Forked Tongue ๐Ÿ‘…

Language is a Lung-wedge, because the in-vert-dead words we speak, put a wedge between the intent we wish to express from our lungs, which gets wedged in our throat, and the false words we create then harm our-cellves. The word language comes from Latin lingua, meaning โ€˜tongueโ€™. A forked tongue means to give two meanings to what you say, two paths of interpretation can be understood from the same words expressed. Those that con-troll us use language in this double dub-Elle deceptive manner. Their tongues tune into your mind and resonate like tuning forks, so you stay tuned into their…

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Author: Asher Elle

I speak love because I speak truth and have sought long and hard to discover it through the shedding of untruths. So sad that few want to hear it and can not resonate with the love that is the base element in the hardness of truth. The core of love is not soft and fluffy. It is raw and sharp. People can not love because they can not speak in truth. They fear both because both are fierce. Every lie that is nurtured consciously or un, walls us from the real reason we are here. To find and become love through truthโ€ฆ..๐Ÿ’‹

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