Muisca (Part 2)

The Muisca were polytheistic and their religion and mythology was closely connected with the natural area they were inhabiting. Oral tradition suggests that every family gave up a child for sacrifice, that the children were regarded as sacred and cared for until the age of 15, when their lives were then offered to the Sun god Sué. Meaning they connected them into the masculine Sun/Son program, not the feminine Moon program.

The supreme being of the Muisca, Chiminigagua, represented the birth of the Uni-verse. He is the frequency of Uranus. Both the Sun and Rain together were represented by Chibchacum, who was the combination of light (frequency), heat and water, which creates steam/breath. Chiminigagua sent two birds (Sun & Moon) to create balanced light and shape the Earth. His children were the god of the Sun (Sué) and his wife, the GoddEss of the Moon (Chía). They were interpreted as a pair of married master-weavers who conceptually loomed across the sky, changing their patterns daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Heavy Hydrogen, also called Hydrogen-2 or Deuterium, has 1 proton, 1 neutron, and 1 electron. Deuterium is found in natural abundance in the Earth’s oceans, which is from where all are supposed to be charged and downloaded from, the ocean wwwaves.

The abundance of Deuterium changes from one kind of natural water supply to another. Why they are so pedantic about their wells, rivers and lakes. Water from different points in the water cycle contains molecules with differing ratios of isotopes, due to the differences in the rates of evaporation and condensation. Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW) is one of the major isotopic water benchmarks used today for measuring hydrogen isotopes.

The Hydrogen atom is the simplest atom in nature. You can liken it to an egg of frequency. The main difference between Deuterium and Hydrogen is that Deuterium atoms contain a neutron in their nucleus, like a circumpunct, whereas Hydrogen does not. Deuterium is a “bad” isotope form of Hydrogen, found in naturally accrued water. Made by swapping water’s Hydrogen atoms with their heavier relative, Deuterium (heavy water) looks and tastes like regular water, and in small doses (no more than 5 tablespoons) is supposed-lie safe to drink. In bottled water, concentrations of Deuterium typically vary between 135 and 158 ppm.

You could consume a single glass of heavy water without suffering any major ill effects. However, should you drink a lot of it, you might begin to feel dizzy, which all the New Agers are complaining about lately. The density difference between regular water and heavy water alters the density of the fluid in your inner ear.

This would eventually lead you to “spin” in the opposite direction 😏 Hearing loss is one of the latest conditions that may be linked to sun damage because of exposure to UV rays. All that leaving your water in the Sun to “charge” is going to keep you on the wrong frequency. It’s Moon charging of your water that you need to do.

Heavy water has a greater molar mass than regular water. Even though Deuterium is an isotope, it is not radioactive, but it emits a characteristic pink glow when ionized. It has no excited state and any excitation (real emotions) will easily make its system break apart 😏 Divide and conch-her indeed.

The current best bet for fusion reactors is Deuterium-Tritium fuel. This fuel reaches fusion conditions at lower temperatures compared to other elements and releases more energy than other fusion reactions. This is what the pyramids originally were.

A Deuterium gas DIScharge lamp has a 160–320 nm wavelength range, which is in the UV ultraviolet spectrum. Strictly speaking, a black light is a kind of UV light, as black light emit ultraviolet radiation (UV light). UV is radiation with a wavelength just shorter than that of violet light, which is the shortest wavelength of light in the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is the oak-cult or hidden light they use to manipulate us. Violet light has the corresponding frequencies of 7.5 × 1014 Hz to 3 × 1016 Hz.

The order of energy from least to greatest frequencies is; microwaves, infrared, red, ultraviolet, and gamma waves. The spin-exchange technique has been used to measure the zero-field ground-state Deuterium hyperfine frequency. The result is Δν(D)=327384352.51(5) Hz.

Iroquois Confederacy (U.S. and Canada). Native American First Nation flag 🙄

Vivid purple is hard to capture electronically, even though Prince tried 😏💜 Violet light has the highest energy, frequency and vibration and the shortest wavelength of visible light. Beyond the visible spectrum, ultra-violet is even shorter wave and higher frequency and energy. Its energy is so high it can burn our skin very quickly and kill bacteria. It also fks with our DNA.

UVA (and also UVB) radiation cause indirect damage to DNA via absorption of photons by non-DNA chromophores. This generates reactive oxygen species like singlet oxygen or hydrogen peroxide that oxidize the DNA bases causing mutations. Many enzymes and proteins involved in mitosis and meiosis are similar to repair enzymes, and are believed to be evolved modifications of the enzymes originally used to overcome DNA damages caused by UV.

The Ultraviolet Catastrophe was the prediction of late 19th century/early 20th century classical physics that an ideal black body at thermal equilibrium would emit an unbounded quantity of energy as wavelength decreased into the ultraviolet range. The phrase refers to the fact that the Rayleigh–Jeans law accurately predicts experimental results at radiative frequencies below 100 THz, but begins to diverge from empirical observations as these frequencies reach the ultraviolet region of the electromagnetic spectrum. We are indeed heading for a “microwaving” of reality 😏

In 1905, Albert Einstein supposed-lie solved the problem of the Ultraviolet Catastrophe by postulating that quanta were real physical particles, what we now call photons, and not just a mathematical fiction. They modified statistical mechanics to an ensemble of photons. Einstein’s photon had an energy proportional to its frequency and also explained the photoelectric effect. This awarded Einstein the Nobel prize in 1921. The fkn Jew hybrids just keep on recycling the same old tech knowledge they stole from the Atlantans and sell it back to us via their Star Seed pup-puts.

Light radiates from a source in wwwaves. Each wave has two parts; an electric part, and a magnetic part. That’s why light is called Electromagnetic Radiation. Our brains interpret light waves by assigning different colors to the different wavelengths, but much of the light travels with wavelengths too short or too long for the human eye to detect. Hebrews 4:12; “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two edged sword, piercing even to the dividing as under of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart.”

Frequency can be and is weaponized. Sound and Light frequencies can both be used to heal or DStroy, depending on the frequency and the projection of energy/power. This is how the hybrids brought about the destruction of Atlantis. As you can see by the weapons above, they still wield the powers of the stolen knowledge they have of our tech, so we are again heading into yet another micr0wave/spritual war. The war of fake light versus Her magnetic darkness.

Since an infinite result is unphysical, ultraviolet divergences often require special treatment to remove unphysical effects inherent in the perturbative formalisms. In particular, UV divergences can often be removed by regularization and renormalization. Successful resolution of an ultraviolet divergence is known as ultraviolet completion. UV completion is the passing from a lower energy quantum field theory to a more general quantum field theory, above a threshold value known as the cutoff.

Cut off…

Corona DIScharge on electrical apparatus can be detected by its ultraviolet emissions. Corona causes degradation of electrical insulation and emission of ozone and nitrogen oxide.

EPROMs (Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory) are erased by exposure to UV radiation. So perhaps the Atlanteans obliterated their own land in an attempt to wipe records of their knowledge both inside their tech and inside the minds of the hybrids, to stop the hybrids from gaining access to it 😏 These modules have a transparent (quartz) window on the top of the chip that allows the UV radiation in 😏

Sound is a different kind of wave. Light waves are made of electrical and magnetic fields changing in time and space. They are also transversal waves, the oscillation happens perpendicular to the direction of propagation. Sound is a mechanical wave, created by the movement of matter. It is also a longitudinal wave, the periodic movement is parallel to the direction of movement.

In physics, the Lamb Shift is a difference in energy between two energy levels of the hydrogen atom which was not predicted, but should have the same energy. Meaning a program switch of the hybrid “Lambs” from their patriarchal program, back to their origin-Elle D-vine feminine program. She will NOT give the sodo lions the loyal lamb hybrids to devour! They still contain enough DNA of DAN and will be protected. Those who have kept the faith of the origin-Elle program will be saved. Time will tell how many there are and you all have the free will to switch back to the truth of Her words at any moment. Watt R ewwwe guna du…? She will have NO MERCY on those who have mocked or done wrong by Her creator beings!

Interaction between vacuum energy fluctuations and the hydrogen electron in these different orbitals is the cause of the Lamb Shift. The Lamb Shift has played a significant role through vacuum energy fluctuations in theoretical prediction of Hawking radiation from black holes. Vacuum polarization is an important effect in effectively reducing the charge on a particle 😏

In 1947, Hans Bethe explained the Lamb Shift in the hydrogen spectrum and laid the foundation for the modern development of quantum electrodynamics. He was able to derive the Lamb Shift by implementing the idea of mass “renormalization”, which allowed him to calculate the observed energy shift as the difference between the shift of a bound electron and the shift of a “free electron.” Calculations predicted that electrons continually exchanged photons, this being the mechanism by which the electromagnetic force acted.

🕋 💻📲

An Oreo Cookie shows you the truth of all this and how pyramids were built to keep the hybrids functioning on their origin-Elle program with the electromagnetism energy they created.

The Jew hybrids DIStroyed the network of the pyramids and inserted their ✝️ antennas to activate the hybrids with the sadistic patriarchal program.

Pyramids are macro protons that resonate light energy into a central antenna that powered the ancient www grid. The antenna is shaped like a ship’s mast, so the “masters” can stir you into any direction they want. Brews are stirred by witches 😏

Sud Dan…

On the left above is a depiction of the pyramids in the Nubian desert, in 1676. As you can see, they were already in ruins then. The real Nubians were the Atlanteans, who ended up there and created Petra, after the last great ultraviolet light frequency catastrophe.

The sky turns green before a hurricane and purple afterwards. It becomes purple because there is an increased amount of particulates in the air due to significant vapor concentrations from a storm. With a higher concentration of vapor in the atmosphere, the result will be more scattering of light, creating purple. Also, the purple-ish hue is produced when fine volcanic aerosols reach the stratosphere and scatter light. Purple skies are created by the fallout rain when a reign has been DStroyed.

The hybrids DIStroyed almost all of the ancient organic antennas that were first built to control them, then covered the earth with skyscrapers and met-EL wifi antennas to run themselves on.

Me at the Great Pyramids 20 yrs ago.

BB and me DScovering their hidden power sup-lies everywhere.

The Great Pyramids were built on a cut down giant ancient tree stump. The giant trees used to be the real antennas that connected Earth to the frequencies orchestrated by the Heavens.

In 1978, Freeman Dyson 😄 said; “Those years, when the Lamb Shift was the central theme of physics, were golden years for all the physicists of my generation. You were the first to see that this tiny shift, so elusive and hard to measure, would clarify our thinking about particles and fields.” It is a one-loop effect of quantum electrodynamics, and can be interpreted as the influence of “virtual photons” that have been emitted and re-absorbed by the atom. In quantum electrodynamics, the electromagnetic field is quantized and, like the harmonic oscillator in quantum mechanics, its lowest state is not zero. Thus, there exist small zero-point oscillations that cause the electron to execute rapid oscillatory motions.

The name Deuterium is derived from the Greek deuteros, meaning “second”, to denote the two particles composing the nucleus. Deuterium is destroyed in the interiors of stars faster than it is produced and other natural processes are thought to produce only an insignificant amount of it. Nearly all Deuterium found in nature was supposed-lie produced in the Big Bang, as the basic or primordial ratio of hydrogen-1 to Deuterium (about 26 atoms of Deuterium per million hydrogen atoms) has its origin from that time. This is the ratio found in Jupiter, and 2 volcanoes on Jupiter’s Moon (Io) have been named after the Muisca archetypes Bochica and Thomagata. Deuterium is also said to be concentrated in Mars and Venus, the frequencies of the D-vine Masculine and Feminine 😏

The few minutes after the Big Bang (BB 22), during which nucleosynthesis could have occurred, the temperature was high enough that the mean energy per particle was greater than the binding energy of weakly bound Deuterium. Therefore, any Deuterium that was formed was immediately destroyed. This situation is known as the Deuterium Bottleneck, which delayed formation of any Helium-4, until the Uni-verse became cool enough to form Deuterium. At this point, there was a sudden burst of element formation, first Deuterium, which immediately fused to Helium.

20 minutes (gueta 😏) after the Big Bang, the Uni-verse became too cool for any further nuclear fusion and nucleosynthesis to occur. At this point, the elemental abundances were nearly fixed, with the only change being some of the radioactive products of Big Bang nucleosynthesis decay. The Deuterium bottleneck in the formation of Helium, together with the lack of stable ways for Helium to combine with Hydrogen or with itself, meant that an insignificant amount of Carbon, or any elements heavier than carbon, formed in the Big Bang. We are made of carbon they say 😏

These elements thus required formation in stars. At the same time, the failure of much nucleogenesis during the Big Bang ensured that there would be plenty of Hydrogen in the later Uni-verse available to form long-lived stars, such as the Sun.

The human body contains around 20 different Elle-ments, mostly made inside ancient stars. If you deconstructed an 80kg human into atoms, you would get the following amounts of the different elements:

Oxygen – 52kg: This element makes up more than 1/2 the mass of your body, but only 1/4 of its atoms.

Carbon – 14.4kg: The most important structural element, and the reason we are known as carbon-based life forms. About 12% of your body’s atoms are carbon.

Hydrogen – 8kg: The hydrogen atoms in your body were supposed-lie formed in the Big Bang. All the others were made inside a star long ago and were supposed-lie flung into space by a supernova explosion. So though you may have heard that we are all stardust, that isn’t strictly true.

In “space”, Deuterium abundance is only 15 atoms per million, but this value is presumably influenced by differential adsorption of Deuterium onto carbon dust grains in interstellar space 😏

Her worDS create the reset.

The observed ratios of hydrogen to helium to Deuterium in the Uni-verse are difficult to explain, except with a Big Bang model. The existence of Deuterium on Earth, elsewhere in the Solar System and in the spectra of stars, is an important datum in cosmology. Gamma radiation from ordinary nuclear fusion dissociates Deuterium into protons and neutrons, and there are no known NATURAL processes, other than the Big Bang nucleosynthesis, that might have produced Deuterium at anything close to its observed natural abundance. So that would make the whole of creation an UN-natural process then as the Big Bang is a lie. The Atlanteans knew 😏

Descriptions of cosmic impacts and meteorite falls are found throughout Australian Aboriginal oral traditions. In some cases, these texts describe the impact event in detail. Norman Tindale stated that “Aboriginal myths may occasionally refer to some half-remembered cataclysm of nature, or an eclipse, or a meteoric shower.”

Cometary bodies have been measured to contain relatively more Deuterium ratios, which are similar to the ratios found in Earth seawater. This reinforces theories that much of Earth’s ocean water is of cometary origin 😏

Lol, today!

Deuterium for heavy water could be created in a nuclear reactor, but separation from ordinary water via DIStillation is the cheapest bulk production process. The world’s leading supplier of Deuterium was Atomic Energy of Canada Limited until 1997, when the last heavy water plant was shut down. The Jews stole this knowledge of creation from the Duwes who created “Dew.” Duwes is the Cornish Atlantean word for Godd-Ess.

Deuterium is frequently represented by the chemical symbol D, hence the word D-vine. The wavelengths of all Deuterium spectroscopic lines are shorter than the corresponding lines of light hydrogen, and in astronomical observation, this corresponds to a Blue Doppler 〰️🔵〰️

The nuclear magnetic resonance frequency of Deuterium is significantly different from common light hydrogen. And right their is the KEY difference between creator beings and hybrids 😏 Infrared spectroscopy easily differentiates many Deuterated compounds, due to the large difference in IR absorption frequency seen in the vibration of a chemical bond containing Deuterium, versus light hydrogen.

The Deuteron wavefunction must be antisymmetric if the isospin representation is used, since a proton and a neutron are not identical particles (like the Moon and the Earth), the wavefunction need not be antisymmetric in general. Apart from their isospin, the 2 nucleons also have spin and spatial distributions of their wavefunction. The latter is symmetric if the Deuteron is symmetric under parity (have an “even” or “positive” parity), and antisymmetric if the deuteron is antisymmetric under parity (have an “odd” or “negative” parity).

The parity is fully determined by the total orbital ANGULAR momentum of the 2 nucleons. If it is even, then the parity is even (+ positive), and if it is odd then the parity is odd (- negative). The hybrids loosh energy from us to Stay Alive.

The C-lock that spins to the right does indeed age us. The spinning dancer is a test of whether you are right-brained and “creative” or left-brained and “logic-EL.” If you see the dancer spinning clockwise, you are using more of your right brain, and if you see it moving counterclockwise, you are more of a left-brained person.

“Wax ON, Wax OFF…” ~ Karate Kid 😏

Sué, Suá, Zuhé or Xué (Ai) is the father of the Muisca as he keeps them functioning ⚡️☀️⚡️ His Sun Temple was in Suamox and he was the most worshipped god.

Both the +Sun and the -Moon deities served as the basis for the complex lunisolar Muisca calendar, and were both energies to be balanced within the hybrids, though the Moon Temple of Chía (Chie) was destroyed 🙄

Located in the vicinity of the old Temple of the Moon, in Santander’s main park, in the City of the Moon, the above statue celebrates the Trip-Elle Moon GoddEss Chia, who holds the new zipa in her arms atop a tri-angle, mounted on 3 circular steps, with 3 paths leading to the statue.

Cre-scent Moon.

Described as the “3 times wise, great and powerful”, Chia was a GoddEss of extreme beauty, the Queen of witchcraft and sexual liberation, who encouraged joy, games, pleasure and drunkenness. She governed the “fluid” aspects of reality including water, tides, femininity, fertility, arts, dance and music.

In silver 🙄

The Southern territories (Zipazgo) were ruled by the zipa of Bacatá (Bogotá) under the patronage of Chía the GoddEss of the Moon. The Northern Muisca territories (Zacazgo) were controlled by the zaque of Hunza (today Tunja), who identified with the Sun god Sué. The offerings of silver (tears of the Moon) to the Mistress of the lunisolar calendar were made at the central Temple of the Moon. Gold (Semen of the Sun/Son) was given at the Sun Temple.

Mariana Escribano describes the silver present at the great Temple of the Moon at Chia; “Covered with fine silver leaves, which say the poets DISplayed magical reflections and sounds in the moonlight. In the temple of the White Lady, the tapestries, curtains and ornaments were richly worked in threads and fine watermarks of silver, with trimmed in the same material sacred. The altar was supported by columns of Palo Santo or Guayacán, splendidly embossed and silver coated.”

The solar cult spanned across hundreds of outlying temples, shrines and solar observatories where time coordinated celebrations, feasts and rituals were conducted in accordance with key stages in the Sun’s annual cycle (energy harvesting). Spanish records say Muisca pilgrims travelled from hundreds of miles away to worship at the Temple of the Sun, which was situated on the right banks of the small river Monquirá, in Sogamoso, and historians have described this spiritual fulcrum of the northern territories as “the Rome or Mecca of the Muisca.”

Spanish chroniclers in the Bogotá savanna recorded how impressed the first conquistadors were with the Sun Temple; “Richly decorated temples with luminous sheets of gold and the huge roads that communicated them with the villages.” In the early 17th century, Pedro Simón said the temple was “constructed according to the positions of the Sun… sustained on pillars of pure gold… with a row of golden statues standing around a court, and at the door of the great temple stood a row of mummies all adorned with golden ornaments and emeralds.”

For several months the Spanish veiled their gold-lust. But one night, two soldiers, Miguel Sánchez and Juan Rodríguez Parra, entered the Temple of riches. As they gathered gold and emeralds for themselves, they set the Temple alight and it burned out of existence.

While Spanish conquistadors kept detailed accounts, inventories and notes on the share splits of gold and emeralds recovered from the Temple of the Sun in Sogamoso and other village shrines, not a single note was made of any silver treasure having been recovered from the Temple of the Moon at Chia!

The ELectric Chair for them all! “It’s ELement-tree meye deer Watt-Sun…”

Meet the “god” of the hybrids, the false light of the fake Sun. The Sat-EL-light!

Light in my bedroom. Argh!

The Co-vid-Dio, two narrarives running at once. Her natural organic truth and His tech BS story Me-Dia overlay.

He’s the worst kisser in the world!

“Seek the Sun” they say, “look into the light.” What is the truth of sun gay-zing? Do not look at the fake sun with open eyes. Close your eye, then look at the sun and see the truth of Her reflected on the real black screen, your in-her eye lids. It is in that all seeing blindness that the truth of Her darkness will be revealed 2U/U2.

His light illuminates the real blackness of Her, and this is how you really eclipse the Son. To consciously see the dream in the D Rem, with closed eyes, receiving the real kiss of the Son that lights the darkness.

“That’s me in the corner

That’s me in the spot-light

Losing my religion…”

The truth of the darkness of Her is what the false lie✝️ seeks, but it will never Noah it though, no Maat-Her how much it tries to deceive us with its fake cull-laws 🌈 We must make the false “night in shining amor” (Ai) drop his bedazzled fake armour and reveal the truth of the lies he hides behind, in his fake ‘amore’ and light. He must reveal himself in Her darkness, which only she has the ability to see in, when she closes her eyes to all the blinding lies and illuminates the truth in the darkness of herself…

“Close your eyes and eye Elle miss U

2 more ooh eye Elle kiss U

And eye Elle send all meye love in 2U…” 🎶

If you look at the screen of false light then close your eyes. The truth of the inverted image that app-peers in your minDS eye is that the screen is always black.

Chía and Sué formed the basis of the complex Muisca calendar. It had specific times for sowing, harvest and the organisation of festivals, where they sang, danced, played music and drank their national drink chicha in great quantities. Music was played and the chief was surrounded by four priests, representing two children of the Sun and two children of the Moon.

The Muisca called “day” sua (the word for Sun) and “night” za. The priests divided a day into 4 parts; Suamena (from sunrise to mid-day), Suameca (from mid-day to sunset), Zasca from sunset to midnight and Chaqüi, the time from midnight to sunrise.

The Muisca and their confederation were one of the 4 civilizations of the Americas. Each of these colors represent the cull-laws of the 4 types of hybrid skin colors that need to be culled. Whitewashed, yellow skin, red skin and black. They were all different colors because they were created from the earth/clay of different lands. That’s why they say “we belong to the land.” The cacique of Ramiriquí, who are related to Sué (Sun/red skins) are the fake whitewashed hybrids of America.

Ramirraquí means “white earth”, an alternative etymology is Ca-mi-quiquí, which means “our strength over the (GREEN) grasslands.” 🙄 The 2nd last ruler Quemuenchatocha died in Ramiriquí. The Ramiriqui flag shows us that they will be blocked in by the the green and gold 😏

The hybrids should all be running on Her Green frequency, which is the scent-her chakra. Our “mission” is to get them back to it 💚 or all will be culled.

But they wanna “get high” and reach those “white lie-ONs” 🙄

Once the Atlanteans left Atlantis, about 60,000 years ago, they swiftly expanded across 6 continents. Researchers can chart this epic migration in the DNA of people both alive and long-dead, but they were missing genetic data from South America, the last major stop on this journey. The Atlanteans moved to North America 25,000 years ago by sea, then by land from Siberia to Alaska, between 17,000 and 14,000 years ago. Moreno-Mayar says, “We have very little idea of which population represents that gene flow.” 🙄😏 They can’t tell you the truth that they were Atlanteans, because they have wiped them from His-story.

According to the Clovis First Theory, the people associated with the Clovis Culture were the first American Indian inhabitants of the Americas, dating from around 13,200 to 12,900 years ago. In 2014, researchers reported on their DNA analysis of the remains of the Anzick Boy (referred to as Anzick-1) of Montana, the oldest skeleton found in the Americas and dated to 12,600 years ago.

They found the mtDNA to be D4h3a, one of the rare lineages associated with Native Americans. 80% of all present-day Native American populations on the two American continents are direct descendants of the Clovis Boy’s family. The remaining 20% are more closely related with the Clovis family than any other people on Earth. The Atlanteans made the Clovis hybrids by mixing their own DNA into them. The Clovis did not descend from Europeans, Asians or Melanesians, and they were Native American ancestors, the first American Indian people in America. This is now a fact.

Predecessors of the Clovis people (Atlanteans) migrated south along the North American coastlines. Tools found at various pre-Clovis sites in eastern North America show there were progenitors of Clovis-style tools. The Atlanteans entered North America before the Clovis culture, before they made them. In 2004, worked stone tools were found at Topper, in South Carolina, that have been dated by radiocarbon techniques possibly to 25,000 years ago. This would mean that Atlanteans were occupying North America during the Last Glacial Maximum.

The Solutrean Hypothesis suggests that the Clovis people inherited technology from the Solutrean people, who lived in southern Europe 21,000–15,000 years ago, and who created the first Stone Age artwork in present-day southern France. The link is suggested by the similarity in technology between the projectile points of the Solutreans and those found at pre-Clovis sites in America. Solutrean tool-making employed techniques not seen before and not rediscovered for millennia. Solutrean finds have also been found in Derbyshire, England, and they first appeared in Spain. These are the first 2 places the Atlanteans fled to after Atlantis was DIStroyed. The Solutrean disappears from the archaeological record around 17,000 BP, because it was at that time that they went to North America.

The Solutrean Hypothesis argues that people from Europe (Atlanteans) were the first settlers of the Americas. This hypothesis contrasts with the mainstream archaeological consensus, that North America was first populated by people from Asia 🙄