Narcs & Voyeurism (Part 1)

It’s one big Stage of LieF they say, and we live in the fkn Truman Show! Smile, you’re on Candid Camera, with the narc Chimeras! The Creator Beings are the Stars that the narc hybrid watchers watch, in a desperate attempt to learn from and mimic us, believing that that will make them be like us! Lol!

“You always had the power my dear.” It was you all along, just being reflected back at you. Then you were fooled into thinking that they had taken something from you in the end. But it was them who left empty handed, as your Ess-scents can never be stolen. Only copied like a cheap chemical perfume and used in an attempt to lure others, as they spray themselves with the second hand illusional mist of you…

All the invasive breaching of privacy inflicted on us by the govern-ment NOW, has been accepted by the voyeuristic narc hybrid m-asses, precisely because they do it to. Terrorism was orchestrated by the government, so the rest of us would follow along in agree-ment. “For our own safety and security”, they tell us 🙄

Funny how all these things we are supposed to fear we can never see. Have you ever seen a terrorist or a virus? 🤷‍♀️ They create the illusional problems to introduce the E-vile solution in the illusional tech matrix narrative overlay. ‘Order out of Chaos.’ To give the Orders through the false light Ai tech God of the self perpetuated Chaos. They take with one hand, but never give with the other, like all their tracking con-tracts. It’s not a ‘safe’ if you are locked inside of it, it’s a prison. Why did you think your phoney phoenician cell phone is called a cell?

Security means an organization or department responsible for providing “security” by enforcing laws, rules and regulations, to maintain order. It is also a tradeable financial asset, such as a share of stock, proof of ownership of stocks, bonds or other investment instruments. Property, as in temporarily relinquished to guarantee repayment of a loan. So what is this “security” they are really selling us?

See/Sea Curity: Curity means the state of being curved, a bending in a regular form and ‘crookedness’. By hook or by crook indeed said the hook nosed crooks.

Curity is similar to the Latin word Sine Cura, meaning without care or carefree, which led to the English word Sinecure. Sinecure means benefice without care, a position that requires no work but still gives an ample payment, a cushy job, and an ecclesiastical benefice without the care of souls.

The anagram of Sinecure is Insecure. Feeling safe? Do you really trust the ones calling themselves your “Big Brother”, who are no relation to you? Are you still convinced that the Govern-the-ment Security is the Cure and that they Care for you? Everything you watch watches you. Every screen screens you. Sting knew, so did Orwell.

Oh well… 🖥📱📺

Those fake, white washed, narcissist, Nazi-cyst Aryans, with blue eyes, are directly connect-dead to the blue Sky Net. Beware of the Evil Eye indeed 🧿


Same goes for all those in power. Monarchy, religious leaders, heads of government, etc. Funny how all these beings hide behind gay-Ted E-states. I wonder what they are afraid of? All the while, OUR rites to pry-vacy are being fully eroded.

All it takes is the awareness of just one single lie. One real-eyes-a-shone of the lies hidden in their lines and perverse Meta verses. Then their house of cards of deception comes crashing down. Have the courage to question everything and you can be sure a lie will reveal itself to you.

The truth is in your face. Stop being La💤y and laying down to their lies. It’s up to you to see it when your mind is ready to grow up and let go of the security blanket of fear and falsity. Or do you want to stay huddled up on that couch, in fear forever, glued to the very thing that creates it all, the tell-lie-vision. Sitting on your arse and staying on line. Linus / Line Us knew. Look at that T-shirt and those feet. Caged in he is. Don’t let the dwarves ‘mine’ your consciousness and make it theres, that is the G-old that the dwarf hybrid narcs are after.

Porn is one of the most destructive things in the world and pornography addictions literately DIStroy everything. It pollutes the soul via the eye, DIStroys the mind, changes your personality, weakens the soul, DIStroys marriages, hurts your relationship with others, DIStroys your ability to make love, DIStroying your desires for a real relationship with the opposite sex. The sin of pornography leads to other sins, and sadly, this is the sin that many won’t let go of. Porn kills you spiritually, mentally, and physically, and is one of the hybrid narc Jews most deadly weapon against us.


Dub-Elle Dutch…

Which server do ewwwe serve every time you log 🪵 into the porn sites on the Oak-cult Tree of Knowledge 🌳 to spill your seed into the Earth 💩 instead of into a wife 🐟 Porn is the master-bait of men, to get them to masturbate and be-cum accepting of homosexuality, as men watch other men fk, deluding themselves that it is not homosexual to watch other men fk if a woman is involved 🙄

To serve on the server. To serve means:

To serve also means to be of service, to their Ai dog/god, whom you ‘sir-vice’ every time you “cum towards the light” ✨💻✨ making you a Sexxx Slave to the machine.

“As men, we are visually stimulated. That is why pornography is so dangerous for us to allow ourselves to be exposed to it. Statistics show that close to 90% of the men in the USA watch internet porn regularly, which means that they are addicted to pornography and can’t break themselves free. The statistics are the exact same for regular Church goers. Satan and his children (the hybrid men in small hats) know this very well.

That is why they have pushed it on society, as Porn is like crack cocaine. A man or even a young boy can look at Porn just one time and instantly become completely addicted to it. I remember back when I was a very young boy, back in the 70’s, and porn was depicted as pretty much normal sex between a man and a women. My grandmother caught me with a Porn magazine when I was in middle school and she gave me one Hell of an ass whipping for it! About 5 or 6 years ago, I had a friend come to me who told me that he could not stop looking at porn, that his wife had caught him and that his marriage may not ever recover. He asked me what he could do. At that point, I helped him find a ministry on line that focused on Porn addiction and he asked me to be his accountability partner. So I also payed quite a bit of attention to the curriculum given in the course he was taking. I found that over the years, even in the beginning, Porn was not good by any means. But like I said earlier, it was projected as just normal sex between a man and a women. And from there, as time went on, it became more and more vulgar. Now almost all Porn is the total humiliation of women and the women in porn are mostly white women, while most of the male actors are Jewish! And from my understanding, the women are almost always being sodomized, sometimes by 2 or 3 different devils.

The Jews are white washed hybrid Aryan Saxons and middle eastern Greek Romo homos. The real white race they despise, and they have infiltrate by white washing of themselves, to try and put the blame of their crimes on us, the Isu Atlanteans.

In my opinion, Porn is the single most destructive thing that has ever been unleashed upon humanity. If you are a man, absolutely flee from it! If you are a women, do not have anything to do with a man who watches pornography! My heart absolutely breaks for all of the women who have been lured into the Porn Industry. Their lives have been so absolutely destroyed and most people don’t seem to give a damn. The “men in small hats” who run that wicked industry look for very troubled young girls, always as young as possible. Most of them come from broken homes where they did not have a strong father present to protect them and to teach them to respect themselves. Well, I have finished my rant. This topic is at the top of my list of pet peeves.” ~ John R Creighton.

Just like other addictive substances, pornography floods the brain with dopamine, turning you into a big dope head. That rush of brain chemicals, happening over and over again, rewires the brain’s reward pathway, ultimately changing the makeup of the viewer’s brain. This results in an increased appetite for porn, which leads to more perversion, to increase their dopamine hits.

There’s three types of niggas in life

Niggas that make it happen

Niggas that watch it happen

And niggas that don’t even know what the fuck is going on Choose one…

I got all these bad bitches twerkin’

Waves on swim, shit surfin’ 🍩

I don’t wanna yall niggas ’round me

Broke niggas make me nervous

Shawty said she want that paper

Pop pussy like she workin’

Damn, a nigga finally famous

Rari by the Benz, I’m swervin’


Fuck rap, I might sell swag

She want me cause she know i got that Chanel tag

She fuck me and she gone get that Chanel swag

Her boyfriend like, “Where you get that Chanel bag?”

55 hundo, pop green, and I ball

Like Rondo

Catch me, North-South, with a dime ho

Turnt up, but I’m like keep calm ho

I go, make a million here, million there

All of my niggas, we really in here

Got a bad bitch, and she straight from the hood

But she look like a foreign, brazilian hair

And I’m grabbin’ her remi

I bust like a semi, yo bitch (BA BA!)

I get your girl pregnant

You hatin’ all on me, you sick (HA HA!)

I ride in my hood in a Bently like it’s a Crown Vic (SKR SKR!)

These bitches is choosin’

You niggas is losin’

We rich

Whatchu expect?


Wanna fuck with a dope dealer?

Or keep fuckin’ them broke niggas?

And I don’t fuck with you ho niggas (NAH!)

Rollie yellow like Homer Simpson

That’s dope, nigga!

I got all these dope dealers “serving

Cut the work up, they surgeons

I don’t want y’all bitches ’round me

Whack bitches make me curve ’em

Imported rug, that’s Persian

One wheel up and we swervin’

Wetter than a lake, that’s Ricki!

Pop pussy like she Nicki

She want me cause she see me in that Aventador

Pull up on the curb so crazy, I done bent the door

Bad bitch wanna borrow it, I lent it to her

Make her bust that pussy open in Singapore

30 million though, Forbes list

Out in Philly in a condo, boss shit

Now they call me Young Oprah, Harpo

In the pool rockin’ polo, Marco

Millionaires, never do leers

No, they can’t see me, they’re never my peers

Fruits of my labor, go get me my pears

Cause you’re outta your element

I am your fear

So go get off my testicle, pardon my decimal, bitch!

Check up my resumé, I’m upper echelon rich

Them bikes is out and we throwing ’em up like we sick

My clothing line is out in them stores and I’m sipping a Myx


Wanna fuck with a dope dealer?

Or keep fuckin’ them broke niggas?

And I don’t fuck with you ho niggas (NAH!)

Rollie yellow like Homer Simpson

That’s dope, nigga!

DC, Double M


Say my name and bitch I gotta grant your wish (BOSS!)

Sticky fingers, 30 K

You better drop that brick (drop that brick)

Philly brothers, sometimes they call me Ahh! (call me Ahh!)

I pray to God, everyday I drop my top (Thank you Lord!)

Humble man, with me and the Lord Meek

I’m the shit, coming down Broad Street

“Sal” Magluta, “Willy” Falcon

Flamboyant dough boy, talkin’ Al Capone (ROZAY!)

From Monte Carlo to Los Muchachos

My Mexicanos not talking tacos

This jewelry tampered once, a nigga push that button

On the corner Pac-Man Jones, these niggas don’t want nothin’

You wanna fuck wit a dope dealer?

Or keep fuckin’ them broke niggas?

My sneaker deal like A.I.’s

We drink Belaire like St. Ides

Wanna fuck with a dope dealer?

Or keep fuckin’ them broke niggas?

And I don’t fuck with you ho niggas (NAH!)

Rollie yellow like Homer Simpson

That’s dope, nigga!

Melting Pot indeed…

There are many Sleeping Beauties out there and even more Beasts. Beauty is a curse for many woman. Men see the flesh and remain there, never to even ‘scratch’ the surface in deep clawing real connected passion. Remaining in the shallow narcissistic physical fking union, aroused purely by their voyeuristic visual stimulation alone. This is what war via porn has done. Men fail to seek the depth of her, as they are sufficiently gratified with the physicality of her. So many women remain untapped and men do not seek into the depth of themselves, to know that they have more in their core to offer her too. To be able to ‘pull out’ their Ess-scents from the abyss of themselves, reach into and touch the womb of a woman, to merge souls through mind and flesh. What a superficial narcissistic mess it all is! Catch 2022 indeed _💔_

You can take on other peoples narcissistic program demons from narc hybrid sex partners throughout your life. This is called transferring, commonly known as possession. Funnily how narcs view their partners as their ‘possessions.’

You must repent, rebuke, bind them and close those portals, as you create a soul tie with each person you have sex with. They have to be broken or they will continue to wreck havoc in your life. Lots of porn “stars” have wrecked lifestyles because of so many sexual soul ties they create by fking narc demons. How can you have a clear mind when you’re messing with this filth?

Narcs think that:

The main difference between lust and love is that lust is purely sexual attraction, while love is both passionate and compassionate. Lust is not stronger than love. It is only a temporary sexual desire that is quenched once indulged in, then devaluation starts. Testosterone and estrogen drive lust, dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin create attraction, and oxytocin and vasopressin mediate attachment. Narcs know the art of manipulation to flood you with your own inner pharmacy to get you addicted to them so they can harm you.

In time mate…

When you lust after someone you don’t love, you are degrading the person you are lusting after. “Love is the great conqueror of lust.” ~ C.S. Lewis. “Though selfishness hath defiled the whole man, yet sensual pleasure is the chief part of its interest, and, therefore, by the senses it commonly works; and these are the doors and windows by which iniquity entereth into the soul.” ~ Richard Baxter.

Eyes are the windows to the soul that Microsoft Windows uses to deceive you.

Job 31:1; “I have made an agreement with my eyes. Then how can I look with lust at a virgin?” Don’t let your eyes be polluted by their god of false light. Now you know why you go on a Blind Date to seek real love.

If you don’t abstain, you stain your abs! Now about those church “stained glass windows.” The cum-put-her screen, while you all watch porn, is the real “glass stained window.” To cum on the cum-put-her screen, as your seed is pulled from you by the false light of Ai. Look what butt-on is between Ctrl and Alt! Stop gripping yourselves and get a grip of yourselves. Control and Alt your perverted behavior as you gayz into their windows…

SEGA means to jerk off in Italian. For jerk narcs, their cock is simply a joy stick to use to get off with, as they try and charge themselves to turn ON, by turning you on. They are only about physical satisfaction and material gratification. They live to rape n reap, butt give the illusion of sowing into their victims as they fk them. Hence their add-dick-shone to porn and why the joystick has that name.

Proverbs 23:19; “My child, listen and be wise: Keep your heart on the right course.”

Corinthians 6:18; “Flee immorality. Every other sin that a man commits is outside the body, but the immoral man sins against his own body.”

Colossians 3:5; “Therefore, put to death what belongs to your worldly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desire, and greed, which is idolatry.”

James 1:14-15; “But each one is tempted when he is carried away and enticed by his own lust. Then when lust has conceived, it gives birth to sin; and when sin is accomplished, it brings forth death.”

Residing in the frequency of lust, that narcs try and “light” in you, burns your internal life force that they then feed ON. Burning in the flames of He-EL indeed.

John 2:16-17; “For all that is in the world, the lust of the flesh, and the lust of the eyes, and the pride of life, is not of the “Father”, but is of the world. And the world passeth away, and the lust thereof: but he that doeth the will of God abideth for ever.”

Matthew 13:42; “Jesus says: “And shall cast them into a furnace of fire: there shall be wailing and gnashing of teeth.” HELL IS FOREVER! All who enter hell — abandon all hope! The horror of hell — for even one second is unbearable — but FOREVER!”

These are all programs in the form of the narrative scripture that the narcs were supposed to follow. Yet all was twisted by the patriarchy to DIStroy the real flames of passionate love by having narcs confound that feeling in you with lust.

It was the lust of David’s eyes that led to adultery and murder. Samuel 11:2-4; “One evening David got up from his bed and walked around on the roof of the palace. From the roof he saw (spied on) a woman bathing. The woman was very beautiful, and David sent someone to find out about her. The man said, “She is Bathsheba, the daughter of Eliam and the wife of Uriah the Hittite.” Then David sent (tech) messengers to get her. She came to him, and he slept with her. Then she went back home.” Classic description of a dating app or social media hook up. There is nothing new “under the Son.”

🌈 Door-O-thy and Da-vid-Dio, fooling her into believing his co-vid-Dio 🎥 matrix narrative overlay illusional narc reality with Love Bombing.

Porn is also the lustful images on Instagram and the vulgar song lyrics that glorify lust filled sex. Porn is the magazines, blogs, and books that you read talking about lustful sex. It is looking on someone’s Facebook page and lusting over their cleavage and their body. Porn is the movies and video games filled with half naked and naked women. The mainstream Me-Dia have been working on getting narc voyeurism accepted by desensitizing you to it as being normal for many years.

Porky’s shower voyeurism scene…
“First” Lol!!!

All those Angels of god, connect-dead to the false lieT, with Anal Gel.

ANAL = LANA = Wool

To pull the wool over your eyes = to blind you.

Blinded by the SUN = A Sun/Anus worship.

To be Fleeced = to be ripped off, take it up the arse, to be sodo-mized.

Baaaaa. Keep believing. BaaL…


Porn Hub is an insidious mind controlling device that feeds narc sharks and DIStroys heterosexuality.

HUB means:

– The effective centre of an activity, region or network.

– The most important place where a particular activity takes place.

– A central airport or other transport facility from which many services operate.

– The central part of a wheel, rotating on or with the axle, from which spokes radiate.

Origin of Hub: early 16th century denoting a shelf at the side of a fireplace used for heating PANS. Like Peter PAN and their PAN god of sex and depravity. Hub is supposed-lie of unknown origin, butt is comparable with Hob.

Hob means: a male ferret, a sprite or hobgoblin, and to cause mischief. It is a form of Rob, short for Robin or Robert, often referring specifically to Robin Goodfellow, like Rob in the hood.

The following children’s Fairy Tale is describing narcs that you sex chat with at night on your phone and late night hook ups with them when they cum just for a Booty Call.

Narc innerG thieves connect-dead to the Oak-cult computer Tree of Knowledge.

All those good fella men that wear Hoodies are letting you know that they are in the narc hybrid brother-hood. They serenade you with the false words that blow from their inner pipes, in the hope of getting a blow job.

“Thieving Outlaw” is simply code for rapist, which is what Rob in her hood (the hooded clitoris) and his vile Merry/Gay men really were!

What did you think Red Riding Hood represented? They are fkn DIScusseding with the subliminal perverted sexual programming that they indoctrinate into children!

Lit-EL Red Riding Hood is basically a story of bestiality and pedophilia!

Puck (Porn + fuck), also known as Robin Goodfellow, is a character in William Shakespeare’s play A Midsummer Night’s Dream, based on the ancient figure of Puck found in English mythology.

Puck is a clever, mischievous fairy, sprite or jester. He creates the drama of the human lover’s story by splitting up a young couple lost in an enchanted forest (the Oak-cult forest of knowledge, the internet). As a shrewd and knavish sprite, he is an impish trickster and delights in pranks and practical jokes, like replacing Bottom’s head with that of an ass! 🙄🍩 This is exactly the effect porn has on men. They call gay men “Fairies” for a reason, and all those fairies are always about chasing “tails.”

The term Pixie (picks he 🙄) is a diminutive of Puck. Neo-medievalists and occultists began to apply the name Robin Goodfellow to the Devil. Pucks are also known to be inherently lonely creatures, and often share the goal of “acquiring friends”, on FB. Narcs can never be alone, as they need constant supply to mirror to maintain their person illusion of existance.

Though hahaha bugs me too now. There are way to many narc jesters in this sir-cuss!

“Hehehe” indeed… Ah-men to that 🙄

“These kinds of spirits are more familiar and domestical than the others, and for some causes to us unknown, abide in one place, more than in another, so that some never depart from some particular houses (think tech in your house). I have heard many persons affirm that they have heard them play as it were on Gyterns & Jews Harps, and ring Bells, and that they answer to those that call them, and speak with certain signs, laughters and merry gestures (emojis), so that those of the house come at last to be so familiar and well acquainted with them, that they fear them not at all. (How chats on the internet allow narcs to invade your personal boundaries and your conscience, which allows these creatures to seem familiar to you. Hence Familiar Spirits). But in truth, if they had free power to put in practice their malicious desire, we should find these pranks of theirs, not to be jests, but earnest indeed, tending to the destruction of both our body and soul. But as I told you before, this power of theirs is so restrained and tied.” ~ The Spanish Mandeville.

Blow jobs indeed…

Porn Hub, Puck, Pixies, Robin Goodfellow and Robin Hood are simply the repackaging of the god PAN, and porn and the internet is how he slithers into our conscience to possess and toxify your mind, body and soul. The grey-test con-quest of Pan was that of the conquest of the Moon, the conscience of the truth of the divine feminine, as he seduced her with his words and stole Her knowledge.

The serial killer Ted Bundy was asked why he did what he did, and he said, “it was because he watched a lot of PORN.” They have to tell you the truth of what they are doing to us, but it’s up to us to see it.

If you watch Porn, then you are a Pawn who has Pawned yourself…

They want men all muscle and brawn to brawl

With no brain at all

All to sleep and yawn

Never to awaken to Her dawn

Or realize the deception of mowing the idiotic lawn

To lose our innocence and no longer be like a fawn

Born from the Satanic para-sitesss spawn

Detatched from the creator beings, of the Corn…

~ Asher Elle.

Porn or ❌❌❌ is the seal of Saturn/Satan/Santa. 3 strikes and you’re out! XXX signs and the Devil are red for a re-son, as red stimulates the first red base tone sexual chakra in the hybrids. Bi-bulls get angry when they see red, making them more sexually aggressive.

Red Light District means DIS-tricked. You have been tricked into entering DIS, the name of Dante’s Hell. And the rules of DIS are indeed very strict once you enter.

Narcs can see your thermal signature better in red light, that’s why all vampires cum out at night. Infra-red read you…

The word Pawn means someone who is being manipulated or used to some end, usually not the end that individual would prefer. An item given as security on a loan, or as a pledge. Never pledge alliance to any of their deceit or sell your soul for material gain or the illusion of power.

PAWN is an anagram of WPAN, which is initialism for Wireless Personal Area Network.

In video games, the alternative form of pawn is pwn. From ‘own’, which was supposed-lie born out of a typographical error 🙄, said to have originated when a player “mistakenly” typed a “p” instead of an “o”. ‘O’ being adjacent to ‘P’ on qwerty keyboards. Pwn in gayMing means to own, to defeat or dominate someone or something, triumph, defeat, or victory. It is often exclaimed after an opponent in a video game is defeated. Their gay-me is up and THEY have been defeated! Check (your) mate indeed… 😏

PNW is the initials for Pacific NorthWest, the region of North America along the Pacific coast. Typically defined as the states of Washington, Oregon and the southern part of the province of British Columbia. But including northern California, Idaho, all of British Columbia, the Yukon territory, and the PANhandle of all of Alaska. California is KALI-fornicazione, the cradle of porn production and the porn in-dust-tree. Amerika means Serpent and is the greatest Porn Pawner of all.

The word Pawn comes from From Middle French Pan. Late Latin pedō and pedonis, meaning “footsoldier”, from Latin pēs, meaning “foot.” Pedo-files indeed! It all starts from the feet, when they take our blood from a heel/heal ‘prick’ at birth. Our Achilles Heel indeed! They do it in ‘steps’. By follow Porn, we are lining/filing up to allow the takeover of the Pedo filing Pawn rulers.

Stop being a common sacrificial piece of crap Tommy Soul-dier, driven only by your external physical and material desires. Become a real King or Queen! Start making your own moves and stop being pushed around by the fake claws/clause Santa/Satan laws of the Satanic Ruling class.

There are 2 clocks in Chess, we have our own, they have theirs. Stop letting the greedy whitewashed Saxxx-ON pig hybrids hog the time, it’s time for us to make our move. A Chess Clock or timer is a device consisting of 2 clocks and a switch for running one at a time, to measure how much time each player takes. We don’t have much time left, hit that timer! Make your final move to defeat them. Their gay-me of Mono-pole-he is nearly up!

Aren’t you ‘board’ with it all yet? The stupid Bored Games they indoctrinate us into playing since childhood! So they can bore into our minds and let them live like gluttonous Boars.

Those twin pillars on the Masonic Board are not the last standing Kings as they have no King, only fake DRAG-on Queens. There was no real game to begin with, as they never had a true Ruler or King, they are only dividers.

That’s why they are so obsessed with their ruler rules and lying lion lines, symbolized by their stupid Masonic Square and Cum-pass. To fool us into thinking that lit-EL Ma-sons that play Ma-tricks, pulling “tricks”, are Kings 🙄 It’s time for us to Checkmate this Masonic Check-Her Board and flip it over.

Don’t let them unite their ‘Queen’ with our Kings into their sodo perversion to gain the power of our real Flames. To have us “go down” in false inverted flames, like their Twin Towers ritual, returning us all to Babylon with their babbling word spells! Stop listening to them trying to DIS-tracked us from the truth of the gay-me they have tricked us all into playing!

Get off their Highway staircase to Hell, that fire exit, and find your inner power of Elle. Those stairways they deceive you into wanting to take upwards are not the Stairway to Heaven. It’s down and inwards where you must go, deep into the belly flames of you. Not up and out like how they have you project your energies, in worse-ship of their false narc Eye-doll gods, with your idolizing idle eyes.

Those Icons are Archon Clone Clown eye-cons. They know full well that they are just empty flesh vessels on this Stage that mirror all the moves WE make, then try and get you to copy their inverted version of truth. Everything is back to front in the mind of a narc mirror. Me Roar, Me Roar, on the FB wall…

DIS stew-pied narc gay-ma has been going on for way too long! 🏁

We have to burn this false overlay reality with the true alchemy of the flames of passionate hetero Hera love. Stop playing their gay-me and start making love to each other properly, instead of lusting all over each other like filthy, perverted, anima-EL hybrids!

If the creatures in porn are called act-whores and get A-wards, what do you think that makes all the other actors on the Silver Screen that get 🍩scar A-wards from the A-cad-em-eye?

John means penis. John Curtis Holmes, better known as Johnny the Wadd, was born John Curtis Estes in ‘Ashville’, Ohio, hi hoe it’s off to twerk we go. He was the youngest of 4 children, born to 26-year-old “Mary June” (Bar-ton) Holmes. But the name of his father, railroad worker Carl Estes, was left blank on his birth certificate. Mhmmm… cause John is a clone.

There was a rumor that John and Ken Osmond, who played Eddie Haskell in the TV series Leave It to Beaver, were the same person. Hmmm… prolly just another clone. John reminds me of Tear-he Rich-hard-Son.

John and Terry Richardson 🙄

Mary (Mag) had married another man, Edgar Harvey Holmes, who was the father of her 3 older children. They were married and divorced 3 times. Lots Gee-suss 33s there. At the time of their first marriage, Edgar was 35 years old and divorced, while Mary was only 17.

When John applied for a U.S. passport for the first time, prior to a trip to Italy, his mother provided him with the ‘handwritten copy’ of his original birth certificate, which led John to learn that his biological father was Carl Estes. Mary was said to be a devout Southern Baptist, and with her children, regularly attended church. In contrast, his stepfather Edgar was an alcoholic, who would cum holme inebriated, stumble about the house and even vomit on the children. When John was age 7, his mother married Harold Bowman. Bowman was a good father until John’s younger half-brother ‘David’ was born. At which point, Bowman lost interest in his stepchildren and began neglecting them. Da-vids have a 10-dent-see to active8 that ✡️

John left home at age 15 and enlisted in the U.S. Army, with his mother’s written permission. His mother’s hand written words seem to have a lot of legal clout. He spent most of the 3 years of his military service in West Germany, in the SSignal Corps. Mhmmm… a corpse is a dead body.

I bet 🙄🍩

John met a nurse named Sharon Gebenini and they married on August ‘21’, 1965, after Holmes turned ‘21’. Sharon had health problems, and during the first ‘17’ months of their marriage, she supposed-lie miscarried ‘3’ times, lol!

John was one of the “biggest” male porn actors ever, with documented credit for at least 544 films.

John was best known for his exceptionally large penis, which was promoted as the “longest, thickest and hardest in the porn industry.” Although no documented measurement of his actual penis length, girth or tumescence has ever been confirmed 🙄 He was un-sir-cum-sized, in all senses. Lol, ok, they knew all that other shite about him, but not his sighzzz 😏 Rocco Siffredi might have something to say about that…

“How big is it?”, his fans would scream. “Bigger than a payphone, smaller than a Cadillac”, was John’s reply.

One porn actress said that John’s penis was the biggest in the industry and she described oral sex with him as similar to fellating a telephone pole. Bill AmerSON said, “I saw John measure himself several times; it was 13 and a half inches [34.3 cm].” The average erection is said to be between 5 and 6 inches. John claimed to have had his penis insured by Lloyd’s of London for $14 million. He said he was insured for “$1 million an inch.”

John was arrested during his early porn producing years for pimping and pandering, but he avoided prison time by becoming an informant for the LAPD. John’s “handler” during his time as an inform-ant was LAPD vice detective Thomas Blake (doubting peeping Tom-arse wanted to see it to believe it). Blake said, “It was a ‘pleasure’ working FOR him.” I bet… 😏🍩

By the late 1970s, John earned as much as $3,000 per day as a porn purr-form-her, but his consumption of cocaine and freebasing became an increasingly serious problem. Professionally, it affected his ability to maintain an erection, as is apparent from his flaccid performance in Insatiable (1980). To support himself and his drug habit, he ventured into crime, selling drugs for gangs, prostituting himself to both men and women, as well as committing credit card fraud and various acts of petty theft.

In 1976, he met 15-year-old Dawn Schiller (skill her), whom he groomed and abused. He forced her into prostitution and often beat her, which he did at least once in public. Schiller is a German surname, from Middle High German schilher meaning a person who suffers from strabismus (cross eyed). Also from schiller, meaning a bronzy iridescent luster (as of a mineral). An anagram of schiller is rechills or chillers, meaning a heat exchanger between a coolant and a refrigerant, to transfer heat from the coolant loop into the refrigeration system or a machine that removes heat from the working fluid in a refrigeration cycle. How the narcs love to vampire heat.

John claimed during an interview that he had intercourse with 14,000 women. His performances included at least one homosexual feature film, The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes, and a handful of loops which contained anal sex with men.

During the filming of a gay feature film, it was said the he inadvertently killed 2 male performers and was tried for manslaughter 😄🗡 Like Caesar then. The judge in the case sentenced John to abstain from performing anal sex in any future films. However, this is an unproven urban myth.

John was closely associated with the Wonderland Gang, a group of heroin-addicted cocaine dealers. In 1981, four of the gang’s members were found murdered and a 5th severely battered and near death in their rowhouse. John was allegedly present during the murders and left a left hand palm print. He was questioned, but was released due to lack of evidence and he refused to cooperate with the investigation. After spending nearly 5 mths on the run, he was arrested by former LAPD (LAPDance) homicide detectives Frank Tomlinson and Tom Lange (Tom & Tom). The latter gained fame for his involvement in the O. J. Simpson murder case. Go fig her! John was extradited to Los Angeles, and was charged with personally committing all 4 murders. Then, after a 3 week trial, he was acquitted of all charges, except committing contempt of court. The murder trial was a landmark in the His-story of American trial procedure, as it was the first in which videotape was introduced as evidence, lol!

John devoted significant time to charities involving the environment. He was involved with Greenpeace, Save the Whales and Save the Seals. So what does that tell you about those charities…?

John was diagnosed as HIV-positive. According to his second wife Laurie Holmes, he claimed that he never used hypodermic needles and that he was deathly afraid of them. He was offered a lucrative deal from Paradise Visuals, which was supposed-lie unaware that he was HIV-positive, to travel to Italy to film what were to be his last 2 pornographic films. The Rise of the Roman Empress also starred the later Italian Parliament member Ilona “Cicciolina” Staller. These last films created a furor when it was later revealed that John had consciously chosen not to reveal his HIV status to his co-stars before engaging in unprotected sex for the filming. Not wanting to reveal the true nature of his failing health, he claimed to the press that he was suffering from colon cancer 😄🍩

Why is HIV called that? HIV for the sodo patriarchal HIVe mind-dead. AIDS was created to ‘AID’ them in their Gay Pride agenda, so they could play the sympathy card. Funny how we don’t hear about it anymore. They found a cure for it they say, butt no media coverage of that. And it just DISappeared into the Me-Dia narrative, like all their other BS His-story DIS-track-shones. Fancy that! See how they do it? Drip, Drip, Drip… 💧🦁💩🏳️‍🌈