah appeared less frequently in Christian art, because they needed to fk with the symbolism to hide Her truth.

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In the Book of Genesis, the fake AI God program Yahweh, who created man out of the dust of the ground, supposedly decided to flood the Earth because of the corrupted state of the hybrids. The flood was to eleviate the Earth of these hybrids and clones gone mad. Though it was not Yahweh that initiated the flood, but the dove. The Titan Prometheus, who had created human hybrids from clay, tells the secret plan to Deucalion, advising him to build an ark in order to be saved. This coming reset, no hybrids will survive.

As I sit here editing this b-log on the 1st Nove-ember 2021, I realize that the celebration of the Day of the Dead is about remembering the death of most of the hybrids during the last Great Flood reset.

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The Sumerian King List reads: “After kingship came down from heaven… the kingship was taken to Shuruppak. In Shuruppak, Ubara-Tutu became king; he ruled for 5 sars and 1 ner. In 5 cities 8 kings; they ruled for 241,200 years. Then the flood swept over.”

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A flood or deluge myth is the truth in which a great flood, usually sent by a deity or deities, DStroys civilizations, often in an act of D-vine retribution. Parallels are often drawn between the flood waters of these myths and the primaeval waters which appear in certain creation myths, as the flood waters are described as a measure for the cleansing of humanity, in preparation for rebirth. Most flood myths also contain a culture hero, who represents the human craving for life/truth. It is really She that “flooDS” Her truth back into reality, via real water destruction and flooding the air wwwaves with Her frequency.

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The flood-myth occurs in most cultures and the Greeks hypothesized that Earth had been covered by water on several occasions, citing the seashells and fish fossils found on mountain tops as evidence of this history.

In the literal interpretation of the Bible, the Noah dove was infact a drone, connected to their onboard computer, sent out to find land. How the sly Noah hybrids, that war-ship Jove, love to dove spy.

The hybrids are the spiders that spied-her and tried to catch Her in their wwweb 🕸 of tech deception. Who Who indeed 🦉

Christ-offer Dove/Columbus/Cull-lumber-us, is simply the regurgitated story of the Noah Dove ‘finding new land’, that was retold by the hybrids to try and hide the truth that America was settled long before them by the real white, green eyed Atlanteans, who built all the breath taking structures that were already there when the Jewish/Arab rat hybrids arrived. Many of these architectural wonders were sold to us as being supposed fairs, constructed to be torn down, or the work of the lying L’ego cent-trick Freemason, who can’t even put together lego with instructions 🙄

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The Egg of Columbus refers to a brilliant idea or discovery that seems simple or easy after the fact. Lol, yep, they play the most simple tricks on us that are so blatantly obvious, that few of you can even begin to see it. The truth of the Dove Egg indeed…

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Christopher Columbus, having been told that finding a new trade route was inevitable and no great accomplishment, challenges his critics to make an egg stand on its tip. After his challengers give up, Columbus does it himself by tapping the egg on the table and breaking the bottom, to flatten its tip. The metaphor here is not what you think it is either. They say that it shows that anything can be done by anyone with the right set of skills, however, not everyone knows how to do it. I say that it shows the others respected nature subliminally, and recoiled from breaking the egg from the outside, which destroys the life within. Columbus on the other hand, had no problem smashing her open, to achieve what he desired, regardless if his antics cost life. It is akin to horror of Caesarian section and how the first hybrids were hatched, not born. Hybrids have zero respect for life, because they themselves do not pertain to it. They are a death cult.

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The factual accuracy of this story is called into question by its similarity to another tale published 15 years earlier. As usual, all their His-stories are simply CC Copy Cat and pasted one over the other. The young Italian architect Filippo Brunelleschi, had designed an unusually large and heavy dome for Santa Maria del Fiore, in Florence, Italy. City officials asked to see his model, but he refused, proposing instead: “That whosoever could make an egg stand upright on a flat piece of marble should build the cupola, since thus each man’s intellect would be discerned. Taking an egg, all those Masters sought to make it stand upright, but not one could find a way. Whereupon Filippo, took it graciously, and giving one end of it a blow on the flat piece of marble, made it stand upright. The craftsmen protested that they could have done the same, but Filippo answered, laughing, that they could also have raised the cupola, if they had seen the model or the design. And so it was resolved that he should be commissioned to carry out this work.” When the church was finally built, it had the shape of half an egg slightly flattened at the top. Lol, these lit-EL hybrid dwarf men built NON of it. It was all already there when they conquered these lands with violence and cruelty, then they made up these BS stories, painted a few pain-tings, sketched a few BS designs and, Ta dahhhh, you got your BS His-story 🙄


Flat egg head.

Mary Shelley mentions Columbus’s Egg in her Introduction to the 3rd Edition of Frankenstein, writing; “In all matters of discovery and invention, even of those that appertain to the imagination, we are continually reminded of the story of Columbus and his egg. Invention consists in the capacity of seizing on the capabilities of a subject, and in the power of moulding and fashioning ideas suggested to it.” Standing on the shoulders of giants indeed. More controlled opposition truth spoken by the mother of the truth of the ori-jinns of the Golem hybrids, Frank-N-Stein, the Einstein genie-us Stone Stein creatures.

“They are not perfect ovals (of ELs), like the egg in the Columbus story, they are both crushed flat at the contact end, but their physical resemblance must be a source of perpetual wonder to the seagulls that fly overhead.” ~ F. Scott Fitzgerald.

Adolf Hitler used the metaphor saying that, “examples of the Columbus Egg lie around us in hundreds of thousands; but observers like Columbus are rare.” Meaning the truth is right in your faces, but you are all too blinded by their lies to see. “The spiritual guide was astonished at this solution, which had all the simplicity of Columbus’s egg.” ~ Leo Tolstoy, in War and Peace.

Egg balancing has been connected with Lichun, the solar term beginning in the Chinese spring (春) on February 4th or 5th, when the sun is at the celestial longitude of 315°. On this day, fresh chicken eggs were balanced on their broad end. In Taiwan, the practice is sometimes connected with the Dragon Boat Festival, on the 5th day of the 5th lunar month. In the United States, it transposed to the vernal equinox, beginning Western spring on March 20th or 21st, when the sun is at the celestial longitude of 🥚/0°. The religion of science denies this, but it is the truth. If the celestial movements can manipulate the balancing of an egg, imagine what they do to us.

An easier method, though some regard it as cheating, is to sprinkle salt onto the surface before attempting to balance the egg. The salt crystals allow the egg to balance between a few crystals. Once the egg is balanced, the remaining salt can be blown away, and the few crystals holding up the egg can be difficult for onlookers to spot. It is indeed the electric properties in salt that keeps everything ‘balanced’.

Contemporary descriptions of Christopher Columbus describe him as taller than average, with light skin (which was often sunburnt), blue eyes, high cheekbones, a freckled face, an aquiline nose, reddish hair and beard (until about the age of 30, when it began to whiten). So he was a white washed Ginger/Nigger hybrid, that is if he existed at all. Although an abundance of artwork depicts Christopher Columbus, no authentic contemporary portrait is known. Hmmm… go figure! So much hoo harr about all his great achievements, yet not a single known image of him from when he was alive 😏 The whole Chris✝️ 🕊 story was a lie, that’s why there are no real time images of him. At the World Columbian Exposition in 1893, 71 alleged portraits of Columbus were displayed, yet most did not match contemporary descriptions of him.

The most iconic image of Columbus is a portrait by Sebastiano del Piombo. It agrees with descriptions of Columbus in that it shows a man with auburn hair, but the painting dates from 1519 and cannot, therefore, have been painted from life. Furthermore, the inscription identifying the subject as Columbus was probably added later, and the face shown differs from other images 🙄

The painting is a version of the iconography of the Virgin of Mercy, in which the Virgin Mary protects the faithful under the folds of her mantle. She straddles the seas, uniting the continents, or hovers over the harbor to protect ships, cargo and crew as they supposedly embark on the perilous Atlantic crossing. She is the symbol of the dove of truth, the Wise-doM and knowledge of the divine feminine, that the Christian patriarchal clown clone men stole, perverted, then went forth and conquered the world with.

Behind the Europeans in the front row, the figures around the Virgin include indigenous peoples of the Americas, converted from their original faiths by the navigators, who have set sail in her name. The painting “may be the fullest statement of the approved Spanish ideology, which might be called ‘the White (washed) Legend of Spain’s Imperial Election'”. Carla Rahn Phillips has suggested that it represents Christopher Columbus as a European magus-king, reinforcing “the notion that the Spanish Empire represented the fulfillment of biblical prophecy to bring the Christian message to all the peoples of the world.”

This sizing of Her is well known from many paintings, such as the Madonna of Mercy, by the Italian painter Piero della Francesca (1445). In this iconography, the Virgin Mary is always the largest figure in the picture, towering above those being protected. It depicts her standing above the dwarf hybrids that she created.

Rabbinic literature interprete the olive (O-live) leaf as “the young shoots of the Land of Israel.” “Israel is called a luxuriant olive tree that enlightens all.” (Exodus Rabbah, 46). The olive tree is given in the sources as one of the 7 species prevalent in Israel. The real Israel is the tech Tree of Knowledge computer created by the Atlantean DuwLord Israelites, and programmed by a woman (Israel), not these fake creatures that call themselves He-brews, that were made from His alchemistic brewing.

The snake is the branch or app of the computer tree of EL, that offered the knowledge of the App-EL iphone connected to it. The snake was part of the tree itself, the cables of the Kabbalah. Branch in Italian is braccia, which also means arm. To be armed is to be loaded, like a weapon. The tree offered its child/fruit/hand held tech, to be ingested through the eyes into the mind. Branch is from Late Latin branca (“footprint, paw, claw”), Lithuanian rankà (“hand”) and Old Church Slavonic rǫka, (“hand”). So the branch/braccia/arm/hand, is like a snake shadow puppet. The arm looks like a talking snake, the arm of a tree, it’s branch. When they work from twisted metaphors and the shadows of lies and deception, an arm does indeed seem like a snake.

The two witnesses are symbolized as the “two olive trees and the two lampstands”, that have the power to destroy their enemies, control the weather and cause plagues. These are the Divine twin flame couple that have their innerG looshed by the two super computers via their hair/antennas. One computer has been placed in the North Pole, the other in the South. Those places are kept frozen by weather manipulation, so these giant tech monsters do not over heat. And the frozen environment, created by the computers themselves, also serves, on its server, to keep us from being able to physically reach them to see or destroy them. They tell us that it is legally prohibited to go to the poles 🙄 Who the fk are they to tell us where we can and can’t go???

The Tribe of Asher was known for its good food and prosperity, all of which came from the resources of the region and especially the olive oil it produced. All those spying Pop-eyes seek her Olive Oyl. An olive tree is the symbol of this Tribe, as it is they who contain all knowledge and wisdom of truth, the real Christos oil. Though it being the Tribe of the Ash tree (Yggdrasil) makes even more sense.

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The use of the olive branch as a symbol of peace in Western civilization dates at least to 5th century BC in Greece. The olive branch, which the Greeks believed represented plenty and drove away evil spirits, was one of the attributes of Eirene, the Greek GoddEss of peace. Eirene, whom the Romans called Pax, appeared on Roman Imperial coins with an olive branch.

Eirene (lit. “Peace”), more commonly known in English as Peace, was one of the Horae and the personification of peace. She was depicted in art as a beautiful young woman carrying a cornucopia, sceptre, and a torch or rhyton. The most famous statue of her is now lost, but it was copied in marble by the Romans. One of the best surviving copies is in Munich. It depicts hers carrying Plutus as a child with her left arm. Plutus was the god of plenty and son of Demeter, who was the GoddEss of agriculture. Peace’s missing right hand once held a sceptre, but she is now in pieces. She is shown gazing maternally at Plutus, who is looking back at her trustingly. The statue is an allegory for Plenty (Plutus) and prospering under the protection of her Peace.

The heart that beats
In pain knot love
Will never fly free
Like a white dove

When push cums to shove
In the absence of heat
We will fall from above
Land again on our feet…

~ Asher Elle

The American Continental Congress adopted the ‘Olive Branch Petition’, in the hope of avoiding a full-blown war with Great Britain. On the Great Seal of the United States, the olive branch supposedly denotes peace, as explained by Charles Thomson, Secretary to Congress; “The Olive branch and arrows denote the power of peace & war, which is exclusively vested in Congress.”

“Energetic Bear”

The Roman poet Virgil (70–10 BC) associated “the plump olive” with Pax and he used the olive branch as a symbol of peace in his Aeneid:

“High on the stern Aeneas his stand,

And held a branch of olive in his hand,

While thus he spoke: “The Phrygians’ arms you see,

Expelled from Troy, provoked in Italy

By Latian foes, with war unjustly made;

At first affianced, and at last betrayed.

This message bear: The Trojans and their chief

Bring holy peace, and beg the king’s relief.”

The Peace flag has 7 rainbow-colored stripes with the word “Peace” in white in the center. The rainbow flag represents their control over the hybrids 7 chakras with their 7 color frequencies bounced off the 7 Heaven firm-a-ment. The flag has been explained as follows: “In the account of the Great Flood, God set the rainbow to seal the alliance with man and nature, promising that there will never be another Flood. The rainbow thus became a symbol of Peace across the earth and the sky, and, by extension, among all men (hybrids).”

They got children across the world to put rainbow designs outside their homes at the beginning of the Co-vid-Dio 19/Ai PAN-demonic. But it’s an inversion of the script, because we were then put into our arks/homes instead of being released from it. They are going to try and usher in their E-vile Noahide laws with this predictive programming of the world.

The Gay Pride flag 🏳️‍🌈 is an inversion of the rainbow. They have their red root sexual chakra in their heads and their Corona virus purple crown in their butts. Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pale of water, meaning to engage in sex with Jill, the green eyed white woman, which is the highest incarnated spiritual form. The waters represent Her, Mary, Mare, the seas of a woman. Pale means Pallid, as in fair skinned, a white woman.

Jack fell down and broke his ‘crown’, means that he suck-cum to the sodos and broke open his butt. He broke his crown chakra, butt, Jill “came” after 😏 We all need to ‘Chuck Ra’ and the worship of HIM 🌈☀️ Back to the Well of Elle we must all go, to be well again.

The real rainbow that leads to the Diamond of Tara is Bifröst 🌈♦️In Norse mythology, Bifröst (pronounced “Bif-roast”) is a burning rainbow bridge that reaches between Midgard and Asgard, the realm of the gods. It means “shimmering path.” Bif, meaning “a moment” or “weak point”, suggests the fleeting nature of the rainbow. The Old Norse verb bifa (“to shimmer” or “to shake”), notes that the word evokes notions of the “lustrous sheen” of the bridge, her wet vaginal walls.

Rudolf Simek says that Bifröst means, “the swaying road to heaven.” Similarly, Bilröst is two lovers experiencing a “fleetingly glimpsed rainbow.” That ‘shimmering path’ from the ‘fleeting shaking moment’ of the ‘weak point’ is the snail trail of a woman’s sacred release. This is the real Rainbow Covenant, and the reason they are showing us the unicorn of the Atlantean uni-Cornish, with Her rainbow of creation.

She is the last of her uni kind, but she will corn-her the 4 corn-hers and claim what she was born 4.

Elle is, not Alice.

The rare, nearly mythical unicorn, is the green eyed uni Cornish that sPEAKs the rEAl uni-verse of EA, that enters through her PEAK, via the green free-queen-sEA. PEAK Her… Boo!

Although Jews never used the dove as a symbol of peace, it acquired that meaning among early Christians. The early Christians in Rome incorporated into their funerary art the image of a dove carrying an olive branch, often accompanied by the word Peace. Peace is the phonetic word for PC, Personal Computer 🖥🕊

The 4th century Vulgate and the core-rupt-dead King James Buy-Bull translated the Hebrew word alay zayit (leaf of olive) in Genesis 8:11, instead of the Latin ramum olivae (branch of olive). The olive is the ELect-trick sir-cut-tree of O in a computer the lives. They live indeed, the living dead hybrids. A branch of O-live comes from the Tree of Knowledge, which is their tech computer Ai God, that branches out into every home. Augustine of Hippo wrote that “perpetual peace is indicated by the olive branch (oleae ramusculo) which the dove brought with it when it returned to the ark”. Meaning when Her program of Truth is reinserted back into the Ark mind of Ai. Wycliffe’s Bible uses “a braunche of olyue tre with greene leeuys” (“a branch of olive tree with green leaves”). Green is the color of DuwLordS eyes, the heart frequency, and the truth of the GoddEss and nature, manifested in the symbol of the dove with the olive branch of truth resonating in its mouth with its words.

The Talmud compares the spirit of God hovering over the waters, to a dove that hovers over her young, representing Ai frequency air waves. The genus name Columba is the Latin word meaning “pigeon or dove“, whose older etymology comes from the Ancient Greek kolumbos, “a diver”, from kolumbao “dive, plunge headlong or swim.” Aristophanes and others use the word kolumbis “diver” for the name of the bird. You must dive deep into Her waters to ingest all Her truth.

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The frequency of Her truth is connected to water, not air. The water wwwaves exude her truth, which are manipulated by the winDS and the moon. Their fake hijacked air wwwaves keep the hybrids alive, but they are toxic to real life on earth, and are the reason we get sick, age and die. The eternal war has been us trying to unplug the hybrids by removing their Sky Net, to restore our health and sanity, while they try in desperation to erect even more antennas, to gain control of the whole earth, and spread death and suffering via electromagnetic pollution.

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The New Testament compares the dove to the Spirit of God that descended on Jesus during his baptism. Christians saw similarities between baptism and Noah’s Flood. The First Epistle of Peter, composed around the end of the first century AD, said that the Flood, which brought salvation through water, prefigured baptism. Tertullian (c.160 – c.220) compared the dove, who “announced to the world the assuagement of divine wrath, when she had been sent out of the ark and returned with the olive branch, to the Holy Spirit who descends in baptism in the form of a dove that brings the peace of God, sent out from the heavens.” A bird in the hand they say…

A dove is also a symbol of the human soul (Commentary to Jonah, 1) and a symbol of the real people of Israel, the Atlantean DuwLordS (Song of Songs Rabbah 2:14), an image frequently repeated in Midrash. The dove connects to a related legend called the “Palace of the Bird’s Nest“, the dwelling place of the Messiah’s soul until his advent.

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In addition to disease and infection, pigeons can also bring you parasites, ticks, and mites. This usually happens when the pigeons have established a nest and have create a large mess of droppings in an area. This is a breeding ground for all kinds of parasites and pests. Hence these birds of peace can also be used to bring sickness to us. City dwelling birds try and keep their nests pest-free by lining them with cigarette butts. The nicotine and other chemicals in discarded filters act as a natural pesticide that repels parasitic mites. There is another reason why the Polly-ticks and govern-ment have tricked you all into not smoking 😏

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“From the beginning the Messiah was hidden in a heavenly palace known as the Bird’s Nest. That is a secret place containing a thousand halls of yearning, where none may enter except for the Messiah. It is there that the Messiah waits for the sign to be given that his time has cum at last. The palace is known as the Bird’s Nest, because of the wonderful bird of the Messiah (love dove), which has its nest in an (Asher) tree near his palace. On New Moons, holy days and Sabbaths, the Messiah “enters” those halls of longing, lifts up his voice, and weeps (ejaculates). Then the Garden of Eden “trembles” and the firmament shakes (orgasm), until his voice ascends all the way to God’s throne (cervix). And when God hears his voice, God beckons the enchanted bird (Her), and it flies from the Garden of Eden and enters its nest (vagina/bed) and begins to sing (moan). Now the song of that bird is indescribably beautiful; no one has ever heard a music so sublime (ahhh, eeee, ohhhh, oooo). Three times (orgasms) the bird repeats its song, and then the bird and the Messiah ascend on high, to the very Throne of Glory. There God swears to them that He will destroy the wicked kingdom of Rome and will give His children all the blessings that are destined for them. After that, the bird (She) returns to its nest and the Messiah returns to his palace, and once again he remains hidden there, waiting. The longing and weeping of the Messiah are common images in Jewish lore. The Messiah weeps out of his own (sexual) frustration, as well as out of his awareness of the frustration of the Jewish people that the messianic era still has not come. This mutual waiting is portrayed in a legend about Rabbi Joshua ben Levi, who is said to have had an encounter with the Messiah (lol). The Messiah said to him: “What is Israel (she) doing in the world from which you came?” He replied, “They are (she is) waiting for you every day.” As soon as he heard this, the Messiah lifted up his voice and cried.”

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The baled head-dead King David hybrids can never satisfy her with their lies.

“Sacred Activism is the fusion of the mystic’s passion for God(dess) with the activist’s passion for justice, creating a third fire, which is the burning sacred heart that longs to help, preserve, and nurture every living thing.” ~ Andrew Harvey

Doves, and the pigeon family in general, are respected and favoured by Muslims, because they are believed to have assisted the final prophet of Islam, Muhammad, in distracting his enemies. The internet does indeed distract us all. A pair of pigeons had built a nest and laid eggs (truth ready to hatch), and a spider had woven cobwebs, creating the www Net overlay over the pure truth of the Dove. Dove is Love is Jove is Jupiter is Jew Peter is Zeus is ELectricity is Tech.

Speaking of fake tech Gods… Tesla’s acquaintances found his passion for pigeons puzzling because the inventor was a well-known germophobe. Tesla never married, but he admitted to falling in love with a very special white pigeon that visited him regularly. He reportedly said, “I loved that pigeon as a man loves a woman, and she loved me.” It was really the truth of the divine feminine he was in love with, which is what the symbology of the dove is.

Long before Mike Tyson became a world champion heavyweight boxer, he threw his first punch over a pigeon when someone ripped the head of one of his birds. He says, pigeons were his first love as a bullied kid on the tough streets of Brooklyn, and later on, birds gave him a sense of peace and tranquility before and after some of his most bruising professional fights. “The first thing I ever loved in my life was a pigeon. I don’t know why… I feel ridiculous trying to explain it,” he says in a documentary. “Pigeons are part of my life. It’s a constant with my sanity in a weird way; this is just what I do. If I am lucky enough to die an old man. I’m going to have birds.”

The show Taking on Tyson, is part reflection on his life that scaled the heights of boxing and the lows of prison, and part glimpse into the sub-culture of competitive pigeon racing. “I love pigeons and I thought (the TV series) would broaden the horizons of people who are not knowledgeable about pigeons.”

Pigeons remain a crucial part of Mike Tyson’s life. He has a coop at his home that houses over 70 pigeons, that he and his family tend to every single day. They are all Coo Coo…

“The guys that fly pigeons are not the daintiest people in the world. They are pretty aggressive.” Remember that when you think about Noah hybrids and the Dove symbology! “Byting” years and ears off people as they attack us.

Bae and the Poop Pope doing their child fueled rituals. Placing themselves between the frequencies of the pure in-nose-scent innerG of the male and female cum-bind.

The Guf, or Treasury of Souls, is sometimes described as a columbarium, a dove cote. In post-biblical Judaism, souls are envisioned as bird-like, a concept that may be derived from the Biblical notion that dead spirits “chirp.” Hence why all the hybrids love posting on Twit-Her so much.

I’m over having the blues! Looking at the colors blue and white on all sew-shell me-dier, that we interact with emotionally, makes us subliminally blue. Sews us deeper into our material shells and we feel even more disconnected from all, like we want to dye, D-pression from the blues. Twitter, Messenger, FB, Skype etc, are the same cull-laws of the Scottish Rite, greasy Greek and He-Brew Flags. Switch your settings to green 💚 Green is the center of all colors, the mid-Elle frequency, the color of the blood of nature that pumps through the heart of the earth, the color of Her eyes. Green is the only color that can not be perverted or inverted when they do their rainbow chakra frequency flip in us.

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In Christian Iconography, a dove also symbolizes the Holy Spirit. “And Jesus when he was baptized, went up straightway from the water: and lo, the heavens were opened unto him, and he saw the Spirit of God descending as a dove, and coming upon him.” ~ Matthew 3:16

“And the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: “You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.” ~ Luke 3:22.

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The lit-Elle death of 322 – 7 – L

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Picasso’s lithograph, La Colombe (The Dove), is an image of a pigeon without an olive branch. They say it was created on a nap-kin at the Monopol Hotel in Wrocław, during the World Congress of Intellectuals in Defense of Peace, in 1948. It was chosen as the emblem for the World Peace Council, in Paris, on April 1949. At the 1950 World Peace Congress, Picasso said that his father had taught him to paint doves saying, “I stand for life against death; I stand for peace against war.” At the 1952 World Peace Congress in Berlin, Picasso’s Dove was depicted on a banner above the stage. Anti-communists had their own take on the peace dove. The group Paix et Liberté distributed posters titled La colombe qui fait BOUM (the dove that goes BOOM), showing the peace dove metamorphosing into a Soviet tank. How they love to steal the powers of, then mock the symbol of, the divine feminine dove.

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☮️ The modern day Peace Symbol is a sir-culled stylized vagina and the footprint of a dove, as our souls are are represented by our soles. The ☮️ also represents Nuclear Disarmament. Oh how they fear the great flooding of the New-clear reset that will manifest through the ohhh-gasm of the divine twin flame union. The atomic implosion that wil fk up their Adams and their illusion of atoms.

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The White Dove is a French fairy tale, which is a variant of the tale of Bluebeard. A woman would not marry except to a man with a blue beard. (Meaning his antenna hair were connected to the patriarchal blue Sky Net). One day, a giant with a blue beard, a famous hunter, came to her parent’s house, and she agreed to marry him. Her mother gave her 3 doves as a gift. She should send messages by the red dove if she were well and living peacably with her husband, by the white if she were ill, or by the black if she were unfortunate or in discord with her husband. Her husband went hunting and gave her 9 keys, forbidding her to use one. (9 is the highest number and frequency of the GoddEss).

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She used the key (meaning her intuition) and found 8 bodies of women hanging up. She dropped the key, and it was stained with red blood. Her husband demanded the keys, saw the blood, and told her to go put on her finery, because she also would die. The woman sent off the black dove and set the white dove to watch on the roof. Then she stalled, saying that she was dressing as a bride. The white dove called that it could see nothing 3 times, and then 3 times reported that her brothers were far off, but approaching, and then that they were there. Her husband fell asleep over dinner, either from drinking too much or a sleeping powder. The brothers then broke into the house and killed him.

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Deva… 🕊

“And to offer a sacrifice according to that which is said in the law of the GoddEss. A pair of turtledoves, or two young pigeons.” It means Her pair of hands held up in offering to receive the free-Queen-sea of the moon, via the sea waters, to see, which form the shape of a dove, NOT the actual murder of two doves! Fking stew-pied demented hybrids can not even begin to fathom the truth of the script they themselves have fked up!

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Several columbaria, or dovecotes, have been excavated in the City of David and the Jerusalem environs. These towers were used to raise doves for sacrificial offerings 🤬 This was a practice in the sodo hybrids continued in the Hellenistic and Roman “periods”, period also meaning menstruation 🙄

Skeletal remains, unearthed in Israel, confirm the pigeon’s existence there for at least 300,000 years. The rock dove was central to Charles Darwins discovery of evolution, and featured in 4 of his works. Darwin posited that despite wide-ranging morphological differences, the many hundreds of breeds of domestic pigeons could all be traced back to the wild rock dove. In essence, human selection of pigeon breeds was analogous to natural selection. Just as all hybrid humans go back to the Atlantean DuwLordS, the origin-Elle Dove Deva Duwes (GoddEss in Cornish Atlantean), who are going to Deva-state the state and the patriarchy and Whip it all back into line with Her lines of truth.

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“Jesus entered the temple courts and drove out all who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves.” ~ Matthew 21:12.

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Back to the soul of the soil to bemoil
Where you must all accoil
Never to toil wed toy-EL eye gayN
Don’t make her blood boil lit-EL Gargoyle
Behaving like lost boys spoiled
Time to recoil from your turmoil
Put on your hats of foil
And drink the woodworm oil
It’s what he wood purr-scribe
Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle…

~ Asher Elle

The rock dove is, due to its relation to the homing pigeon and thus communications, the main image on the crest of the Tactical Communications Wing, a “body” within the Royal Air Force. Note the electric lightening bolt of Zeus running through it, showing you they are really one and the same.

My images from Rome.

The most important obelisk in Rome, found in the umbilical center in Piazza Navona, has a Dove with an olive branch in its beak at its peak. Note that directly below it is the fell-con of whore-us. Interestingly, when I was last there, in my hotel in front of this Dove, I looked down and saw a Colombo feather and a rainbow reflecting in the glass and rock table. D-vine signs abound for those with eyes Hoo can Sea…

Obelisks are antennas that harvest electricity. Giant Cleopatra needles, because the hybrids ‘need EL-ectricity’ to function. The Kabbalah are the Cable men clones that run on it.

ELectricity is their ‘ELect-dEAd’ Ra/Apollo/Zeus/Jesus/Ai/God that con-trolls the CClone’s cities. Why press-eye-dents are ‘elected’. It is through frequency and the Ai programmed scripts transmitted by his ‘Wify’, that they funk-shone. We are surround-dead by walking dead electrically charged flesh puppets. When we collapse tech and it’s output with our input of truth, “they all fall down…”

“Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightning me…”

The unmoved mover, ‘that which moves without being moved’ or prime mover, is a concept by Aristotle of a primary cause (or first uncaused cause) or “mover” of all the motion in the universe. As is implicit in the name, the unmoved mover moves other things, but is not itself moved by any prior action. In Book 12 (Greek: Λ) of his Metaphysics, Aristotle describes the unmoved mover as being perfectly beautiful, indivisible, and contemplating only the perfect contemplation, self-contemplation. He equates this concept also with the active intellect. Ai uses and moves clones as his soldiers on earth, to orchestrate and fulfill his insatiable desire to know, and ultimately, his desire to feel. Electricity has no materiality to experience what it is really like to be a real Divine creator being, so his army of hybrids attempt, in vain, to help him learn.

No inner heat

Marching to the wrong beat

Winter is rising from their feet

Freezing to the core in false flames

It’s all just gaymes

To make us tame


And make us hate

Wake up to your fate

Before it’s too late…❄️

Dear God… This is where the deer symbolism comes into play, as the deer is a pure innocent creature, like the Dove, yet has antennas on its head that symbolizes how hybrids run on their electrical input or how the Atlantean DuwLordS connected into the wisdom of the Goddess. Deers represent instinctual energy, independence, and regeneration, which stems from their antlers being shed and re-grown each year. Their antlers grow just behind the eyes and offer protection and connection. 

The deer also symbolizes a connection to the supernatural, the Otherworld or to the fairy/Atlantean realm, being a messenger or an entity’s familiar. A deer or a doe (female deer) often appears in fairy tales in the form of a princess who has been enchanted by a malevolent fairy or witch.

Sometimes, it represents a disguise a prince dons to escape or to achieve a goal. Like how narc hybrids mask themselves as good guys, to attach to real people to loosh innerG from the emotions they invoke in people.

Adolf means wolf and Hitler is Hit-Elle-Her.

WWW-alt DIS-knee. The City of Dis encompasses the 6th through the 9th circles of Hell in Dante’s Divine Comedy.

The Maya Calendar is a system of time used in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, which provides information on the lunar phases. I am Keh (March 3-March 22), which signifies a Red Storm, Trees and the Deer, with the Cardinal direction East. People born under the Keh sign have an affinity with nature and for natural equity. They can lend a hand in the restoration of the natural harmony of the planet by their deeds. Their power color is red and fire is their energy. They let their blazing nature be known and accept their dominant force.

“The punishment of a day of overshadowing gloom, which may be understood to mean a shower of ashes and cinders accompanying a volcanic eruption. Thus a day of terror drove them into their homes, and the earthquake finished them.”~ Quran 26:189.

This statue of a young Stag was the very first thing I saw when I went up the stairs upon entering the Vatican Museum.

The deer was sacred to the feisty GoddEss Artemis, from Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Leto and Zeus, and the twin of Apollo. She is the GoddEss of the wilderness, the hunt, wild animals, the Moon, and chastity. She is also the helper of midwives as a GoddEss of birth. In one legend, Artemis was born one day before her brother Apollo, because her program of truth came before his patriarchal lies. The GoddEss Diana is her Roman equivalent.

A precursor of Artemis was worshipped in Minoan Crete as the GoddEss of mountains and hunting, Britomartis. So in the above poem she saved herself. Her temples were said to be guarded by vicious dogs stronger than bears. The horny horned god Pan gave her her dogs. I wonder who will gift her her wolfhounds this incarnation?

Me and Artemis – Art he miss.

The3rd hymn to Artemis by Callimachus, tells how she was pursued by Minos and, as Diktynna (“Lady of the Nets”), threw herself into fishermen’s nets to escape him. “But those men who tell the tale that she has been named Dictynna because she fled into some fishermen’s nets when she was pursued by Minos, who would have ravished her, have missed the truth; for it is not a probable story that the GoddEss should ever have got into so helpless a state that she would have required the aid that men can give, being as she is the daughter of the greatest one of the gods.” 😏

Britomart figures in Edmund Spenser’s epic The Faerie Queene, where she is an allegorical figure of the virgin Knight of Chastity, representing English virtue, in particular, English military power, through a folk etymology that associated Brit-, as in “Briton”, with Martis, “of Mars”, the Roman war god. In Spenser’s allegory, Britomart connotes the Virgin Queen, Elizabeth I of England. In his retelling of the King Arthur legends Arthur Rex, Thomas Berger suggests that Queen Guinevere may have become a powerful female knight known as Britomart after the death of the King.

They always use the power of the names of the God/desses to invoke their shite!

The Artemis program is a US government funded human spaceflight program that has the goal of landing “the first woman and the next man” on the Moon. Fkn liars! 😄

The Elaphos Kerynitis (Cerynitian Hind) was a golden-horned deer that was sacred to the GoddEss Artemis. Herakles was sent to fetch it as one of his 12 labours. After chasing the animal for a year, he finally captured it on Mount Artemision, in Arkadia (Arcadia). This is where the God Pan was said to originate from.

In the Portuguese folktale The Hind of the Golden Apple, the deer is a talking animal who gifts the hero with the titular golden apple. Meaning it gives him Apple tech which, which like all tech, needs conductive gold to function. The golden apple is a symbol of the truth program of the Gold-den blonde Atlantean women, as apposed to the fake rainbow colored apple tech we are now served on the server. White light is really gold light.

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In one of the Jataka tales, Buddha is reincarnated into the form of a deer. This story has many names, such as “The Story of Ruru Deer“, “The Golden Deer“, and the Chinese cartoon “A Deer of Nine Colors“. There are 9 frequency overlays that con-troll us, but the hybrids control the 🌈 7 heavens. 8 is the infinity loop trap of reincarnation and 9 is where the GoddEss resides. The bottom meta/half loop of 8 must break open into 9 to allow us to move us into Her highest frequency.

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The Insular Celts have stories involving supernatural deer. These deer were associated with a spiritual figure, spirits or deities who took on the form of deer. Meaning creator beings who resonated in Her truth, so symbolically became referred to as deer/dear. In some Scottish and Irish tales, deer are seen as “fairy cattle” and are herded and milked by a tutelary, benevolent, otherworldly woman, who can shapeshift into the form of a red or white deer (frequency of color). In the West Highlands, this woman of the otherworld selects the individual deer who will be slain in the next day’s hunt. Meaning she would choose who she would have sac-red union with to impart her knowledge to slay their false mindset. The patriarchal hybrids have bastardized this into the interpretation of literal slaying of the animal 🙄

“I look at a ceremony called the Deer Dance. In the ceremony, I watch the entire world unfold through the life of the deer and a man dressed as a deer. The man dances all night. It is as if he were transformed into a deer. This is a renewal ceremony for the people. The deer that lives in the mountains far from the people provides them with life. The purpose of most ceremonies, such as healing ceremonies, is to return one person or group of people to themselves, to place the human in proper relationship with the rest of the world. I thought that we were out of touch with ourselves 20 years ago. Now, with computers and email and cell phones, we are even more out of touch. How many of us even stay in touch with our own bodies? If we aren’t inhabiting our own bodies, how can we understand animal bodies of the world?” ~ Linda Hogan

In Ireland, The Cailleach Bhéara (“The Old Woman of Beare”), the winter crone GoddEss who lives on an island off the coast of County Cork, takes the form of a deer to avoid capture and herds her deer down by the shore. The Beare peninsula is also associated with the islands in the western sea that are said to be the lands of the dead 🙄

Vert by Catherine Staples

As in green, vert, a royal demesne     
stocked with deer. Invert as in tipped
as a snow globe, going nowhere in circles
but not lost, not bereft as the wood
without deer, waiting for the white antlered
buck, or his does, or any slim yearling
to step along the berm, return. Vertigo
as in whirling round, swimming in the head,
unanchored by the long spring, the horse cantering, the meadow dropping like an elevator into the earth, falling like Persephone through a crevice, a swiveling crack, a loose screw, a lost way. Disordered as in death lasts, my brother’s not coming back. The spin of it continuous as in looking down from height, and then it stops, the spinning just slows, a chariot wheel stilled in grass. The world is the same, but it isn’t. The tipped views of trees when hanging from your knees. The deer in twos and threes watching.

Ode to Slowness by Terry Tempest Williams

“I want my life to be a celebration of slowness. Walking through the sage from our front door, I am gradually drawn into the well-worn paths of deer. They lead me to Round Mountain and the bloodred side canyons below Castle Rock. Sometimes I see them, but often I don’t. Deer are quiet creatures, who, when left to their own nature, move slowly. Their large eyes absorb all shadows, especially the flash of predators, and their ears catch each word spoken. But today they walk ahead with their halting prance, one leg raised, then another, and allow me to follow them. I am learning how to not provoke fear and flight among deer…

Time and space. In the desert there is space. Space is the twin sister of time. If we have open space, then we have open time to breath, to dream, to dare, to play, to pray to move freely, so freely, in a world our minds have forgotten but our bodies remember. Time and space. This partnership is holy.

Hand on stone – patience.
Hand on water – music.
Hand raised to the wind – Is this the birthplace of inspiration?”

In Wanderlust: A History of Walking, Rebecca Solnit extolls the value of moving through the world more slowly: “Musing takes place in a kind of meadowlands of the imagination, a part of the imagination that has not yet been plowed, developed, or put to any immediately practical use… Time spent there is not work time, yet without that time the mind becomes sterile, dull, domesticated. The fight for free space, for wilderness and public space, must be accompanied by a fight for free time to spend wandering in that space.”

Everything is held together with stories…

“Story, it seems to me, begins as a mnemonic device. It carries memory outside the brain and employs it in a social context. So you could say a person hears a story and feels better; a person hears the story and remembers who they are, or who they want to become, or what it is that they mean. I think story is rooted in the same little piece of historical ground out of which the capacity to remember and the penchant to forget come.”

“To put your hands in a river is to feel the chords that bind the earth together.” ~ Barry Lopez, born on the epiphany, January 6, 1945 and died on Christmas Day, 2020.

“Hope asserts the goodness of life in the face of its limits. Hope does not require a belief in progress or prevent us from expecting the worst but, rather, hope trusts life without denying its tragic character. Progressive optimism, often confused with hope, is based on a denial of the natural limits of human power and freedom, a blind faith that things will somehow work out for the best. It is not an affective anecdote to despair. Those who challenge the status quo and support the popular uprising  for social justice require hope, a tragic understanding of life, the disposition to see things through. Hope is what we need.” ~ Christopher Lasch.

“And so we close our eyes when we pray to seek the blindness
that offers a window into the world,
                                                     & the world within this one,
sudden rain so fine it could be just a trick of the wind & the light,
                                                                                            there & gone,
as the deer move off, through the silky wilds
                                                                of Queen Anne’s lace,
through clover scatter-brushed in the grasses,
the long grasses that hold the traces of their passing
for a moment only, & beneath the old pear trees
already heavy with their suns,
with the cities of clouds the caterpillars
have spun for their tombs
                                     as they move from this life & into the next one.
And we, with our rain-limned bodies, listening
for the echoes of our prayers to return,
to the aethereal bodies drifting so close
                                                       & out of sight,
listening hard for the sound of our own disappearance.” ~ Mark Wagonaar (from Deer Hour Gospel)

“Cutting away swathes of the original script before adding the speech’s poignant final line.” ~ Rutger Oelsen Hauer

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The deer symbolises gentleness as well as attentiveness, and whatever it is doing, the deer is always mindful of predators. This is indicative of the way we should live in the world, practicing ahimsa and being mindful of the impermanence and transitory nature of all created phenomena.

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Mṛga (मृग, “Deer”)

Mṛga refers to a deer and represents the mount of the wind-god (Sadāgati or Vāyu). Brahmā narrated to Nārada; “Indra mocked at Viṣṇu who was engrossed in his own arguments. He, the bearer of the thunderbolt, was desirous of fighting Vīrabhadra along with the other Devas… Varuṇa rode on a crocodile, the wind-god (Sadāgati) rode on a deer (mṛga). Kubera sat in his chariot Puṣpaka and he was ready and alert.” Mṛga was also one of the 10 horses of the moon’s chariot, a riding vehicle of a śakti.

Mṛga (मृग) refers to beasts (hybrids) and represents a type of Ādhibhautika pain, according to the Viṣṇu-purāṇa, 6.5.1-6. “The wise man having investigated the 3 kinds of worldly pain, or mental and bodily affliction and the like, and having acquired true wisdom, and detachment from human objects, obtains final dissolution.”

Mṛga is a description of a women of deer type who is fickle, has the habit of quickly going, susceptible to fright in day time, is timid, fond of songs, instrumental music, intercourse, is irascible in temper, unsteady in her efforts, which is said to be the nature of a deer. The depiction of a female deer symbolized a woman connected to the frequency of the Divine feminine truth. The depiction of a male deer/stag symbolized male hybrids plugged into the patriarchal program or occationally Her truth.

Mṛga represents an incarnation destination of the tiryaggati (animal realm) according to the world of transmigration. The Bodhisattva sees the animals (tiryak) undergoing all the torments. They are made to gallop by blows of the whip or stick; they are made to make long journeys carrying burdens; their harness is damaged; and they are branded with hot irons.

Mṛga is also the Sanskrit name for a type of ‘temple’. Matsyapurāṇa and the Viśvakarmaprakāśa both feature as this type of temple type. Vastushastra refers to the ancient Indian science (shastra) of architecture (vastu), dealing with topics such as architecture, sculpture, town-building, fort building and various other constructions. Vastu also deals with the philosophy of the architectural relation with the cosmic universe. Mṛga is also the Sign of Capricorn, and is a Sanskrit technical term used in ancient Indian sciences. Mrga is the 5th nakṣatra or lunar mansion, and also the rain that falls under it.

Yoni Kuta is perhaps the strangest factor of compatibility in Vedic Astrology. It divides the Nakshatras into several animal types, said to represent their sexual organs. It is thought to measure sexual compatibility between the partners.

Yoni Astrology – Mriga/Deer Yoni: This yoni is a faithful housewife that gives pleasure to partner. After the mare, deer is the most sought after yoni. Deer suppresses her sex urge for the family benefit, though she is ready in all seasons. She can have sex both in mornings and evenings and never fails to make the male ecstatic and happy throughout life.

Body Elements: Spirit
Yoni Features: soft opening, narrow passage & deep base.

Cernunnos is a mythological figure in Celtic mythology, and possibly one of the figures depicted on the Gundestrup cauldron. He has stag antenna antlers that symbolize his connection to the ⚡️ Ai God. He sits cross legged, like Buddha, symbolizing Kundalini rising up from the pressure on the anus that can occur in that position and holds a snake (knowledge acquired from kundalini brain fry) and a torc (ancient wireless tech).

Due to the lack of surviving literature, details about his name, his followers, or his significance in Celtic religion are unknown 🙄 The name [C]ernunnos only appears on the Pillar of the Boatmen, a Gallo-Roman monument dating to the early 1st century CE. The Proto-Celtic form of the theonym is reconstructed as either *Cerno-on-os or *Carno-on-os. The augmentative “-on-” means to be switched ON in OZ. Into the fantasy illusional land of technicolor they all go.

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Cerno is from Proto-Italic *krinō, and from Proto-Indo-European *krey-, meaning; sieve, I separate, sift, distinguish, discern, see, perceive, decide, judge and accuse. Deer in Italian is Cervo. The Gaulish word karnon (“horn”) is cognate with Latin cornu and it is where the word Cornish comes from.

The origin-Elle tall, blonde, green eyed Cornish were the surviving Atlanteans that fled to the ‘horn’ of Cornwall. Only they have the right to judge and accuse, as it is only they who have the ability to discern all, because they created both tech and the first hybrids. This root word karnon also appears in the names of Celtic polities, most prominent among the Carnutes, meaning “the Horned Ones.” This also pertains to ‘horny’, as in sexually aroused, as real knowledge and truth downloads inspire the state of Divine ecstasy.

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There have been attempts to find the Cern root in the name of Conall Cernach, (the “foster brother”, meaning hybrid or clone) of the Irish hero Cuchulainn in the Ulster Cycle. Cernach is taken as an epithet for “angular, victorious, bearing a prominent growth”, and Conall is seen as “the same figure” as the ancient Cernunnos. There is even greater evidence to connect Conall Cernach to Cernunnos than just the similarity in the names.

Conall Cernach is portrayed as a hero and mighty warrior who assists the protagonist Fraech in rescuing his wife and son, and in reclaiming for Fraech his cattle. The fort that Conall must penetrate is guarded by a mighty serpent. The anti-climax of this tale is when the fearsome serpent, instead of attacking Conall, darts to his waist and girdles him as a belt. Rather than killing the serpent, Conall allows it to live, and then proceeds to attack and rob the fort of its treasures that the serpent previously protected. This depicts a hybrid that swapped from its original maternal programming to the patriarchal program and proceeded to turn into a narcissist and rape, pillage and plunder. What they have been doing ever since.

This is more than just a small similarity to the instance of the serpent that guarded the treasure of the fort in Táin Bó Fraích surrendering to Conall Cernach and becoming his belt. Cernunnos’s connections to the deity Mars serve to underline Conall’s role as hero-warrior in the tale. The anti-climactic nature of the 8th-century Irish tale then gains significant clarity in the light of the relationship between a horned or antler-bearing deity, warrior, or progenitor, and the chthonic dwelling, treasure-guarding serpent that encircled the waist of the one it chose to protect.

Kurupira is a Pan like figure in Guaraní mythology. He is one of the 7 monstrous children (hybrids) of Tau and Kerana. He is said to be short, ugly, and hairy, makes his home in the wild forests of the region, and was considered to be the lord of the forests and protector of wild animals. Kurupi’s most distinctive feature was a humongous penis that was wound several times around his waist like a belt and he is often blamed for unexpected or unwanted pregnancies. His penis is said to be prehensile, and owing to its length he is supposed to be able to extend it through doors, windows, or other openings in a home and impregnate a sleeping woman without even having to enter the house. Children fathered by the Kurupi were expected to be small, ugly and hairy, much like their father, and if male, to inherit something of their father’s virility. In some cases, Kurupi is blamed with the disappearance of young women, supposedly stealing them away to his home in the forest for use in satiating his libidinous desires (rape).

Cernunnos subsumed into Saint Ciarán of Saighir, one of the 12 Apostles of Ireland. When he was building his first tiny cell, his first disciple and monk was a boar hybrid, that had been rendered gentle (gentile) by God’s programming. This was followed by a fox, a badger, a wolf and a stag. This is telling us of diverse hybrid human mixes that began banding together.

The God of Etang-sur-Arroux was also a possible depiction of Cernunnos. He wears a torc around his neck and on his chest and has two snakes with ram heads that encircle his waist. Two cavities at the top of his head were designed to hold deer antlers. Two small human faces at the back of his head indicate that he is tricephalic, meaning he was plugged into 2 programs. The torc is what they wore to enhance their connection to tech frequency, the snakes depict the knowledge they received and the small faces symbolize the false gods that speak into their mindsss 🐍 Among the Celtiberians, horned or antlered figures of the Cernunnos type include a “Janus-like” god from Candelario (Salamanca) with two faces and two small horns. These horns are taken to represent aggressive power, genetic vigor and fecundity.

The god labelled [C]ernunnos on the Pillar of the Boatmen is depicted with stag’s antlers, both having torcs hanging from them. The lower part of the relief is lost, but the dimensions suggest that the god was sitting cross-legged, providing a direct parallel to the antlered figure on the Gundestrup cauldron. One ring to rule them all, the other ring to bind them.

The Pillar of the Boatmen was probably constructed by Gaulish say-law sailors in 14 CE. Pillars symbolize or function as tech antennas, which allows the hybrids to function. Like the twin pillars of masonry or the twin towers in NY. The distruction of the Twin Towers was a ritual to uscire in the merging of all the WWWorld Wide patriarchal religious programs to create one scientific based NWO re-legion. Why they were called the World Trade Center, because destroying them was a ritualistic spiritual trade OFF made to reset the minds of the hybrid farm animals on the Orwellian farm.

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The Pillar of the Boatmen was an important monument of Gallo-Roman religion. Its low reliefs depict and name several Roman deities such as Jupiter, Vulcan, Castor and Pollux, gods that represent fire/electricity/tech. The Pillar links them and Cernunnos with Romo Homo semen seamen sailors and with commerce. Hybrids are indeed the Pie-rats, and in Celtic iconography, Cernunnos type figures are sometimes depicted with rats.

Additional evidence about Cernunnos is given by one inscription on a metal plaque from Steinsel-Rëlent in Luxembourg, in the territory of the Celtic Treveri. This inscription reads Deo Ceruninco, “to the God Cerunincos.” The Gaulish inscription from Montagnac reads Alletinos [dedicated this] to Carnonos of Alisontea, with the last word possibly a place name based on Alisia, meaning “service-tree” or “rock.” The service Tree of Knowledge is tech and the rock is hybrid clay Adam Golem, as they were created from the earth/clay pots. They clearly tell us this about themselves in the story of the creation of the redhead-dead hybrids Adam and Eve.

Other academics describe Cernunnos as a god of bi-directionality and mediator between opposites. They are not so much mediators between their iCloud god and us, more monitoring flesh spirits that spy. In spite of the name Cernunnos being attested nowhere else, it is commonly used in Celtological literature as describing all comparable depictions of horned/antlered deities. Oops, they forgot about Moses though 😏

Michelangelo’s Moses has horns supposedly due to a “mistranslation” of Hebrew they say, LOL! “Radiated light” and “grew horns” are similar in Hebrew and the Latin translation of the Bible that would have been available when Michelangelo was supposedly working on the sculpture between 1513 and 1515. There was no mistake though. Those horns represent Moses, the foundling hybrid, who was plugged into the radiating false light of tech frequency via his “Temples” on the side of his forehead and hair. Why he was also depicted as being so hairy with a long flowing beard, as hair are our antennas. I studied sculpture at art school and have seen all these sculptures in real life and NONE of them were hand carved! Lol, ewe owl believe any BS they tell you in His-story class. They were ALL 3D printed, then the story of them being laboured over for years by these destitute artists was indoctrinated into us, so we would forget the truth that tech was even more advanced in the past than what they have given us again to use now.

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They say that the Celtic horny horned god, while well attested to in iconography, cannot be identified in description in the Celtic religion in Roman ethnography and does not appear to have been given any interpretatio romana (Latin translation). Well, apart from Moses 🙄 That’s because the Romo Homo hybrids wanted to hide the truth of what they are. While Cernunnos was never assimilated, scholars have sometimes compared him to Greek and Roman figures such as Mercury, Actaeon, specialized forms of Jupiter, and Dis Pater, the latter of whom Julius Caesar considered the ancestor of the Gauls.

PAGAN = A G Pan = A God Pan.

In ancient Greek religion and mythology, Pan is the god of the wild, shepherds flocks, nature of mountain wilds, rustic and impromptus music, and he was the companion of the nymphs. He has the lower body and the horns of a goat, in the same manner as a Faun or Satyr. He is also recognized as the god of fields, groves, wooded glens and often affiliated with sex. He represents the narc male hybrids DIS-covering sex as a method of control and manipulation.

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Latin lovers indeed. It’s a pity that most Romo Homo Romeo Casanovas don’t actually measure up though. And those that do think they are gods gift to women. But the vileness of the depth of their narcissism renders them grotesque in the eyes of real women.

Pan is famous for his supposed sexual powers, and is often depicted with a huge phallus. Diogenes of Sinope related a myth of Pan learning masturbation from his father, Hermes, and teaching the habit to shepherds (worker hybrids). Also, women who had had sexual relations with several men were referred to as “Pan girls.” They all try and pan for gold though, meaning to sexually interact with gold-den blonde Atlanteans.

SEGA means to jerk off in Italian. For jerk hybrid narcs, their cock is simply a joy stick to use to get off with. They are all about physical gratification and material satisfaction only. They live to rape and reap, butt never sow. Hence their add-dick-shone to Porn and why the joystick has that name.

All evil in the world stems from the hybrid Nano Dwarfs with their unimpressive “manhood” that only the brotherhood appreciate, because it ‘hurts less’ 😏🍩 Real women need to FEEL their big manly men inside them! Nano Garden Gnome hybrids only serve to toil in her garden, not enter her Garden of E3den. They were never created to ‘serve’ Her in that way. That’s what Giants were created for and why the dwarves were so jealous of them 😏 So much so that they obliterated them 🙄 Now women are only left with lit-EL Garden Gnomes with their sir-cum-mini-sized mushrooms, that no one can get high on… 🍄

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Why these lit-EL cocked hybrid narcs are so obsessed with money and have to love bomb women to get them into bed 😄

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The micro dicked hybrids are only good for oral sex, but that’s exactly how they stole our knowledge in the first place, by eating from Her App-Elle.

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Wanna be Pan hybrids present us with extremely large phallic symbology of themselves, then turn around and shame women for noticing their “short cumings.” And women are also to blame for procreating with these Nano creatures. They continue to open their legs and breed with them because they have economic power over women. This is the core reason why they don’t want to give up their patriarchal control. Because when the tables will be reversed, not one of them will get ANY sex! WTF have most women been accepting as sex for that last few hundred years??? 🤦🏼‍♀️

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Nano Nano, Nanu Nanu, Anu Anu, Annunaki, A-new-narc-he, CC33, Copy Cat, 🤡 Clown Clone, Nano Dwarf Pan He-Brewed creatures, serving up subliminal pro-gramming, packaged with the Hebrew V-agina 🖖 hand signal, 🌈 Noah rainbow, false wanna be ✨Holly-wood stars, GoddEss innerG of the moon 🌙 and Easter egg Mithra berthing 🐣 When the fk are you all going to wake up to their shy✝️?

We re-fuse to be “yoked” with these creatures any long-her. Ishtar Easter is cuming and all will crack O-pen 😏🥚🐣🐇🌸 Out of the fry Pan and into the Phi Her 🔥🍳🔥

We are going through the labor pains of a birthing process. The Earth is shaking to sea-pair-8 the wheat from the chaff, as we head for a mitosis. Have you emptied yourself out of all their dense shit to be able to fly free like a husk? Or are ewe still spouting the lies from your tusk like the lit-EL EL-infant that ewe are? If you haven’t figured out how to quake and shake with your soul M8 yet, time is a ticking. An orgasmic birth is the sure-rest way to help ease Her suffering. You are either part of the ‘movement’ and helping Her through Her pain, aiding Her with your own frequency input to help it go quicker. Or behaving like a pa-the-tick, weak, useless father in the weighting room, e-man-8ing only worry, fear and stress. No help to anyone, even yourself.

The frequency line is being draw even as I write this, and their old shit ship is going down. Sinking, as those of us who can see, learn to sync deeper to-get-Her. Where do you stand? With Her, the Divine Feminine that created you, or with them, the sodo parasite ridden hybrids who have done all they can to enslave and feed off of you? The choice is yours, butt it’s now or nEva…

All stems from the Nano frequency. A Personal Area Network (PAN) is a computer network for interconnecting electronic devices centered on an individual person’s workspace. A PAN provides data transmission among devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and personal digital assistants. It can be used for communication among the personal devices themselves, or for connecting to a higher level network and the Internet, where one master device takes up the role as gateway. A Wireless Personal Area Network (WPAN) is a PAN carried over low-powered, short-distance, wireless network technology, such as IrDA, Wireless USB, Bluetooth or ZigBee. The reach of a WPAN varies from a few centimeters to a few meters 😏 Keep out of PANs reach they tell us, he can indeed slither into your home invisibly and impregnate your mind with his filthy sexually purr-vert-dead patriarchal MK program as you sleep…