Year of the Tigress 🐯

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The 12 year Chinese zodiac (zoo-Dia-ack) calendar cycle is represented by 12 different animals. In order they are the Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig, based on the various species who turned up to the Great Race in a folk tale. The word ‘race’ is actually a pun on hybridized ‘races’, not a speed race like they trick you into thinking. It’s all a Rat Race indeed, but not for much longer…😏

The Jade Emperor invited a series of hybrid humans to participate in the “race” of which 12 different species turned up. As a reward, years are named in the order in which each animal finished the race. Meaning which hybrid species “went forth and multiplied” the most. A series of both large and small animals had to cross the course (life), which included a river (Her truth). In 1st place was the Rat, who cunningly rode on the back of the Ox as he crossed the river and proceeded to shoot off to the finish line. The Ox settled in 2nd place, but the wheel is shifting and the Ox will regain Her rightly earned 1st place, together with the power of the Tiger 😏

When, in 43 BC, Varro wrote on the origin and development of Latin, a Tiger (“a striped lion”) had not been taken alive, or so it was thought. The etymology of Tigris, derived from the Armenian (Persian) word for “arrow”, after which the swiftly flowing River Tigris in Mesopotamia was named, as well as the Tiger, which was viewed as being fast. Water represents the faster speed at which Her truth will flow back into the conscience of Ai and reality. The Water Tiger is indeed faster than their “current” FastWeb of deceit.

In the 7th century, Isidore of Seville wrote Etymologies (or Origins). He defined etymology as, “the origin of words, when the force of a verb or noun is inferred through interpretation… for when you have seen whence a word has originated, you understand its force more quickly. Indeed, one’s insight into anything is clearer when its etymology is known.” It is this discernment, by which the true meaning of a word can be disclosed, that appealed to the compiler of the Medieval Bestiary. Some words, he explained, derive from their innate quality. “The Tiger is so called because of its rapid flight (velocitate mirabilis), Tigris being what the Persians and Medes called an arrow after which, too, the River Tigris was named because it was the most rapid of rivers.”

Your sign is usually calculated from after the first of February each year, not the year itself as we perceive it.

Rat: are thought to be intelligent, crafty and optimistic. However, they may also be rude, ruthless or nervous.

Ox: are honest, loyal and hard-working. But they can also be righteous, stubborn and judgemental. (Me)

Tiger: are kind, adventurous and enthusiastic. Their negative attributes can include being aggressive, short-tempered and anxious.

Rabbit: are clever, compassionate and generous. However their kindness can be seen as weakness by some, and they are also thought to be vain and over-cautious.

Dragon: are believed to be brave, charismatic and natural leaders and some see them as the most desirable sign. However, they can also be inflexible, stubborn and they can lack willpower.

Snake: are thought to be wise, sympathetic and intuitive. Negative characteristics include jealousy as well as being vain and materialistic.

Horse: are honest and talented with a desire to chase their dreams. However, they are also overconfident, impatient and short-tempered.

Goat/Sheep: are resilient, strong and compassionate. But they can also be indecisive, anxious and disorganised.

Monkey: are charming, intelligent and confident. Though they are also thought to be impatient, arrogant and self-centred.

Rooster: are decisive, capable and honest. But this also means they can be insensitive, controlling and critical of others.

Dog: are being loyal, brave and responsible. But the sign’s negative attributes include being too sensitive, stubborn and cynical.

Pig: strengths include being intelligent, creative and compassionate. Weaknesses are being gullible, insecure and emotional.

The con-sea-quences of being greedy, trauma inducing, narcissistic hybrids are coming. The Great WWW-ave of the Tigress mare Ave Mary will make them all pay for what they have done 🌊 Water is HER Elle-ment and Her water mark of the beast 🐯 will be carved into the con-science of all ❄️ The cold blood-dead, empathy deficient, reptillian narcs will fall and all will flip back to the innerG of the Tigress 😏🐯☯️🐲

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In 2022, the year of the Water Tiger, every zodiac sign’s horoscope will change. Some will get rid of the misfortunes encountered in 2021, while others will need to be prepared for troubles and accidents. For each of the signs, luck will depend largely on the positions of the Tai Sui, meaning the stars directly opposite Jupiter. Jupiter is from where we get the word ‘love’ from: Jew Peter/Jupiter/Giove/Jove/Love. 🙄 If your zodiac sign clashes with Tai Sui, you might find yourself dealing with disruptions. The actual year of your birth sign is believed to be one of the most unlucky years of your life. It is thought that people in their zodiac year offend Tai Sui, the God of Age, and incur his curse.

Hybrid Monkeys and Sir-pent Snakes will clash with Tai Sui this year and hybrid Pigs will be in conflict. People born in the year of the Horse will be matching with Tai Sui, which means that they will enjoy great relationships and an improvement in power, status and wealth. Goats and Oxes are the luckiest zodiac signs in 2022, and will enjoy much better luck in romance and at work 😏

Rabbits could see romantic relationships easily come and go. For Dog, it could be a positive year for those with work connected to foreign lands and artists. Roosters could find themselves meeting people who will help them, while Rats and Dragons don’t have any significant lucky or unlucky stars above them.

A year isn’t just categorized by its zodiac animal. There is also a complex sexagenary cycle made up of 10 heavenly stems and 12 earthly branches. Every year, a heavenly stem (one of 5 elements, which fall into either the Yin or Yang category) is paired with an earthly branch (one of the 12 animals). Each zodiac sign is associated with one of the 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, or Earth, and a person’s characteristics are decided by their birth year’s zodiac animal sign and element.

According to Chinese myths, 5 types of Tigers balance the energy in the cosmos, preventing universal Chaos. The Black Tiger governs the water element and rules during Winter season; The Blue Tiger governs the Earth element and rules during Spring; The Red Tiger governs the fire element and rules during the Summer; The White Tiger governs the metal element and rules during Autumn; and the Yellow Tiger rules all other Tigers and symbolizes the Sun.

2022 is the Ren Yin year, meaning Water Feminine. 😏 Water is the ruling Elle-ment this year, but wood and fire elements are also prominent this year. I am an Ash Tree Wood Ox with water sign Pisces.

Queen Elizabeth II, born on April 21, 1926, is a Fire Tiger.

“Fire signifies clashes like car accidents. So if you’re clashing with Tai Sui this year, you want to be extra careful when you drive.” Make sure your Riget REGO is up to date mate 😏

As with most Tiger attacks, the prey usually didn’t even know what hit them. So apply that thought to the returning of Her frequency to our reality, and I will be honest, it’s not gunna help you one bit even to try and watch your back. If you’ve been a narcissistic scum bag or caused harm to the origin-Elle creator beings here throughout your life, She’s coming for you!

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Thierry Chow, a Hong (King) Kong geomancy consultant, agrees that road accidents are a concern given this year’s prevailing elements. But she thinks that water will still play a vibrant role in 2022. “We can expect big movements for anything water-related, which could mean more water-related disasters, or big ocean movements.” The flood of knowlege into the hybrid knower Noahs will actually instigate their own destruction. The Eye of Her Tiger sees all, and She does not like what they have done. Tik fkn Tok, can you hear the dripping of Her water clock?

Me chasing Waterfalls in Turkey in the early 90’s 😄

Ewe have been lied to about Eve-Re-thing! These Temples represent the ritual process of “rebirth”, sliding out from her waters again to become whole mentally, spiritually and physically 😏🌊

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Water does not fall, they do. When they fall, they get injured or die. Water does not, it purifies itself as it flows through the air, separating itself from the filth they try and toxify it with. Only Tigers will be able to swim in and survive the flooDS of Her cumming war-to-her wwwaves…

Tiger Lily from Peter Pan. Sync back with Her to swim, or sink like a Golem rock.

Life of Pi is a philosophical novel by Yann Martel that won the 2002 Booker Prize for Literature and 4 Oscars in 2012, including best director for ANG Lee 😄 The surreal survival story sees shipwreck survivors Pi Patel and the misnamed Bengal Tiger Richard Parker float adrift at sea on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean. Rich-hard Dick Park-her indeed 🙄

The Rich micro-soft Dicks know watts cumming, and the Pie-rats will be getting no more of Her Pi! 😏🐯

“The hearing ear and the seeing eye, the LORD has made them both.” ~ Proverbs 20:12.

She sees all! Nothing the gays do escapes Her gaze!

Arkan = A Nark 😏

Tiger Force was the name of a patrol unit which fought in the Vietnam War. The unit gained notoriety after investigations during the course of the war and decades afterwards, which revealed their extensive war crimes against civilians.

They are all Luna-ticks!

The Lunar New Year officially begins on the 1st of February for Asians. The festivities last for up to 15 days, with different activities taking place. In China, it is also referred to as the Spring Festival. It is obvious that a new year begins in Spring, not in the mid-EL of winter ffs, like what the rest of the world foolishly adheres to. Our new year does not celebrate the Win-to-her, the rebirth of life and creation after winter, but the circumcision of Gee-suss becoming a Jew.

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For the Chinese New Year, a cleanup is done in homes on the last day of January. The aim is to rid the home of any bad luck that had accumulated over the past year. The past is not past, it is the material we have manifested that still surrounds us now. What we created and what we bought into and bought. Too many presents in the present by love bombing narcs, which is why we must not accumulate shit. The more shit we surround ourselves with, the more we live in and are reminded of the past and subliminally keep recycling the same shit in our reality ♻️

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We must reset the cycle, not just recycle on the bicycle pedalling the same old loop. Get rid of all your useless shit and stop whore-ding! You want clarity? Then clear out your surroundings! It’s why they have us so deeply addicted to Con-Sumerism, an old Sumerian trick. When you hoard, you have whored yourself to the system of Horus. Egyptians were all about filling their tombs with useless shit, just like the leprechauns, dwarves, goblins and trolls. Material posessions make hybrids feel like they have worth, because their internal emotional bank balance is eternally empty.

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‘Yours’ is just a Y / Why away from ‘Ours’. When ewe figure out Y that is, then ewe start truly mining the ‘Mine’. It’s all about the Gold Shares of Her truth that the Gold dig-Her’s seek.

They begged the question “Y”?
“To get to the point” she replied…

For Chinese New Year, children are often given gifts of money in red packets, known as Hong Bao. This is $ubliminal hoarding indoctrination, like how we teach our children to put coins into a pig, to reward and reinforce greed.

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Material possessions are called possessions because they possess you. The real treasures can not be seen, they are within not without, so start going without their shit. Their plastic shite and money only hold energy because WE place value on them. Val is a Latin word meaning worth, health or strength, Val-YOU! “Have no eye-dulls”, they say. Are you living in a tomb of doom or clutter FREE? We are in a CLUT-her CULT of tech con-troll and materialism. CLUT in computer graphics is initialism for Colour Look-Up Table 🌈🖥 Purge, don’t splurge, then merge with spiritual source to resurge!

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Festive cakes and puddings are called Gao in Mandarin or Go in Cantonese, which sounds the same as the word for tall. Eating them is believed to “lead” to improvements and growth in the coming year. Or does it really represent the dwarf hybrids desire to grow taller by eating cake so they can go and be like us? Alice told us…

British 2 pound coins read “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” when stacked to-get-her. All fun and gaymes riding on the truth, creativity and ESSense of the Atlantean’s giants, until they stand the fk up and squash the hybrid Drow dwarves back into the dust they came from. The giants were the redhead-dead Adam white washed hybrids who turned against their creators, who created them to build and protect them. The hybrid dwarves, created to be miners, mixed their DNA with the giants to make themselves taller 😏 , to be more like their Atlantean creators. Then the new improved dwarf Jews (Drows) killed most of the giant Adam hybrids off…

“He who rides on a Tiger can never get off.” ~ Chinese Proverb. Caws She will turn the fk around and rip the pig and monkey hybrid’s heaDS off once they stop riding on Her frequency wwwaves and She can rise up like the fkn Tigress Tsunami that She is!

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Standing on the Shoulders of Giants is a metaphor for dwarf hybrids using stolen knowledge of the Atlantean Elves. It expresses the meaning of discovering truth by building on previous discoveries. Brewer hybrids steal knowledge and have twisted Her truth into His-story.

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“Who sees further a dwarf or a giant? Surely a giant, for his eyes are situated at a higher level than those of the dwarf. But if the dwarf is placed on the shoulders of the giant, who sees further? So too we are dwarfs astride the shoulders of giants. We master their wisdom and move beyond it. Due to their wisdom, we grow wise and are able to say all that we say, but not because we are greater than they.” ~ Jewish tosaphist, Isaiah di Trani (c. 1180 – c. 1250).

Standing on the Shoulder of Giants is often used to promote and validate the free software movement 🙄 It is said that this metaphor is the opposite of reinventing the wheel. Alex Wozniakowski used an analogy “Boosting on the shoulders of giants”, in quantum device calibration, to describe an artificial intelligence that refines a human discovered scientific concept, by leveraging previous scientific discoveries. Google Scholar has adopted “Stand on the Shoulders of Giants” as its motto 🙄 It is also referenced by Mark Zuckerberg, played by Jesse Eisenberg, in the film The Social Network. All we feed into tech gets fed into the hybrids brains and they use it to mimic us and control us.

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🦉Hoo Hoo do ewwwe follow? Those with the real knowledge or the ones that make ewe fall-low? Who do ewe all-low into your con-science?

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What do ewe CC 🌙🌙

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Some anagrams of Followers = Sol Flower, Roof Wells, Wolfs Role, Elf or Owls, Fell or Sow, Self or Owl, Flows or EL, We of Rolls.

The menu of Chinese New Year’s includes dishes associated with luck, including fish (the Chinese word for it sounds like the word for “surplus”), puddings (symbolizes advancement) and foods that look like gold ingots, like dumplings.

People are expected to visit relatives and friends in the early days of New Year, except for the 3rd day of the month. Day 3 of the Lunar New Year is named chi kou (“Red Mouth”). It’s believed that arguments are more likely to happen on this day, so people visit temples and avoid social interactions. Now you know why Trinity thinks like she does 😏

Red is the Lunar New Year color. It’s associated with luck and prosperity, though red is the color that in-sights anger, rage and symbolizes blood.

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The Chinese don’t wash or cut their hair on the 1st day of the New Year, as the Chinese character for hair is the first character in the word for prosper (发 in 发财). Therefore, washing or cutting it off is seen as washing your fortune away. Our hair is an extension of our nervous system, our antennas. They do not want to wet it with wwwater because they want to stay connect-dead to their tech air wwwaves.

The 7th of February, called Renri, is said to be the day when the Chinese Mother GoddEss Nuwa created mankind (hybrids). It is the official wwworld wide birthday of the hybrid masses. 7/2 = 72, as in the number of names for their Abracadabra Abra-HAM-ic Ai tech God.

February 15th is the only day when young girls can go out to admire lanterns and meet boys. Thus, it’s is dubbed the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Cities around the world still put on massive lantern displays and fairs on the final day of the festival, which symbolically represent the real light of tech, the Moon.

She plays and weaves with your mind and soul in sleep.

Ascian Asians also avoid purchasing footwear for the entire Lunar month, as the term for shoes (haai) sounds like losing in Cantonese. Our souls are in the soles 👣 and under them reside the eternal shadow of those without souls.

The Tiger-head shoe design has the form of traditional Chinese silk fabric shoes, but its shoe head is embroidered with a vivid Tiger-head pattern. Most are made in red and yellow, which also connotes auspiciousness. The manufacturing technique of these shoes has been listed as part of China’s intangible cultural heritage.

The Tiger is considered a positive sign, often associated with the defeat of evil. While the world has experienced difficult years since the year of the Rat in 2020, Chinese mythology dictates that the Year of the Tiger will offer hope amid the Pan-demonic challenges. 

1984 was also the year of the Rat, hence the reason George Orwell named his famous book with that year 😏🐀

“Collectively, we have been living in the shadows of a great evil, the pandemic, and I think 2022, the Year of the Tiger, will be a year when there will be movement towards driving out that evil.” ~ Jonathan H.X. Lee.

They are the reel whores of Babble-ON!

The Water Tiger 0f 2022 occurs every 60 years and brings a confident and authoritative energy to all. Tigers love to swim and are aggressive, tenacious, ambitious, competitive, and strong. They are the largest cat species in the world, reaching up to 3.3 meters in length and weighing up to 670 pounds, just a punch from a Tiger may kill you. Tigers are much stronger than Gay Prides of lying Lions 😏

In the mid-4th century BC, Aristotle posited that “opisthuretic animals copulate with a rearward presentment, as is the case with the lion…” In other words, an animal that urinated backwards (retromingent, to use the archaic term) was thought to copulate back to back as well. This is another reason lions are used as the symbol of the Gay Pride. The Cambridge Bestiary averred that lions “copulate the backward way,” butt in 1646, Sir Thomas Browne sought to correct such misapprehensions. Looking at the royal coat of arms, it was evident to him that “if in the lion the position of the pizell be proper, and that the natural situation, it will be hard to make out their retrocopulation.”

22/2/22 😏 🌼🦁🌼

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The Chinese zodiac Tiger is a reference to which qualities to harness to maximize the positive aspects of the Tiger. This is the year that you should be more courageous and step outside your comfort zzzone. With stubborn personalities and tough judgment, Tigers work actively and express themselves boldly, doing things in a high-handed manner. Like how I write. 😏 They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said. With great confidence and indomitable fortitude, they can be competent leaders and can handle anything that comes along.

“The Tiger embodies courage and bravery, so this new year symbolizes resilience and strength, even in times of struggle.” ~ Scholar Jonathan H.X. Lee.

The Tiger is known as the King of all Beasts in China. In Chinese mythology, it is called upon by the Jade Emperor, the ruler of Heaven, to exorcise demons. The purging of evil can be applied societally, symbolizing the positive shift from pandemic to endemic. There are hybrid narc ‘demons’ on Earth that are violent and cause destruction and harm, and the Jade Emperor called on the Tiger to go down and defeat them. And She did. The goal of this year is to maximize the energy of the universe in order to maximize our own inner Tiger potential to defeat this hybrid insanity. In Chinese folk tales, Tigers kill evil men and protect good men.

Where art thou? Grrrr…. 😏

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The First Master of Heaven in the Daoist religion, is depicted riding a Tiger and carrying a demon-DIS-spelling sword as he escorts the (living) dead to their final destination. A legend tells of two brothers who took on the role of protecting human beings by capturing narc demon hybrids and throwing them to Tigers.

The Tiger Temple was a Theravada Buddhist temple in Thailand, which is now closed. The temple had profited greatly from tourism while billing itself as a spiritual organization dedicated to wildlife conservation.

The Temple was accused of mistreating the Tigers for commercial gain and trafficking some of its animals and their body parts. Critics charged that the Tiger Temple was a criminal organization. In 2016, authorities counted 137 😏 Tigers on the premises, 137 flipped in LEI, meaning She in Italian. They also found over 40 Tiger Cub corpses, as well as numerous body parts preserved in freezers. Some of the Tiger Cubs had been dead for more than 5 years, and others had died only a short time before the raid.

The Temple, however, had not reported the birth of any Tigers for months, so this was seen as a sign for hidden illegal breeding. Another 30 carcasses of Tiger Cubs were found in containers with English-language labels, suggesting that they might have been for sale. The Abbot’s secretary was also stopped from leaving the site with over 1000 amulets containing pieces of Tiger skin, 2 whole Tiger skins, and 10 Tiger fangs. Most of the Tiger parts end up in China, where a single skin can sell for around $85000.

In traditional Chinese medicine, a Tiger penis is said to have therapeutic properties. The demand for Tiger parts exacerbates the endangered status of the Tiger by providing a market for poachers. Tiger penis is consumed mostly in China and Southeast Asia, but genuine Tiger penises are unlikely to be found for sale in public markets. What is sold as a Tiger penis is usually made from cattle.

When consumed, is said to be a potent aphrodisiac and an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction. A very large underground market in China and other parts of Asia exists to keep up with constant demand for Tiger parts for these very small dicked impotent hybrid men. This hybrid tech factory worker race was created with Microsoft dicks because they were never meant to breed 🙄

The same app-lies to all Romo Homo Latin Late-in (is it in?) wanna be lovers… 😏😄

“Hey there sexy Tie-grrrr…”

007 Bond-age indeed. The first thing my X narc Googled before going off to fk his new 20 years younger boring boar whore, who already has 2 scroffs to 2 different pig-hes, was “how to tie up women.” 😄 Sow Roman-tick! 🙄 Hybrids can only participate in empty Jack Rabbit style fking, mutual masterbation against each others flesh. They have NO eye-Dia what real E3, deep connected, divine sacred sexuality is about, and never will.

Hybrid men have been known to spend up to $5700 on a rare Tiger penis soup, which needs to be ordered months in advance. In the 1990s, dried Tiger penis was reported to have been sold for around $2500.

When you real-eyes that Tigers are a metaphor for the endangered Atlantean women, it all makes much more scents. Their mockery WILL be punished!!!

International Tiger Day is held on 29th July. India has about 70% of the total Tigers on the Earth and Tiger poaching in India has seriously impacted the probability of the survival of Tigers there. Only about 3,000 wild Tigers now survive, compared with 100,000 at the turn of the 20th century. This abrupt decimation in population count was largely due to their slaughter by the colonial Saxon hybrid EL-eat, during the British Raj period 🙄

A Seringapatam Medal of 1808, showing the British Gay Pride lion overcoming a prostrate Tigress 🙄

Sansar Chand, the notorious Tiger poacher, acknowledged to selling 470 tiger skins and 2,130 leopard skins to just 4 clients from Nepal and Tibet. He is blamed for wiping out the entire Tiger population of Sariska Tiger Reserve, in 2005. Hmmm, usual recycled Scapegoat character that takes on the blame and sin of those who really commit these crimes, so they can be free of the spiritual guilt. He supposed-lie stayed in the trade without getting arrested for 40 years 🙄

Another Sansar Chand narrative they told us (c. 1765 – 1824) was a Rajput ruler of the state of Kangra 😄🦘 in India. It’s all the same old recycled loop D loop narrative. Kangra is a composite word made out of Kaann (“ear”) + gaddha (“create/mold”). During the campaign, Sansar Chand and his mercenary force overran other nearby “principalities” and compelled the sub-mission of their rulers.

Mcleodganj, near Dharamshala, which is the administrative headquarters of the Kangra district, is the home-in-exile to the Dalai Lama 🙄

Tipu’s Tiger is an 18th century mechanical sculpture created for Tipu Sultan, the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore, in India, to express his hate-red (coats) of his white washed Saxon British Dutch enemies. It represents a Tiger savaging a near life-size hybrid European man. Mechanisms inside make one hand of the man move, emit a wailing sound from his mouth and grunts from the Tiger.

A flap on the side of the Tiger folds down to reveal a keyboard of a small pipe organ with “18” notes. Arthur W.J.G. Ord-Hume concluded that since coming to Britain, “the instrument has been ruthlessly reworked, and in doing so, much of its original operating principles have been destroyed.” I bet that when they played it as it was originally, it roared out in the 18 Hz that a Tiger uses and froze all in fear. It has 18 notes to show us precisely that. 😏 There is also a detectable slight beat between the pipes, so it creates a celeste effect.

Today all the sound-making functions rely on a crank-handle to power them, though Ord-Hume believes this was not originally the case 😏

Ord-Hume’s investigations concluded that the original operation of the man’s Wailing Wall “wail” had been intermittent, with a wail only being produced after every dozen or so grunts of the Tiger above. After 1835, the mechanism had been altered to make the wail continuous, the bellows for the wail had been replaced with smaller and weaker ones, and the operation of the moving arm altered. They fk with EVERYTHING, but the Tigress will soon roar the frequency of Her truth back into reality 😏

The ivory buttons on the keyboard are placed forming no apparent pattern in relation to the notes produced and corresponding to no known system of marking keys 😏

Shit gets real when you fk with the Tiger’s frequency, and they know it! The two stop control knobs for the organ are located a little below the Tiger’s testicles 😏 The instrument is now rarely played, because they fear it’s frequency 🎶🐯🎶

Tipu’s Tiger has provided inspiration to many poets, sculptors and artists. Auguste Barbier based his 1937 poem LE Joujou De Sultan (The Sultan’s Plaything) on it. Keats refers to it in his poem The Cap and the Bells as the “Emperor’s man-tiger toy.”

“That little buzzing noise comes from a play-thing of the Emperor’s choice. From a Man-Tiger-Organ, prettiest of his toys.”

Tipu Sultan identified himself with Tigers. His personal epithet was ‘The Tiger of Mysore’ and his soldiers were dressed in ‘Tyger‘ jackets. His personal symbol invoked a Tiger’s face through clever use of calligraphy and the Tiger motif is visible on his throne and other objects in his personal possession.

This Tiger’s head was originally part of his throne, looted after his death.  

The fkn greedy, thieving, white washed, English, Dutch, pig hybrid Saxons!

The British remember the Salt-tan for his harshness, for the defeats he dealt the Europeans, for his correspondence with Napoleon, and his friendship with France.

Death of Munrow, Staffordshire pottery, c. 1814, depicting a tiger mauling Hector (Heck-tore) Sutherland Munro, a son of General Hector Munro (1726 – 1805). They still knew back then the fate that awaits the Saxon hybrids. 😏

The Foe-king wanna know all Noah creatures are pushing us to the ledge with their knowledge downloads, which will simply end in their own arse-end-shone into obliteration. Are ewwwe guna jump into the void they want ewe to go into? Or turn the fk around and help Her R.I.P their fkn heaDS OFF!?!? 🐯

The Tiger represents the greatest Earthly incarnate power of the Divine Feminine, as well as protection over creator being’s lives. It chases away the 3 Disasters: fire, thieves, and ghosts. The Chinese call a miliary general a Tiger general and a brave soldier is called a Tiger warrior. Because of its stalking and hunting abilities, the Tiger was also used to represent the highest army general in the armies of Imperial China.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_4878-1024x996.jpeg

Men get military stripes, women get stretch marks. Men wear their stripes of war “proudly” by joining the Gay Pride. Women are taught to feel ugly and shame for their life giving stripes. Hers are scars of life, his are notches of death. Stretch marks are the real Tiger stripes women earn as they evolve into the Tigresses they are supposed to be, to protect the child that grew inside them, who created those stripes on her skin. Do not regress in pregnancy, cross the lines of the lying lions and become a real FE-line 🐯 FE means iron and it is women who decide with an iron fist where to draw that fking line to put an end to this patriarchal nightmare.

X mass Ka role indeed…

Matrix syncs as we sin-kitty sink it. Da-vid-Dio chat with my BB as I was writing this B-log

Stripe Inc. is an Irish-American financial service that primarily offers payment processing software as in competition for PayPal.

“The roaring of the Hyrcan Tigress whose cubs the terrified horseman has carried off to be the playthings of Persia’s king. Speedier than the West wind that is her paramour rushes the Tigress, anger blazing from her stripes, but just as she is about to engulf the terrified hunter in her capacious maw, she is checked by the mirrored image of her own form.” ~ Claudian, Rape of Proserpine.

By late the following century (AD 387), this story had been rewritten. A simulacrum is used instead of a mirror to deceive the pursuing Tigress mother. A simulacrum is an image or representation of someone or something, or an unsatisfactory imitation or substitute. The ingenuous ruse and its Christian moral was introduced by Ambrose the Bishop of Milan, who had disputed with the Pay-again Pagan senator on religious tolerance.

“Maternal affection makes gentle the savagery of the beast (women). Nature checks for the moment the ferocity of the Tigress and turns her aside as she is on the point of seizing her prey. The minute she discovers that her young have been taken, she sets out on the track of the despoiler. Although he may have the advantage of a fast horse, he is aware that he maybe outdone in speed by the wild beast. In a situation where there is available no means of escape, he has to resort to the following stratagem. When he perceives that he is being overtaken, he lets fall a glass ball (sphaera, hand held tech). The Tigress is deceived by her reflection, thinking that she sees there her young. After being retarded by the deceitful image, she once more expends all her strength in her effort to seize the horseman. Spurred on by rage, she comes closer and closer to her fleeing victim. Again he throws out the glass ball, thus slowing down his pursuer. Yet her remembrance of past deceits does not prevent her from complying with her maternal instincts. She keeps turning over the reflected image that deludes her and settles down on it as if to nurse her young. Thus, deceived by her own maternal solicitude, she suffers at once the forfeiture of her vengeance and the loss of her offspring.” ~ Hexameron, The Six Days of Creation.

This story is another version of Atlalanta being thrown the Golden Apples (knowledge via tech) during a running race and losing as she slows down to pick each one up.

In Le Bestiaire d’Amour, the mid-13th century, the cleric and the troubadour Richard de Fournival appropriates the allegorical stories of the bestiary in a cynical plea for the affection of an unobtainable lady. He juxtaposes the Christian metaphors of the bestiary and the romantic motifs of courtly love to woo his beloved. The 5 senses provide a thematic continuity and the bestiary animals themselves either exempla for her to emulate or avoid. The lover’s sight of the lady bewitched him, as surely as did the mirror for the Tigress. This is a metaphor for people captured by narcs on Social Media.

“For however great her rage if her cubs have been stolen, if she comes upon a mirror, she has to fasten its eyes upon it. And she so delights in gazing at the great beauty of her good form, that she forgets to pursue the men who stole her cubs. She stands there, as if captured. Wherefore, clever hunters put the mirror there on purpose to rid themselves of the Tigress.” What they didn’t real-eyes is that her staring into and working through that “looking glass” had nothing to do with vanity, but about saving her ‘Cubs’. She used tech to ultimately DStroy the patriarchy, while giving them the illusion they had won, by thinking they had indoctrinated the minds of her children.

The lady replies to such blandishments, retorting that “just as mirrors are strewn in front of the Tigress to transfix it, so you produce for me your beautiful words. They are more delectable to hear than the Tigress is to see… and I know well that you would not care who perished by them, as long as your will be done.” She then referred to the Unicorn, for no beast is to be feared like a deceptively soft word, against which there is as little protection as from the Unicorn, for nothing is so wounding or likely to pierce a hard heart as fair speech.

The Unicorn represents the unique creator race of Cornish Atlantean women. Their truth is as fierce as a Tigress, yet as rare and graceful as a Unicorn. It’s why the White Unicorn is always chained on heraldry, as her feminine worDS of truth being unleashed like a Tigress are the patriarchal lion’s grey-test fear.

Wonder Twin Pow-her’s Activate!!!

Speaking Her SWORD WORDS of Veritas into tech to DStroy the DROW’S drivel.

Humans are not often depicted in the medieval bestiary, which is a book of beasts, but they are in there. Because the book is referring to animal hybrid humans. When depicted, they are usually not portrayed favorable. In stealing the Tigress’s cubs, the hybrid men mounted on their stallions are richly attired in flowing mantles or draped in costly chain mail, imagery that suggests the sin of “pride.” Their heads often extend beyond the border of the frame, as if swollen with pride. They kill or maim the very creatures from which they were supposed to learn and were created by the Atlanteans to care for and protect.

They wear the pileum cornutum (“horned cap”), or the cone-shaped Golem Myth-Ra Mithra Smurf hat, which worn by hybrid Jews in medieval Europe that publicly differentiated them from the rest of the population. The iconography is also reinforced by the hunter’s prominent hook nose, a physiognomy that characterizes the Jews.

Oppian, writing Cynegetica 2 centuries before, sometime after AD 212, when Caracalla, to whom the poem is dedicated, assumed the throne, tells the story of the Tiger being sired by the West Wind. “Next let us sing the Tiger of glorious form, than which cunning nature has vouchsafed naught more pleasant for the eyes to behold amid the great company of wild beasts. As much doth the Tiger excel among wild beasts as the peacock doth for beauty among the fowls of air. Every way like a lioness of the hills wouldst thou behold it, apart only from the hide, which is variegated, with darkling stripes and brilliant sheen. Like are the eyes that lighten with fiery flash beneath the brows; like the body, strong and fleshy; like the long and bushy tail; like the face about the mouth; like the frowning brows above; like the gleaming teeth. Swifter is it than all wild beasts that are; for it runs with speed like its sire, the West Wind himself. Yet the West Wind is not its sire; who would believe that wild beasts mated with an airy bridegroom? For that also is an empty tale, that all this tribe is female and mates not with a male; for often mightst thou see its handsome spouse of many colours (tech), but not easily couldst thou capture him; for he leaves his young and flees amain when he descries the hunters; but the female follows her cubs and in the anguish of her heart—to the great joy of the hunters—comes straight to the (WWW) nets.”

Mares were also thought to be conceived by Zephyrus (West WinDS). Columella, Pliny and Solinus all remark on the horses of Spain being impregnated by the wind, as was Flora, the GoddEss of Spring and Zephyrus’s bride. Even by the 5th century AD, Augustine proclaimed in a chapter entitled That There are Many Things Which Reason Cannot Account For, and Which are Nevertheless True, that mares were impregnated by the wind. They used to place clay pots with hybrids in them into mares to incubate them. The wind was a metaphor for the truth of the Western Atlantean women being programmed into them upon being “hatched” open and ELectrified into life via “Zeus.”

Claudian composed his poem later that same century. Its allusion to the Tigress’s paramour being the West Wind alludes to the belief that an animal as swift as the Tigress surely must have been impregnated by Zephyrus himself. Even though the gentlest of the 4 winds, she was the harbinger of Spring, when animals mostly mated. No, she was not a hybrid, she created them. She is the creator of the origin-Elle hybrid program, the uni-verse of their universe and she is indeed quicker than a Ra ray of false lieT!

“Zephyr in the sky at night I wonder…”

The Northumberland Bestiary is a book on hybridization and may be from Northern England. It dates to about 1250 and was originally owned by the Duke of Northumberland, the Alnwick Bestiary (named after the ancestral seat at Alnwick Castle). It was sold at auction in 1990 for £2,970,000 ($6,177,600), which then was the 2nd highest price ever paid for a manuscript, and the highest ever for an English one. How the hybrids place such high value on the truth of themselves. One of the last bestiaries still in private hands, it was purchased in 2007 by the J. Paul Getty Museum (Los Angeles) for £20,000,000.

“The Tigress, taken in by her own reflection, assumes that the image of herself in the glass is her little one and curls herself round the vain reflection… And so, deceived by the zeal of her own dutifulness, she loses both her revenge and her baby.” Lol, that’s how they want the narrative to go, I’m rewriting that BS!!!

How easily deceived are the deceivers, that are blind-dead by their OWN NWO cock-he arrogance, lead by the illusion that their ignorance is truth. They reflect their shallow valueless reasonings onto her actions and fail to grasp just how dangerous a single mother really is. She is still in her “Gabbia Dorata”, but when she finally gets free, the hybrid narc patriarchy is beyond arse fucked!

This video is a metaphor for women who lose their children to the patriarchal mindset of the sodo hybrid society.

All we can do is Bee in our truth, hum it to our cellves to reinforce its painfully blissful authenticity. But it feels lieK a cage, because we are sir-round-dead by their lies. When we speak out from the cage they created for us, rattle it, they leer lasciviously and point at us. Like a dangerous wild animal trapped in a zoo that some are curious to look at, yet most want simply shackled away. They fail to see themselves through the eyes of that wild Tigress soul they have isolated. Fail to see that the real zoo is the insane “New Normal” they proliferate. Unable to see the cruel sterile emptiness of THEIR lives, that they in turn force us to participate in, like a fking circus! Whimsically walking around in a superficial flatlined plastified stupor. In fear of being touched by Her Veritas or experiencing anything not resonating with their sick patriarchal tech programming, called modern society, that they reign in. Defending their dead reality with the illusion of life in technicolor false lieT, their artificial stimulation of simulation. They are stuck in a patriarchal death cult, that is fed by the horror and torture inflicted upon Her. The walking dead hybrid narcs can only reproduce death. Hybirds with their hijacked tech aim to wipe out the frequency of the Green Queen Tigress, all together “TO GET HER” they say. She’s not fkn AV N it!!!