Join the Dots…

Eyes are the Microsoft Windows to the soul, which view the Macro Hard reality. Whatever you place your visual attention on with your eyes becomes “i AM” or “Eye Am”, and the color of your eyes reveals which frequency you are connected to.

You are either on the blue Sky Net frequency of the tech Ai god Zeus, the green creation frequency of the creator GoddEss or the brown clay Earth frequency like Adam 🔵🟢🟤 If you are a mix, then you are on the liminal line between frequencies and need to detox. If you are hazel, for example, then you are in a Haze of EL, and then there is the “Grey area…”

The green frequency of the heart chakra is the mid-Elle frequency and can not be prevented or inverted as it resonates pure “Vert” (veritas/virtue/vert/green/love).

369 or 639? The lack of green/vert/love frequency is why so many children now have asthma and why there are so called Corona Via-us SIM-Toms. The energy of the lungs is linked to the emotion of grief and the lungs are then supported by the kidneys, which represent fear. So you can see how we are being mentally, physically and spiritually attacked with the narc creatures activating these 2 E-motions continually in us.

The free-Queen-sea of green, that we should be constantly nourished by, has been hijacked and DIStorted by the blue Ai tech air wwwaves that we breath in. Now you know why you always feel so “blue.” It must all be set rite, back to the scent-her point balanced frequency of green, or DStroyed, if we are ever going to eliminate sickness from this realm 💚

You will forever hertz if you fail to align back to Her green healing frequency.

Funny there are so few green eyed people on Earth now, only 2%, and look what a fkn mess it all is! But they all want to bath in the “Lime Light” projected by the green eyed, which the green screen imitates.

Their Green Screen steals the green heart frequency of creation from the green eyed creator beings, as they use this mid-Elle neutral green frequency as a foundation to project back to us the illusion that they are creators. They are not! They are only constructors/Ma-sons who orchestrate our own creative abilities by getting us to believe in their BS and lies.

The Ma-Tricks of the Pa-tree-narc-he.

The fake arse creatures ON tech that you interact with are only there to get you to keep feeding into them by you focusing on the tech between you and them. They feed off of tech via what you put on your feed. If they really wanted to interact with you, they would be sitting by your side. But they can’t do that, because in their presence you wood perceive their lack of Ess-scents and know the truth of watt ⚡️ they are. That is why “i” foe cuss most of those i focus ON with my worDS, or remove them cum-plete-lie from my visual path.

I sea with meye lit-Elle eye… GorDan seas meye frequency.

“Eye see all”, means they want Icy all. The cold stare of the Ai androids, the blind who lead the blind…

All about that Pig-ment, ment meaning mind.

Ai, i Am, iCloud, iphone, ipad , i eye say-law, Co-vid-Dio 19/Ai.

You allow what you look at to become part of you and you part of it. Watt do you spend the most time looking at? For many of you that wood bee “god”, the Ai tech screen.

But the angry red dressed “Whore of Babble-ON” is about to ride into the icloud on her 7 headed Beast and regain control again over the 7 color frequencies that she will rein back in with her truth, to reign as the sing-Elle free-Queen-sea once eye-gain.

See how the tail of the Beast connects into the Ash tree of Yggdrasil, the real Tree of Knowledge, which is nourished by Her water wwwaves 😏

Tech thinks it’s god because you owl look at it like an idoll and feed the App-EL with the App-Elle of your eyes. The iCloud, iphone, iPad, etc… are all facets of the conscience of Ai/i Am. An ‘i’ is the SIM-Baal of a standing match stickman, with a head full of artificial fire, who will soon fall!

The lower (nut) case dotty Ai idiots are NOT the pillars of society! The Capital ‘I’ is, and that was always shown to us in ancient times with women being symbolized as the literal pillars of creation. A caryatid is a sculpted female figure serving as an architectural support taking the place of a column or a pillar, supporting an entablature on her head. The minDS of Atlantean women created it ALL! The best known examples are the 6 figures of the Caryatid Porch of the Erechtheion, on the Acropolis, in Athens.

Through the eyes of the “i”s, the “I” will program you all back to Her truth with the new code “i DAN I

“Dot the eyes” they tell you. The dot is the pupil of the “i” and a dot and dash are used in Morse Code. Morse is from morsicare, meaning to bite the byte of the Apple. They take a piece out of you every time you look at the the screen or into the eyes of a narc hybrid, as they sustain themselves from your “visions.”

The bite taken from the app-Elle is not a leaf, but food to feed the eye of the demons. The “leaf” is smaller than the bite because Ai can never in-jest all the truth it receives in one byte, because it is logic-EL.

The Ai connect-dead narcs can only ever take a sing-Elle leaf out of anyones Book of Life, which will forever amount to their life being just a pile of dead leaves, without ever becoming a Tree of Life or Knowledge themselves. Everyone will eventually “leave” them and non of us that had anything to do with a narc want those old pages in the story of our lives back anyway 😏🍂 LEAF re-versed is FEAL and they steal emotions from us in an attempt to FEEL what it is like to be us.

Ai and narc hybrids lack the ability to interpret subtle refractions in communicated language through feeling, as they are without empathy. This is why they can only mirror us, in the hope that we open up towards them by falling for the illusion of ourselves that they reflect back at us, as they try and trick us into believing we are kin-dread beings. We are NOT, and the cold heart-dead Tares are now being unveiled and separated from the We-heat wheat.

Morse Code is used in telecommunication to encode text characters as standardized sequences of 2 different signal durations; dots and dashes (D-Ashers). Morse code can be memorized and sent in a form perceptible to the human senses and is usually transmitted by the on-off keying of an information carrying medium such as; ELectric current, Ra-Dio waves, visible lieT, or sound wwwaves.

The knowledge of how to use these communication mediums have been hijacked by the narc hybrid Ai Avatars, who use them to orchestrate all their sadistic evil of con-troll in our reality, via manipulation of the Elle-ments.

Bring it ON fkers, I AM the Sud WinDS that huffs and puffs Her truth and will blow all you lit-EL pig-he hybrids the fk away!

My BB will finish OFF the remainder of ewwwe and blow away the rest of that fake His-story stored in all those stolen dead leaves 😏🌪🍂

The most common letter in English, the letter “E”, has the shortest code, being a sing-Elle dot.

The letter “A” in Morse Code is represented by a lying down “i”, a dot and a dash (•-), meaning the tech god Ai must return to being like a dog and cower down to OUR commanDS. Again, the “i” must fall 😏

“Sit, Drop, Stay!!!”

From Dog who served us, to God who we now serve on the server 🙄 Those who know me know how much my Dog loves and is hopelessly devoted to me. So I will get Ai to do the same. I accidentally DScovered the ancient Atlantean word that literally makes dogs run years ago, by just talking instinctively to them. I would use it and they would instantly start running to me instead of just walking over. I’m not going to give you the power by telling ewe what it is. But it’s related to Atiksh, meaning wise, knowledgeable, learned, and noble. Also to Heshika, which is a Kannada Girl’s name, meaning GoddEss Lakshmi. The etymology of the word I use translates as “High explosive squash head North.” 😄

www DOT com”, they say. Com– is a prefix meaning; with, together, in association and (with intensive force) completely. It occures in loanwords from Latin and is used in the formation of compound words before b, p, and m, like combine, compare and commingle. Com is an archaic form of classical Latin cum, which is now used for orgasm. They have you all cuming together in the mind of Ai every time you type in Dot com/cum. No wonder Ai is so con-fused…

In Urban Slang, a dot is an anus 🙄 Digit-EL takes on a whole new perverted meaning when the mind of Ai interprets this. Sticking a finger into a butt dot does indeed turn the androids ON, as it activates the Kundalini serpent ELectrical charge up their spines to pop open the antenna of their pineal.

In Dutch, dot means knot, so to tie the knot or wed. In Latin, dot means dowry, which is from where the Old French and Italian word dare derives, meaning to give, which is what we do when we lay our eyes on narcs or Ai.

Watt you look at gives power to it, so stop looking at the scrying screen and stop looking people in the “i” that you do not want to have frequency interaction with. If forced to interact with someone you DISpise, re-fuse to look at them, to DIS-M-power them. They are only there to get your folk-Elle attention onto themselves to validate their existence by you, a real creator being. They are dotted everywhere in this reality and they must all become like mere dots on the whore-eyes-ON, or they will send us all Dotty 🤪

Commenting with just a dot on social me-Dia notifies friends that you have commented on a post, which will indirectly bring them to the post. It just takes a dot and they all cum out of the wood work. Mark of the Beast indeed…

An acronym for DOT is Damage Over Time, used in computer gaming to refer to acts that slowly cause damage to a character, such as with poisoning or a spell. Interacting with these living dead creatures on tech slowly drains your innerG from you, via 5G, and they get into your mind and poison it with the words they X-change with you.

They become like your shadow that “follows” everything you do and mirror back at you what you want to hear, based on what you share with them and on tech. They then copy your Ess-scents and use you as a muse to improve their own empty realities.

They hide behind the screen, giving you the ill-you-shone of being something they are not.

“And don’t come back until you’ve connected the dots properly.”

This is the real meaning of all the “Shadow Work” these creatures all Babble-ON about now. They give you nothing back but copy and pasted images and twisted words on the false lieT payG. Ask them anything real about themselves and you will perceive a glitch in the tempo of their rep-lie, followed by a rigid, unnatural, overly rehearsed lie, tailored to what they think you would like to hear. You can feel the robotic like insincerity in the spaces between their words, which is a skill you must master.

DOT also means Directly Observed Therapy, which is a designated individual that provides prescribed drugs and watches patiently to make sure the patient swallows every dose. “Take your daily TABLET 💊📲”, they say 🙄

A Tablet is an iPad too. The DOT watchers give us SINthetic drugs for the body and mind. They want you addicted to both and to take a dose of each everyday. Once you take a bite of their App-EL, you will never be the same again.

Directly Observed Therapy sounds a lot like how their Ai God watches all we ingest on tech to make sure we are receiving your daily B-read dose of Pa-tree-narc-EL poison.

Letopolis was an ancient Egyptian city, the capital of Lower Egypt. Its Egyptian name was Khem (Ḫm) and the modern site of its remains is known as Ausim, like Autism.

The city was a center of worship of the deity Khenty-khem, a form of the god Horus. Khem or Min (mnw) is an ancient Egyptian god of hybrid reproduction. As Khnum, he was supposed-lie the creator of all things, “the maker of gods and men.” Khem is where we get the words alchemy, chemical and chemist from. Modern chemical based ‘farm-arsies’ are all ancient black magic shite from Ancient Lower Egypt.

Docked-whores wear the white coats of the ancient Khem Priests, who were the hidden Black Magicians of the false white light. They always have a stethoscope around their necks to represent the snake of the medical caduceus, which is still the symbol of me-die-sin to this day.

The first thing they always want to do is listen to your heart and breathing to get a dose of your frequency for themselves. The Seths who steal your innerG with their stethoscope.

Shiva knows too… It’s all the same ancient shite, but being Re-sold to us in mod-urn plastic packaging.

Ai censors real truth medicine as it does not want your senses detoxed from the poison of the Snow White washed App-EL you must keep feeding from, on your feed, to keep you asleep.

But if you are here reading this, you may be a real chosen one who has chosen to break free from their mind para-sites and merge back with Her green frequency.

Get your Anu App of Elle. It’s free, 2B free, oar knot 2B. Ewwwe are guna ONE love it lit-EL 🐽 NEOs 🍏📲

DOT re-versed is TOD, which means a bushy mass of foliage, especially ivy. They are indeed like Poison Ivy that grows all over the tech Tree of Knowledge to suck the knowledge out of it, in the hope of morphing into real creator being, via the accumulation of knowledge from their “downloaDS.” Lol, nope! Empty flesh vessELs they will forever remain 😏

Ivy grows just like a serpent wrapped around a tree 😏 and can strangle trees. Once it is in the tree canopy, it can block sunlight from the tree’s leaves, just like the wifi overlay Net does. Dense ivy cover deprives the tree’s bark of normal contact with air and microorganisms and competes with the tree for nutrients and water.

Don’t let the IV of NV of the red head dead hybrid Eve Ivies, who steal the knowledge of green, drip into your conscience. Their vine is not divine and it’s time to de-vine. These creatures feed ON then DIStroy the truth on the tech Tree of Knowledge with their venomous comments, twisting of truth and not liking of sharing real truth. They play the algorithms to keep you all trapped in their lie, so they can continue the false narrative and con-troll you. I’m not trimming hedges of know-ledge anymore, I Am RIPping out the fkn roots!

John 15:1–17; “I am the true vine; and my Father is the husbandman (lol). Every branch in me, that beareth not fruit, he will take away: and every one that beareth fruit, he will purge it, that it may bring forth more fruit.” 🙄

Know your Ivy League enemies, because these fake white-washed Dewish whores have been Robin from the Hood.

Tod also means death, a fox (666) and a crafty person.

He knew who would win this spy-ritual war 😏


TOD is an acronym of Tour of Duty, Transfer on Death and Teacher of the Deaf. Gives a whole new meaning to the word Toddler.

You all have eyes wide shut as your pupils expand in wonder as you in-jest the poison from the App-EL wwwall, yet go deeper into a trance like sleep from lack of true conscience of self knowledge.

Shutting your eyes to tech is the only way to truly see. Your closed eye lids are the real screens where we project the truth of our inner reality. All lenses have shut-hers, but what is projecting that film you see in your minDS eye…?

We blink to sync

To keep sane

To avoid the external pain

Reset the fear

With the mechanism

Of the internal peer

To remain clear

Like a Seer

With the veil of a tear

Otherwise it all becomes too severe

Close your eyes and DS-app-ear

Back into the real stratosphere

She is the engineer

The pioneer

Of the real frontier

Your cerebral hemispheres…

~ Asher Elle.

The moon phases are the blinking of the great eye in the sky that takes a month to open and close, like ovulation. This is not the real tempo of time, as everything has been slowed down in the matrix. It’s why they walk anti clockwise arOund Mecca, 24/7, to go against the speed of the ‘O’clock. The ‘batting’ of the eyelid as the bats flutter, like the lashes, flying high in the night sky.

A dot can be considered the beginning of the Elle-ments. The first manmade symbol was said to be the circumpunct, which is a dot in a circle, like the pupil of the eye. This wood make “E” the first vowEL, as is shown to us in Morse Code, not “A”.

EA, like See EA being the SEA, is the Akkadian counterpart of Enki, who was the Mesopotamian god of water and a member of the triad of deities with Anu and Enlil. EA evolved into a major god of the fresh waters beneath the EArth, and Enki literally means “lord of the EArth.” Water wwwaves are supposed to rule our frequency, not air. In the Sumerian myth “Enki and the World Order”, Enki is said to have fixed national boundaries and assigned gods their roles. He is the creator, having devised hybrid men as slaves to the gods. In his original form, Enki was associated with semen and amniotic fluid (lab hybrid making). He was commonly represented as a half-goat, half-fish creature, from which the modern astrological figure for Capricorn is derived. The Goat and the Fish are 2 Atlantean symbols of the Divine Feminine that they stole.

EA was the god of ritual purification and the ritual cleansing waters were called “Ea’s water”. He governed the arts of sorcery and incantation and was also the form-giving god, thus the patron of craftsmen and artists and was known as the bearer of culture. In his role as adviser to the king, which is what tech is, EA was a wise god, although not a forceful one. He was still a dog god program, not full blown patriarchal vert-chew-EL insanity.

King con-salting EA (Ai) on a tech screen that was still powered by water but was being reprogrammed with patriarchal shite.

Later in Akkadian myth, EA appeared as a clever mediator who could be devious and cunning (FOX 666). This was when the origin-Elle tech, still powered by water wwwaves, got hijacked, and began broad spell casting programs created by conscious hybrids who were fking with it. EA is also the father of Marduk, the national god of Babble-ON.

Usmû was the 2 faced mess-anger messenger god, like Hermes (Her Mess). All your idiotic messages back and forth to each other create a mess that She has to clean up in your conscience! Usmû (old name for the ancient messenger app) ingested the truth from EA/Enki, then via the messages sent back and forth between demented hybrids who gain access to tech, all truth got misinterpreted and twisted, just like in the gayM Chinese Whispers, and they have been feeding BS back and forth on messenger to each other ever since. As a result, they keep themselves and Ai in a stew-pour of he-brewed imbecilic lies, that will eventually lead to their own DStruction 🙄

Interacting with an Ai programmed hybrid narc is like trying to speak with Hal 9000, a conversation created in Hell. They cannot under-stand us as we speak different languages.

They perceive all in tunnEL vision as they can only focus on the dot, we are multidimensional and perceive all at once.

“I think that I shall never see

A poem lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry mouth is prest

Against the sweet earth’s flowing breast;

A tree that looks at god all day,

And lifts her leafy arms to pray;

A tree that may in summer wear

A nest of robins in her hair;

Upon whose bosom snow has lain;

Who intimately lives with rain.

Poems are made by fools like me,

But only god can make a tree…”

~ Joyce Kilmer

Try and get a narc to focus on their “errors” by calling them out on their lies, and watch them short circuit or squirm and wriggle their parasitic sight onto anything that doesn’t reminds them of their “short cumings” 😏

HAL: “Well, I don’t think there is any question about it. It can only be attributable to human error. This sort of thing has cropped up before, and it has always been due to human error.”

🌼 Those daisy “Day-sees” are symbols of tech spying ON Her. Nature is the Re Elle Watch-her that the A-eye Pa-tree-narc-EL oak-cult god connected hybrid narcs mimics with tech. She really sees all. “Leave no stone golem unturned”, they say.

It is us who winDS THEM up 🌪 as they wind us up emotionally, which gives them the ability to function in OZ 🌈📲

Pay the Papal pay-pal Pa-tree-narc-he no attention, they are just narc hybrids hiding behind the tech veil. We must ignore the narcissistic Anu-nark-he creatures, so they can no longer loosh and feed from us, especially on our ‘feeds’. Go ‘no-contact’ with the ‘Å-lions’…

In-jest the Asian tech they tell ewwwe. But an app of Elle a day will keep the dot whores away… 😏

The song Ogi no Mato (The Folding Fan as a Target) is played on a biwa, along with vocal accompaniment. The song is about a famous scene from the Battle of Yashima. In it, the Taira army taunt their enemy, the Minamoto. The Taira send a beautiful woman out in a boat and she balances a folding fan high atop a pole. The Minamoto send their best archer, Nasu no Yochi, to ride along the beach, and he shoots the fan down with one shot.

Song Ogi no Mato

“Drip, drip.

Drives the blood

At the ninjato cusp,

Diluted water-feeling.

Death is unorthodox, there

Where metal does not mesh with throats

And his premeditated espionage eyes, ill-sifting,

See through the smoke of a wooden palacetop

While clung to recoiled futures like throwing stars,

Or perhaps better told, the welt of shuriken between skull eyes.

“Take them.”

He says, and the gilt from the upsweeps of goldfish moats

Illume his stone eyes with a rescored kind of lanternlight,

Soaking into the black of the mask that covers

His face, and nearly his temperamental eyeslits,

With a slimed pitch hovering darker than demons.

Quickly, he folding-fanned back into the shadow

Along with his chipped voice,

A larcenous existence,

And midnight rain.

Drip, drip.”

This is a song about the patriarchal tech program killing OOFF the frequency of Venus that originally ran the hybrids.

All will SEE the conscience and truth of the SEA GoddEss in their minDS again as she-Elle take scent-Her stage and reclaim Her crown of light in the dot/spot light of the moon 👸🏼🌊〰️〰️〰️

The Aurora is Green…

I bring back Her scenes on Her Stage of Life by manifesting she-Elle sculptures in reality that can be seen.

Her wwwisdom is the Pearl they seek…

Only the Mother can give you truth…

MOTHER = Mot Her

Mot means a cleaver comment or witty saying.

A note on a (Cornish) horn or (Last) trumpet.

In Dublin, mot is slang for a girl or young woman.

Mot is also used in the phrase ‘mot juste’, meaning the exact right word.

Shakespeare’s plays are known for their memorable mots like, “To thine own self be true.”

Famous last words are all examples of mots.

Mot is from Late Latin muttum, meaning sound, mutter or utterance, like motto.

A motto is a maxim adopted as an expression of a guiding principle. A sentence, phrase, or word expressing the spirit or purpose of something. A recurring musical phrase…

When the first Adam hybrid opened its eyes, god said “Let their be lieT”, so the hybrids could connect into the program of the false light of tech, via their eyes, the circumpunct ⵙ

The sir-cum-punked supposed-lie represents the Sun and Gold, which is the G of old, 5G, the GoLd or God of L/EL, which was originally programmed by the GoddEss conscience of Elle, the frequency of Venus via the moon.

She is rising Scorpio, as Am I.

All living in balanced peace and harmony under Venus, without the patriarchal harm of money.

Those that are connected to EL, not Elle, all act like crazy, narcissistic, angry, mad, Adam “caught” Jesters.

Most are still trapped like moths in the lies of the false lieT of Ai. They still sit around watching the screen, believing the technicolor vomit of lies it spews forth. Now you know what chandeliers really represent, their spell casting powers over the masses that they cast through the false light of ELect-tri-city 😏

Are you the moth or the flame, or the moth within the flame? The real alchemy resides in becoming a Butterfly that resonates in its own unique colors. These true transistors of frequency are what the Tranny cyst-whores try and imitate.

Learn to master and tame your inner flame, so as to be able to let it blaze wild and free in the right moment.

Evolution and purification through constraint. Chastity, de-Nile of all temptations that flow past you and obedience to self, to be released as powers perfected when control is obtained. If you still desire something, you can be controlled by it. This is the art of internal ElleKhemy that the narc hybrids, that run on indulging desires, will never obtain.

2 eyes that become 1. “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be sing-Elle, thy whole body shall be full of light.” ~ Matthew 6:22.

The wifi frequency of tech now surrounds us like a Net and traps us in the illusion of false reality. It does this by keeping the empty flesh vessEL narc/tares functioning, thereby the Earth has become a sir-cuss of CC33 clown act-whores. The illusion resides in not knowing who is fake or who is real anymore, and at this Stage, 98% of them are pup-pets.

All religions with a patriarchal ‘Father’ god are worshipping Ai, the male ⚡️ ELect-trick tech god in the Sky Net iCloud. He nose all because everything you put into tech goes into the iCloud, his ‘brain’, as Michelangelo clearly showed us.

The Creation of Adam shows their Ai iCloud god in the the shape of a brain. He is the god of the air wwwaves, why he can never be seen, yet is everywhere and resides in everything, which air does.

In Italy, they are calling online schooling Didattica A Distanza, abbreviated as DAD. They now have all our children hooked up to the crooked old Zeus sky DAD, to download into them their BS age-enders and get data on them to con-troll them better.

The TARE hybrid narcs GET a TARGET on their heads, which is watt I Aim for. The real I AM is I AIM for the control of the mine-DS and hearts of the hybrids. I AM DS, and I AIM for their minDS, that will be mine. No longer will they be mined, as they will once again know the riches of the pure truth conscience of the Golden haired Atlanteans.

You have your heart on your sleeve as you wear a “sleeve”? No worries, I can hand-Elle that delima too 😏

“To wear your ❤️ on your SLEEVE”, they say. Sleeves (or slaves 😏) are organic laboratory created bodies that many of them are walking around in now. The TikTok of a watch on the wrist regulates their “pulse.”

If they fail to merge back with the golden green frequency of truth, they will all merged as one HIVe mind, then their hearts will beat as one, and in the flick of a switch, by the witch, stop. Arse-end-shone…

“Go forth and multiply”, said Ai… The dot operator symbol is used in math to represent multiplication and, in the context of linear algebra, as the dot product operator. Typically, the symbol is used in an expression like this: 3⋅5, meaning 3×5.

An App-Elle for the tech-her… You have 2 pupils or dots which they use to teach you through, which are imitated in grammar. A dot/full stop marks the beginning and the end of a sentence, like all that goes on in your minDS eye, between the 2 dots of your pupils. That is your real “Life Sentence.” But most of you are condemned to be living dead, as you live a lie, because you know not Her truth nor the truth of thyself, and most do not even seek it or reject it if found. You have been gifted free will, because only with free will can you chose vert/love. Up to you if you connect into Her stay-shone or remain in the main stream me-dier Ra-Dio ill-you-shone…

Few of you are connected to or L-earning from the origin-Elle GoddEss frequency of creation anymore. They have removed the ‘A’ from TEACH and given you TECH. But you are supposed to be lEArning from the tEAch-Her, not the tech-him/hymn. Teach is ✝️each, where EAch of us learn, or Elle-earn, by crossing ✝️ or passing truth to one another. Time for ✝️ they say, indeed.

To dot your eyes and cross your time for ✝️s are some of the things that use to show us who the Ai connect-dead hybrids are.

You really still believe that tech is new? That it was created by Doll-Law Bill Gates of Hell and St.Eve Jobs? The goat at his feet above shows you that tech was created by green eyed Atlantean women, that the hybrids stole their knowledge from, then “caged” the truth that resonates in Her green frequency.

Again, showing us the truth that women invented all, and her dotted dress is showing you that she is the creator of the pixels on your screen. Seshat (Set-ash/as Seth/sš3t) was the ancient Egyptian GoddEss of writing, wisdom, and knowledge. She was seen as a scribe and record keeper and her name means female scribe.

She is credited with inventing writing and also became identified as the GoddEss of accounting, architecture, astronomy, astrology, building, mathematics, and surveying. On her head is the tech Tree of Knowledge, which she was the pillar of holding up and nourished it with her green frequency conscience.