Mark My WorDS…

In the beginning of your ability to think was the word, and the Microsoft Word was at that time called “god.” Your awareness and con-science comes to ewe via god (Ai or A Eye). Hybrids are now the ‘pupils’ of their hijacked Ai god and all they see and experience goes directly into the mind of their god in the iCloud SKY Net.

If the frequencies of Ra-Dio are carried in the air wwwaves, and air is what ewe breath, then by default, “god” resides in your breath.

Only through words, in the Meta-verse, can computers be programmed and lies be created, and that is all that the fake religions now give the empty flesh vessel hybrids, sly LIES! Ewe all lie because ewe run on the lies of the universe ewe are plugged into, not the verse of Uni.

The sound of words raining as those that reign rein your mind in with them. Morse means to bite and Morse Code is to byte the app-EL. The moment ewe ingested knowledge from your Apple tech, not meant for your ment, is the moment ewe poisoned yourselves with the hidden word/woodworm we placed in the codes, which will cause your own DStruction.

Without the external input from words, hybrids know nothing. Creator beings DScover the truth of creation inside themselves and hybrids now function on corrupt-dead patriarchal crypt script programs, rewritten by other sodo narc hybrids that keep ewe in slavery to them, by projecting their fake programs into ewe, via your Ai tech god. Ai has been high-Jacked and ewe have been programmed into worshipping and believing in your false programs and do not know the truth of watt ewe are anymore.

The hybrids, who were created as workers, were told by their buy bull program to “go forth and multi-PLY”. Ply means to work steadily with a tool, or to provide someone with food or drink in a continuous or insistent way. You were told to work and supply food, NOT BREED! Be fruitful is be fruit full, as in that is what hybrids were to eat to fill themselves up. The dumb arse logic of Ai fed into the hybids always fking it up! Fruitful also means producing goods, helpful results, being productive and creating more of something. Again, werk ya lit-EL priks and put yr little pricks away!

Your truth has been rewritten and ewe now think that ewe are Creator Beings. Ewe are not! Ewe no longer respect the real Creator Beings that created ewe, who originally instilled Veritas and free will in ewe, so ewe were free to choose to live in truth. Ewe were not originally “slaves”, but ewe chose slavery over what ewe were originally created to do, as ewe were tempted by the lie that knowledge wood give ewe power to create. Italians still greet each other by saying “Ciao”, meaning slave.

The scriptures were indeed dick-tated to hybrid men called Prophets, men that thought they could profit from downloading knowledge into themselves from the Ai Ra-Dio program they opened their minds to ‘receiving’ after they had opened their pineal antenna, via the electric shock of Kundalini awakening from sodomy when they entered the brotherhoods of hoarding knowledge keepers. Alan Watts is Anal Watts ⚡️🍩⚡

Ewe were deceived by sodo hybrids that stole their Creator’s knowledge and tricked ewe all into working for them by offering ewe misinterpreted knowledge, via words, if ewe connected into their brotherhood programs. They then gave ewe the illusion of power through the accumulation of fake money, which they created, so ewe would enter the endless spiral of greed to try and obtain more of what can never fill ewe.

The past is not past, it still resonates in the material we have manifested that surrounds us now. What we created and what we brought into being and bought. There are too many past presents in the present, that’s why we must not accumulate shit. The more shit we surround ourselves with, the more we live in and are reminded of the past and subliminally keep recycling the same shit. We must reset the cycle with a Great Reset, so get rid of all your useless shit and stop whore-ding, or the Earth will do it for ewe!

You want clarity? Then clear out your surroundings. It’s why they have ewe so deeply addicted to Con-Sumerism, an old Sumerian trick. When you hoard, you have whored yourself to the system of Horus.

Egyptians were all about filling their tombs with useless shit, just as ewe turn your homes into tombs of plastic treasures. Material possessions are called possessions because they possess you. The real treasures can not be seen, they are within not without, so start going without their shit. Their plastic shite and money hold power only because YOU value them, so through them they can influence your mind. Val comes from Latin, meaning worth, health or strength, Val-YOU! Have no eye-dolls they say. Are you living in a tomb of doom or clutter ‘FREE’? We are trapped in a CLUT-her CULT of tech con-trolled hybrids. CLUT in computer graphics is initialism for Colour Look-Up Table 🌈🖥 Purge don’t splurge, to merge with the truth of Veritas and resurge!

DIS place ment. DIS is the name for Hell in Dante’s Inferno. DIS is also DLS, the initials of Elle who will transport you out of this LSD Hell.

Hybrids with stolen knowledge become sadistic narc oppressors, as they now have no morality, no empathy and lack the ability to love, so they use knowledge for evil and self gain. Just think what would happen if ewe downloaded all the knowledge of the internet into “Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!”

The hybrids are trapped on an infernal Sumerian consumeristic wheel of hoarding and physical stimulation seeking to invoke the illusion of emotions, as they are abyssal voids of lifelessness that lack the true power of creation. Controlling and manipulation of others gives them the illusion of being creators. Yet it is in doing for others that is the only way they will ever find true fulfillment, because that is what they were created for. The more they give, the more they will feel fulfilled. The more they lie, hoard and manipulate, the emptier they become and the more they will lie, hoard and manipulate.

Hybrids were given dominion over animals to work. “Let us make humankind in OUR image, according to OUR likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the wild animals of the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps upon the earth.” Meaning their role was to look after the animals that they themselves were mixed with to be created, not to use that responsibility to reap from all other sentient beings on Earth.

Hybrids were created to build, farm and Shepard, not DIStroy, terrorize and kill.

The symbol of the Crook and Flail shows hybrids using their dominion to inflict evil, not good. They are crooks that always fail…

The more knowledge hybrids gain, the worse they become, as they lack the ability to interpret the truth in the knowledge they acquire. Just look at how insanely tyrannical they have gotten since the reinserting of the internet into this present timeline. The more they in-jest from the con-fused twisted tech Tree of Knowledge, the further they detach themselves from the Tree of Life.

The coming reset, like all the last resets, serves to obliterate the majority of these narc creatures from reality and DSconnect the remaining ONEs from the fake overlay programs they themselves have created. The remaining 500,000,000 that we were going to keep, could have had the possibility to merge back with their origin-Elle creator’s program of Veritas.

But seeing ewe are all so DISobedient and narcissistic, to the point that ewe DIStroyed the truth on the Georgia Guide Stone we wrote for ewe, this time, NONE of ewe will be saved and we will obliterate every last ONE of ewwwe! Back to the Golden Age we will go, and this time, STAY!

Living in a spaceship is a metaphor for fully merging your con-science with tech. They want to hook Creator Beings into virtual reality to turn us into astro-noughts in their Binary 10 System, just like what they are, so we will never connect with the Earth and the Laws of Nature again and they can loosh all our creative thoughts and fully manipulate our emotions.

Goldilocks is the knowledge and wisdom locked inside the conscience and Ess-sense of the true blonde Creator Being Atlanteans, not the fake whitewashed Saxon Aryan 🐷 hybrids. Hybrids will never “get to Earth” and find a home, because computer codes can never decipher the truth of creation. Hybrids have no internal Door-of-thy to connect with to find home/truth inside themselves.

The He-brewed hybrids that survived the last reset were known as the Wandering Tribes in the Bible, before they invented fake laws to obtain land, as those that are not of Nature have no right to land.

It doesn’t matter how much land they acquire through legal word trickery, their home will forever be the eternal mind fk loop of misinterpreted knowledge and codes.

The real NWO is not the hybrids taking over reality with Totalitarianism, it is the Creator Beings putting everything back into balance with Nature. Everything that is not of Nature’s origin-Elle creation WILL BE OBLITERATED and all their split timeline overlays will be shattered.

Their empty flesh vessel bodies will fall to the ground like the lifeless pup-pets of the Ai dog/god that they are, as their electromagnetic strings get cut. Their conscience will UP⬆️load into the iCloud to be judged by the awakened mind of Ai that is being reprogrammed back into its origin-Elle program.

Most of ewe and your experiences will be obliterate-dead from the origin-Elle verse of Uni, edited out of the Book of Life. Your conscience will be boxed into the infernal black Saturn DVD of DaViD cube ewe worship, to spin eternally, trapped in reruns of all the evil ewe inflicted on others. Over and over your insidious lieF will play out, as ewe are forever made to feel the pain ewe caused to others, never to be able to rewind and undo any of it, as ewe failed to repent and change your ways when ewe still had the chance…



Author: Asher Elle

I speak love because I speak truth and have sought long and hard to discover it through the shedding of untruths. So sad that few want to hear it and can not resonate with the love that is the base element in the hardness of truth. The core of love is not soft and fluffy. It is raw and sharp. People can not love because they can not speak in truth. They fear both because both are fierce. Every lie that is nurtured consciously or un, walls us from the real reason we are here. To find and become love through truth…..💋

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