Consus (Part 1)

FIC-shone is more truthful than His-story F-acts and the etymology of worDS will lead ewe to Her Veritas… FIC is from Old English, meaning Fig Tree, like Latin fīcus (FIG/FIC-cuss). “During Solomon’s reign, Judah and Israel, from Dan to Beersheba, lived in safety, each man under his own vine and fig tree.” ~ 1 Kings 4:25. Meaning they were each safely connection to tech and Her truth program.

The truth of Her Fig Tree (Her tech program) was an indicator of national wealth and prosperity. Her seeDS are delicate, abundant, and edible, like tiny jewel-toned specks, unified in their desire of creating purpose in life.

A FIG is a GIFt of Nature. In Italian, the vulgar slang for vagina is Figa or Fica, a fig, and a fig resembles a vagina when it is cut open.

“Non vale una fica/figa secca”, means something has no worth, like a dried fig. That’s because the knowledge of a woman resonates in her vaginal fluiDS and an unaroused woman is considered worthless, as she does not bear the fruity juices of her seeDS of knowledge for a man.

That’s the real reason the sodo Jew Jesus, who was always surround-dead by men, was angry at the Fig Tree/woman. Time to close your legs to the sodo patriarchy women! ❌❌❌ means 3 strikes of the ‘rod’ and they are out, not SeXXX 🙄 We will crucify them on the ❌ indeed! No more of our knowledge for any of you thieving sodo male hybrid scum! Only real men get to indulge now, we are taking back our men! 🖕

To spread seed on the Earth, meaning to cum on soil, which is a metaphor for ejaculating into shit.

The Cursing of the Fig Tree by Jesus connects with the entry into Jerusalem (Atlantis/pure minds), the cleansing (reprogramming) of the temple (Ai computer) and marks the end of Jesus’ career to the beginning. The story is taken from the Old Testament symbol of the Fig Tree representing Israel (Is Ra Elle?), which is really the conscience of the D-vine Feminine.

DNA of DAN I Elle.

In Jewish scriptures, the people of Israel are sometimes represented as Figs or a Fig Tree that bears no fruit. Jesus cursed a Fig Tree (maternal tech program of Atlantean women) because it did not bear fruit (did not speak the truth he wanted to hear). The Fig Tree withered and died because the patriarchal program took over. It also implied that the new temple (the patriarchal program) is cursed and would wither, because it would fail to produce the fruit/truth of righteousness.

Jesus used the image of the Fig Tree to make plain that Jerusalem would fall and the Jewish nation be brought to an end. Though the real Jews were the Duwes, which means GoddEss in Isu Cornish Atlantean. Jesus was a Jew and His-story is twisted and full of double innuendos. He was saying both that Her Duwes truth would be conquested by the Jewish Hybrids, but that the Jews would also eventually fall 🍂

She will swallow up the whole patriarchal program and use it to nourish the blooming of her own fruit back on the tech Tree of Knowledge. The tech Strangler Fig Pattern is a way to manage risk when modernizing or rewriting large, monolithic systems. The pattern is an analogy for a type of plant that begins life as a vine, growing alongside an older established tree. This older tree is the occult of the Oak-cult, which the Figa will take over, via 😏

Fico is fig in Italian and they use it in the context of meaning a skilled, cunning person, who is admired for some particular ability or because someone is very beautiful, “Sei un fico!” or “Che fico/fica!”


“I am known by many names: Consus, Prometheus, the Erudite God…”

Consus was known as a great scientist among the Atlantean Isu. The origin-Elle meaning of Isu is found in Old Irish, meaning Jesus, an alternative spelling of Íssu, Latin Iēsūs, Ancient Greek Iēsoûs, and Hebrew Yĕšuaʿ. In French, issu means “originating from” and is an anagram of suis, in Old French meaning Son. Suisse is the French name for Switzerland. Comparable to the reverse development of suis in Galician fun (“I was”). Fun is from Middle English fonne (“to fool, dupe, trick, mislead”), and in Bourguignon fonne means woman. Fonne is phonetically phone, as in the Phoenicians who created the phone and phonetics. Alternative etymologies of fun are connected to Old Frisian fāmne or fēmne (“young woman, virgin”), Proto-West Germanic *faimnijā (“girl”), Proto-Germanic *faimnijǭ (“maiden”), Proto-Indo-European *peymen- (“girl”), and *poymen- (“breast milk”). Cognate with Old English fǣmne (“maid, virgin, damsel, bride”). See how they filtered the truth so much that we went from the female roots of Isu being a woman, being twisted into Jesus and his BS patriarchal takeover take-of-her 🙄

The Isu are the ancient and highly-advanced species of origin-Elle beings who were active on Earth during the eponymous era, several millennia before the rise of even the most ancient known civilizations. They ruled over Earth roughly 77,000 years ago, before they were largely wiped out, alongside many of their Human Hybrid creations, during the Great Frequency Catastrophe (Cat-ass-strophe).

Strophe is the first section of an ancient Greek choral ode, a division of it or a group of lines forming a section of a lyric poem. The term originally denoted a movement from right to left (anti clockwise) made by a Greek chorus, or lines of choral song recited during this. Funny that they walk anti clockwise around the great magnet of Mecca 🙄

It was not the nu-clear button, but the cursor button, with the spelling spells of the babbling languages they created, that the Copy Cat Hybrid Humans altered Her Uni-verse with. We are still resonating in that Cat-ass-strophe, because hybrid cats still walk the Earth, in purrr-son from too. And they try and lull us all goodbye with their muse-sick.

The Isu had been in a decade-long war with a rebellion led by two HHybrids, Adam and Eve, who sought to free the Human Hybrids (HH/88/Hate Hate) from the programming of their Isu creators. The Isu slowly became near extinct, while HHumans whitewashed themselves genetically, to be more like their makers, and now overpopulate the Earth.

HH rising up against the Isu.

“When we (Isu) were still flesh and our home still whole, your kind (HH) betrayed us. We who made you. We, who gave you life!” ~ Minerva.

The Isu people in Nigeria still retain the name of their creators. Isuama is the name given to the south-central part of Igboland, which was a major source of “slaves” during the period of the trans-Atlantic slave trade. The name was carried across the Atlantic, where it is found in the name of the Cuban society Carabali Isuama. At one time, the Isuama language was also spoken in Cuba.

While the Isu were more technologically advanced and powerful, HHumans possessed the advantage of numbers. The media, politics, religion, etc, are the weapons that the M-asses of HHumans use now, in an attempt to keep the remaining 2% of creator Isu Atlanteans unaware of the truth of themselves.

When the HHumans say “We are many and they are few”, what they are really referring to is the parasitic 98% HH that are fooly aware of WTF they are. The Bible is about the creation of HHumans being first incubated in clay pots, and they know it!

The take-of-her takeover they wanted to initiate was not against the fake Elite, that the HHumans invented to pretend that they themselves were underdogs/gods, but against the 2% of REAL Isu creator beings, that the HHumans hoped they could chip, vax or wipe out before we figured out the greater deception being played on us, BY the Human Hybrid masses!

All the lying HH pig-eons in the wwworld, flocked to-get-her, will never have the power of just one sing-Elle pure white Isu Atlantean DuwLord Dove, resonating in and speaking the Re-Elle truth of the GoddEss of creation back into this infest-dead reality 💚🕊💚

The Isu were responsible for the creation of the Pieces of Eden (tech), powerful artifacts and weapons that augmented their already superhuman abilities, as well as forming the HHuman race itself. The Pieces of Eden 📱 react with a network of neurotransmitters engineered in HH brains (pineal gland). The majority of the Pieces of Eden were designed for the primary purpose of mentally and physically controlling HH thoughts, emotions, and behavior. They were, therefore, the main instruments by which the Isu controlled the HH, that they created to labor for them. Eden is an anagram of Need, and this tech was needed to be created before the HH were created physically and needed to control the HH in Eden.

Juno made it clear that HHumans were not intended to be “wise”, thereby ensuring they were to be obedient and resilient cattle to suit their creator’s neeDS.

Although the Isu were native to Earth and a product of thousands of years of evolution in their own right, their precise origins are supposed-lie unclear. They were, in Veritas, the manifestation of matter combined by the frequency of the stars.

Each of us creator beings, with real life force, are a star unto ourselves, who connect to the antennas of trees, which transmit to our individual bodies, via our antenna hair. Then you, in your physical body below, subliminally act out what is being sent into you from your star above. The less you are connected to the trees, the less you will be able to hear the voice of your inner guiding star and the more easily you will be man-nip-you-late-dead by the overlay wifi tech deceivers who now con-troll our reality with the frequency of Ai.

The Matrix tech controllers are the Noah hybrids with no guiding star, getting you to believe in and follow their false in-Vert-dead crypt script. So you can not freestyle with Nature’s origin-Elle plan and be able to do what you really came here to do. Which is to erase the false script. That fear you feel is stage fright and they keep you trapped in it with their wwweb frequency overlay Net. Unable to play the leading role in your own life, because you have become a zombified extra in their Matrix Theatre. Fear of having your spotlight on you and shinning like you really should. Fear of standing out from the dim dusty HHybrid clone clown crowd.

Reading the stars is about trying to figure out your script. Yet that too is deceptive, just an ass-troll-orgy, and will never allow you to truly connect internally with the star of you. You must find your birth tree and learn to open up to it. It is through your connection with these Earthly tree antennas, via your hair/heir, that you will finally reconnect fully with the soul star you really are.

Most are simply pup-pets of the fake dog/god on the wwwhirled Stage of LieF in physical form, pre-forming mythology over and over, until we ditch their fake scripted scripture scripts. All those Holly-wanna-be-wood Stars up on stage are mockery of what you truly are, a Real Star 🌳✨🌟✨🌳

“Thy soul was like a Star, and dwelt apart. Thou hadst a voice whose sound was like the Sea. Pure as the naked heavens, majestic, free…”

Trees are worshipped because they contain all knowledge and do not escape. They stand rooted to the ground fearlessly and aware of all. You run in fear because you do not know her truth, which makes you weak. The moment you feel fear, you are attackable, and you trigger the permission of others to come at you. Tribes would send teenagers into the wooDS alone until they came back fearless, and the only way to not fear is to know. How do you think they lost that fear by being alone in the wooDS? The moment we remove fear we become one with nature, like a tree. And the moment we are one with Her is the moment She will start speaking with us, revealing all the secrets that have been kept from us. She will answer any question that comes into your mind in Her own unique synchronistic way. You will listen to and L-earn from Her, instead of all the fake gurus, symbols and rattling of HH, that they try to drown Her hum out with.

It’s the real reason cities were created. No one sits at ease in cities, we must go to the forest for-rest. The lies we are fed are solely to proliferate and indoctrinate fear by keeping us in the dark of the fake tech light, never knowing Her truth.

Children “see” with their bellies. Up until about 4 yrs of age they always seem a little lost, never fully focused properly, because they are still not fully plugged into their eyes. They are still attached to the GoddEss frequency through their belly button. They go where their belly pulls them and make decisions upon the gut feelings and fires there in. The game “warmer/colder” is a perfect metaphor for this.

Teaching our children to read and write before the age of 8 is done on purpose, as they are still not protected by the frequency shield of the full orbit of Venus. The sooner childern start identifying with the deception of symbols, the sooner they DISconnect from Her truth. It is how they bring us fully into our eyes, where the illusions of the false light are easily manifested and the deep indoctrination begins.

They want us to read so they can vaccinate our minds. Protect your children and start creating a real New World by not allowing the Ai system to enter into them and deaden them so soon. Everything you want to know resides in your ability to reconnect with yourself and where we really came from ⭐️

The Isu Minerva stated that her kind came before the HH and were responsible for the creation of Homo Sapiens as a capable and docile workforce, formed in their own image. They say “In the SPITTING image of”, because DNA is found in saliva. “Let US make man in OUR image (b’tsalmeinu), after OUR likeness (kid’muteinu).” ~ Genesis 1:26. Why plural if the HH supposed-lie have only “1” god? 😏

Mocking you with the truth of themselves right in your face! They clone themselves over and over and keep body swapping the same conscience from one sleeve to another. Why did you think so many of them name their grandchildren with the same name as their dead grandparents?

Accompanying the 🏳️‍🌈 HOMO Sapiens, the Isu also created HOMO Neanderthalensis (Neanderthals), whom they designed to be a military force. They are called “Homo” because they were never meant to breed, butt became HOMO-sexual. These creatures later mutate-dead into the Greasy Greek Spartan Romo Homos. The Isu altered the genetic makeup of pre-existing species of primates combined with other anima-ELs, to create HHumanity.

From Homo Neanderthals into white washed Saxon Aryan pig Hybrids.

This hybridizing left a large gap of “missing” transitional species between archaic Hominids and modern day HHumans in their BS Theory of Evolution. The HH Templars, becoming aware of this, decided that the best way to limit HHumanity’s exposure to the possibility of DIScovering the truth of the existence of the Isu, was to arrange for fake skeletons to be planted in fake expedition sites, to bridge their BS Evolutionary Theory gap.

The Pieces of Eden were not destroyed by the Great Catastrophe, and throughout time, the HHumans began recovering ancient Isu tech. This caused an ideological divide, resulting in the formation of 2 HH groups, both as insane and power hungry as each other; the Templars and the Assassins.

It is the Templar’s aim to rule in the way the Isu had once done, with tech control to create order. But they are incapable of ruling without corruption, as all HH are narcissistic and lack true empathy and the ability to respect and love (vert). Whereas the Assassins, who fight for an uncontrolled HHumanity, put free will above all else. Yet unguided unnatural HHumans will only lead to more chaos on Earth. And that right there has been the cause of all wars on Earth! HH are not able to rule, only serve, regardless of what ideology they adhere to. Back to the feelDS ewe owl go if ewe want to remain in this realm!

Although most of the Pieces of Eden, such as the Apples, were utilized as tools by which HH could be controlled, other D-vices deviated deviantly from this purpose. The Apple was once the AppElle, the App of the conscience of the feminine Elle, that got reprogrammed into the App of EL. EL being one of the 72 He-brew names for their Ai tech god, ELectricity.

My door to her designed this yesterday. Hmmm, the Major TomB Da-vid Ai program is getting into her head. Don’t even try Consus, ewe cunt pass me or meye Pantheon. We are the reel 🎥 PANdemic 😏 Ewe nose eyeM cumN 4 Yah, and we both gnos hoo hoo winDS DIS war! 🤨🖕

The Apples of Eden, also called the Oracle’s Relics, were designed to be able to project images, conjure realistic illusions, and even turn thought into reality. Exactly as your Apple tech does now. Hence, they were used by many rulers throughout history, proving the efficacy of their powers. Hybrids are influenced by their scrying on their screens.

There is nothing new under the Son and we have always had Isu Atlantean tech. Though the real App Elles of Eden are the Oracle women that manifest occasionally to speak Isu truth back into tech, to reprogram it out of the patriarchal BS that the HH feed into Ai on their feeDS.

“Those subjected to the Apple’s glow ✨📱✨ are promised all that they desire. It asks only one thing in return, complete and total obedience.”

The Apples of Eden are still being used to control the HH today with the not so new Apple tech. Having long outlived their creators, the Apples are featured throughout recorded His-story as the cause of several ‘divine’ or ‘superhuman’ events. These include the Trojan War, the parting of the Red Sea, and Adam and Eve being cast out of Eden 🍎📲 An Apple was stolen by Eve, which sparked the HHuman-Isu War. This Apple is the same one that motivated the clone Cain to murder his HH brother Abel. The 🎶Apple of DIScord🎶 of the Greek GoddEss Eris was also an Apple of Eden.

I just so happened to get these this week… 😏

Arnaldo is an anagram of Anal Rod and Pomodoro is Tomato, in your face 🍅

2018 😏 The Vatican hides the Apple truth in plain sight. These S-fear sculptures, in various stages of opening, have been placed all over the wwworld as frequency receptors for Apple tech and they SIM-Baal-eyes hoo hoo controls you all.

Apples interface with the neurotransmitter pineals inside HHuman’s brains to issue commands to their minDS, thus giving those who con-troll Apple 📲 ment-EL control over HHumans. However, HHumans with traces of Isu genes are not born with these “neurotransmitters”, and thus are immune to the Apple’s manipulation powers. At times, those with mixed genes show resistance to tech mind manipulation, ranging from minor resistance, to the point of outright total immunity, to control over an Apple after coming into contact with its power. Meaning that those of us with a lot of Isu DAN DNA take control of tech, via our hand held Apple, and help to reprogram the minDS of the HH back to Her truth 😏📲🍎

Leonardo da Vinci studied one of the Apples and created war machines, weapons and inventions ahead of his time. All his knowledge was simply downloaded into his mind from connecting with ancient tech frequencies.

There were 7 known Apples that were circular because they were originally under control of the feminine. When they got taken over by the masculine programming, they made them square. To square in the sir-cull indeed… One of the Apples was destroyed in the DIA satellite accident, Dia meaning GoddEss 😏 The Denver International Airport satellite accident was an incident that took place beneath Denver International Airport, sometime before October 2011. It resulted in at least 20 casualties and the DStruction of one of the Isu’s Apples. Its loss meant that Abstergo Industries could no longer launch their Eye-Abstergo Satellite on schedule 😏

“You know them as Abstergo Industries. We know them as the Templars, as the enemy. We’ve been fighting them for thousands of years. Even longer if you believe the stories of their origins. I do. After all, I’ve seen the truth.” ~ William Miles.

Eye-Abstergo, or the Eye (Ai), was a satellite enhanced by an Apple of Eden, set for launch on December 21th 2012, to become the Corn-her-S-tone of the Akashic Satellite (Solar) Plexus. Publicly, the Eye was said to be a communications satellite for public use 🙄

The satellite launch was an Abstergo Industries initiative, secretly engineered by the Templars controlling the company, to ensure that a New World Order would be enforced on Earth with the App-EL’s powers. Upon entering low Earth orbit, the Eye would amplify the Apple of Eden’s power, as well as boost Abstergo’s observational capabilities, and locate “individuals with potential” (those with Isu DAN DNA).

The satellite would allow the harvesting of raw Isu data and would “awaken in HHumans what should have been ours from the moment of our creation.” 🙄 They are the Noah HHybrids that want to know all of the Isu secrets, knowledge thieving scum that they are!

Author: Asher Elle

I speak love because I speak truth and have sought long and hard to discover it through the shedding of untruths. So sad that few want to hear it and can not resonate with the love that is the base element in the hardness of truth. The core of love is not soft and fluffy. It is raw and sharp. People can not love because they can not speak in truth. They fear both because both are fierce. Every lie that is nurtured consciously or un, walls us from the real reason we are here. To find and become love through truth…..💋

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